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Pokemon Rom Hacks List

Have you tried playing any Pokemon ROM hacks before? Whatever your answer, this page is exactly what you are looking for. The old Pokemon GBA ROMs were boring, and sometimes we would love to try another Pokemon gaming adventure without leaving the GBA world.

Thanks to Pokemon fans and coders who strived very hard working on creating and improving ROM hacks. However, here is the bad news, as far as I know, Nintendo allows modifying of GBA ROMs. However, they do not permit distributing the original GBA ROMs such as the FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald, this means we can freely share any ROM hack but not the original GBA files.

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If you are new to Pokemon rom modification, I’ll give you a brief explanation about this topic. Pokemon ROM hacks are modified Game Boy Advance rom files created by fans who are knowledgeable and have experienced playing the original game.

Pokemon fans made various modifications and improvements such as changing the music, gameplay, design, adding items, improving Pokemon skills, modifying the maps to make the game more interesting, fun, and better.


Most Pokemon ROM hacks are distributed in .ips or .ups file format. To play the game, you have to patch these files using a patching tool such as Lunar IPS Patcher (IPS file patching) and Tsukuyomi (UPS file patching); Please note that these files are for FREE, while some creators accept donations, you can report to the game author if you caught someone selling.

The rom hack information in the table below is categorized according to its base version (FireRed, LeafGreen or Emerald)

Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks List

We are always doing our best to keep you updated on our hand-picked and recommended Pokemon GBA rom hacks. We don’t want to waste your time playing those unfinished games, we strictly pick the best and come up with the list above.

Stay tuned for more updates, be sure to like our Facebook page or bookmark this page.

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  1. Hello Pokemoncoders I just want to say that your cheats work for my pokemon games I love them please make more to make the games fun!

    • Hi BrandonGamer, thank you for taking the time to post your inspiring message. I rarely receive such a message to our readers, and we very much appreciate it.

  2. Anyone know the ROM hack where the game starts out by telling you that Gary has gone crazy and is using Pokemon to kill people? I found it a few years ago, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

  3. One game that you could put on here is Pokémon StarDrop.

    The game starts off normal until you go downstairs. You meet someone new (no spoilers!) and promise to go to the nearby lake with them.

    However, to do this, you need to get supplies from Silver Town, and to do that, you need a pokémon.

    If you’re unlucky and lose to your first wild Pokémon, don’t panic! The game has an adjustable difficulty curve so that it gets easier or harder depending on your skill level.

    That’s about all I’m gonna say for this rom hack, since I haven’t gotten too much farther, but it is an awesome hack nonetheless.


    Custom Region
    Pokémon from a few different regions
    Adjustable difficulty curve
    Your rival isn’t a jerk like Gary

    Remember, though, that this game is on it’s early Alpha stages, so you can’t complete the game just yet.

  4. I downloaded the last version of game boy the paid version but and downloaded four ROMs hacks everytime I want to play it tells me unrecognised GBA any answer please for what I should do

    • For beginners I would suggest starting with Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter, Pokemon Ash Gray or Dark Rising.


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