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Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks

Welcome and see our compilation of Pokemon GBA ROM hacks. Though there are hundreds of these games exist online, we add only those games we think worth to be shared in the community.

GBA ROM hacks are the choice by most gamers, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore the other Pokemon ROM Hacks. 

Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks List

Right Before we created this post, we already have our list of GBC ROM Hacks, DS ROM Hacks and Fan made Pokemon Games. If you’re a fan of mega evolution, we have also collected the best Pokemon rom hacks with Mega Evolution. We believe you should also check them or else you miss the chance to play a unique and much more advanced Pokemon GBA games.

GBA ROM Hacks are playable on any Game Boy Advance supported emulators.  As time move fast and the improvement of technology, an immense demand classic Pokemon games has soared. The best thing is that people can now play these GBA ROM Hacks in both computer and mobile devices.

Pokemon Game Boy Advance ROM Hacks List

wdt_ID ROM Hack Name ROM Base
ROM Base

What are the best Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks

There are plenty of them actually. Though there are hundreds of these games exist online and counting each day, the listing above are what we recommend the most. But where should I start? If you’d ask. For new players, we recommend starting out with Pokemon Glazed, Ash Gray, and Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma. It’s also worth to read on our list of the best Pokemon ROM hacks of the year.

Common Pokemon GBA ROM Hacking Problems and Fixing Information

Games Don’t Play

For newbies who don’t have prior experience playing these games, you might find playing the game too difficult. Though it may sound so, but actually it’s not. Technical skill may require, but it’s not complicated as you thought.

When you can’t play the game, there are several reasons; 

  • Your emulator doesn’t support the game or can’t read the file format.
  • Error while in the patching process.
  • The game requires a different version of base rom.

GBA emulators can read .GBA files while some can also read both .GBA and .zip files. Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks with these extensions can surely play with any compatible GBA emulator. The problem is, most of these games are shared as patch file, it could be in a .ips or .ups file formats. The solution for this is patching the file to its required base rom.

Note: Some GBA rom hacks require v1.0 rom version, be sure to check its required version first before patching. Moreover, some rom hack requires a special software for patching, so again, check your game if requires a different patching app for a successful patching.

Share your thoughts and Suggestions

If you believe there’s a good Pokemon GBA rom hack we missed in this collection, share them in the comment section. Don’t forget to include the information as to why it should be added in the list. Share your thoughts about this list and let’s discuss pokemon gaming.

Got tips or cheats you want to share? Email tips@pokemoncoders.com

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