Pokemon ROM Hacks Playing and Cheating Beginner’s Guide

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On this page, you will find our compiled list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) with some tutorials that could significantly help new players with their Pokemon gaming journey.

Pokemon rom hacking beginner's guide

ROM Hacks

How to play Pokemon rom hacks

When we say Pokemon rom hacks, these are often referred to as Pokemon GBC, GBA or DS games modified by enthusiasts. Some popularly played ROM hacks are Pokemon Glazed, Light Platinum, Gaia, Ash Gray, and so on. To play these games, you need the following files and tools;

How to patch a ROM hack file correctly

Patching a rom hack can be done in two different ways depending on where do you wish to play the game. You can patch a rom hack using a computer or using your phone.

For patching on a Computer
When patching using a computer, you need a patching tool such as NUPS to patch UPS files or Lunar IPS patcher to patch .ips files.

For patching on Android mobile
This method can be achieved using the GBA emulator called My Boy for Android. We highly recommend My Boy to mobile users as this app fully supports rom hacking and cheating.

My Boy has an auto patching feature that can automatically patch the rom hack for you as long as you provide the clean base rom and the rom hack file.

What are the best emulators

Playing Pokemon GBC or GBA ROM hacks

For players who wish to play GBA games on PC, Visual Boy Advance is the best GBA emulator for you. On the other hand, for Mac OS users you can use OpenEmu.

Playing Pokemon NDS ROM hacks

Recommended ROM Hacks to start with

There are hundreds of existing GBA rom hacks online, some of them are good while some aren’t. For beginners, we recommend the following;

These are the top rom hacks according to visitors’ vote; we also have a collection of completed Pokemon rom hacks and our top picks of best Pokemon rom hacks of the year.

Fan Made

How to play fan Made Pokemon games

Fan made Pokemon games are those Pokemon games created using a software named RPG Maker XP. This type of game is quite different from rom hacks as this is played only on Windows computers. Playing fan made is simple; all you have to do is download the game and install it like a regular Windows software – no need for an emulator.

Recommended fan made Pokemon games for beginners

Unlike rom hacks, there are only a few good fan-made Pokemon games existing online. You ask why? Because it’s not easy to create a Pokemon game completely from scratch. Creating such a game requires too much time, and it can’t be done by a single person alone. For starters, we suggest trying out Pokemon Uranium, Pokemon Insurgence, and lastly Pokemon Infinite Fusion.


How to play DS Rom files

Playing DS games including DS rom hacks is quite easy, all you need is a DS rom and DS emulator. The hardest part is finding a DS rom, you can download it from other sources, but keep in mind that sharing DS rom files are illegal.

We have listed the best DS emulators for Pc, for Mac, you can use OpenEmu, for Android we suggest using DraStic DS Emulator

Recommended DS Pokemon Games

You can’t go wrong with Nintendo DS games as these games have better and higher-quality graphics with lots of features as compared to GBA games.

Playing Pokemon on Nintendo DS is quite popular in recent days. These are the popular Pokemon DS games we recommend everyone to play;

  • Pokemon Black/White
  • Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
  • Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
  • Pokemon Platinum
  • Pokemon Black 2/White 2

Where to get these games? It’s not easy to find them, especially if wish to play them for free. But other websites offer rom file download for these games. Take note that sharing such files is not legal, so, do it at your own risk.

What are the best Pokemon DS ROM Hacks

DS rom hacks are interesting games; however, as is mentioned, it’s not easy to modify such games due to their program complexity. As a result, only a few enthusiasts dare to hack the game, and many of these DS rom games are incomplete.

Listed below are good Pokemon DS rom hacks, and we suggest you play them.

Check Pokemon DS Rom Hacks page to view our collection of Pokemon DS rom hacks with its download link.

What are the best DS Emulators

We have two favorite Nintendo DS emulators for PC; We recommend everyone to use them, not just because they are popular, but also because these emulators have almost the same functionality as with a regular DS console. Here are they;

  • DeSmuME
  • No$GBA

Short and straight answer, the best DS emulator for Android is DraStic DS Emulator.

NDS4iOS and iNDS are two good NDS emulators for iOS according to many users.

We only have one DS emulator we strongly recommend every Mac user to use, and that is OpenEmu. OpenEmu is a multiple video game system that enables a user to play not just NDS games, but other popular consoles such as Atari, GBA, GBC, PSP and more.


Cheats that are not working on MyBoy

There are several reasons why cheats fail to work; in My Boy, there are three instances why a cheat fails to work.
You have V1.1 rom
Cheats work best in V1.0 roms and not on v1.1. This is a common issue our readers are having. For the fix, search, and use v1.0 rom.

You forgot to add the Mastercode
Not all cheats require Master code activated paired to the main cheat. But if a cheat requires it, add and activate it first before the main code.

You are using My Boy Free
Unfortunately, My Boy free version has limits; it won’t let you enter two or more liner cheat codes. The favorite fix for this issue is by entering the lines of codes as a separate cheat, and it works well for many.

There are many more reasons why GameShark cheat codes fail to work. See here and learn how to fix them.

Other Resources

We’re still working on updating this page and continuously adding more information to guide you more. If you have more questions that you would like to get answered, feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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  1. Hello, firstly, I’m playing for the nostalgia and excitement of Pokèmon. These cheats you offer just make it a little more interesting, with faster progress.

    I have a problem with the “bad egg” result of catching an opponent’s Pokèmon. I did press L+R, on my boy free, so I did activate those buttons. I get that this is the game devs calling me a bad egg for cheating. But how can I get rid of it?and if I can’t, would it cause any problems with my game later on?

    • The only way you can get rid of this bad egg is by depositing them in your Box. That’s the only way and you can’t delete them. Also, try not to open to view its summary as oftentimes it causes a freeze in your game.

  2. I have completed mew2 event but xandau nursery is not unlocked
    Pls help me what to do
    Can i continue my progress in another emulator?
    Or download other app
    This is the first time i,m palying any gba game