Pokemon Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide

Enter the world of combined species of Pokemon and Digimon in a game with Pokemon Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide.

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Ferrum Region is about to face great chaos. For some reason, the DNA of Pokemon has merged with the data of the digital monsters, also called Digimon. You’ll be joining the elite team Dark Rising to investigate the happenings. Together with your Pokemon and Digimon, you are going to beat the 7 Great Demon Lords who were unleashed by the Satan Pokemon, Darugis.

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Save your region from extreme havoc and become a good trainer, a strong hero to defeat your enemies who will get on your way.

Game Information

Pokemon dark rising origins: worlds collide

Pokemon Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide
Author: DarkRisingGirl
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link


  • 193 Pokemon obtainable
  • 193 Digimon obtainable
  • Fairy type included
  • Mega evolutions
  • Physical/Special split
  • Gen 6 moves and items
  • HG/SS soundtrack


Dark rising worlds collides battle
Dark rising origins wolds collide pc

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