Pokemon Mirage of Tales Cheats

There’s a hack called Pokemon Mirage of Tales. It’s an interesting hack of Emerald because a lot of effort was put into it. Forget about the features for a moment because the game looks amazing. Naturally, some people are looking for some usable Pokemon Mirage of Tales cheats for when they play the game.

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Unfortunately, the cheats aren’t working regardless of which Emerald ROM you use to patch the IPS or UPS file of Mirage of Tales. Speaking of the files, there are several ROMs of Mirage of Tales. The one ROM you want is for the actual game that you play. There are other ROMs but those are Prologue ones.

The Prologue ROMs are individual games for some of the characters before their appearance in the game. You don’t need to download and play these because the game itself can stand on its own. That being said, we’re here to discuss why there aren’t any working cheats for Mirage of Tales.

Pokemon mirage of tales cheats

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Reasons Pokemon Mirage of Tales Cheats Won’t Work

Heavily Altered

One reason is that the ROM hack itself has been altered to a point where regular cheats won’t work. The programmer that made the hack probably altered some of the code hence, the cheats aren’t working in the game.

Disabled in Purposes?

Another reason is that the programmer just disabled the cheats in purpose. It is possible since there are other hacks out there where the programmers deliberately blocked the usage of cheats. They do this to give the hack a bit of a challenge and don’t want players to do shortcuts via cheats..

Can There Be Cheats In the Future?

The only way we can get some new and working Pokemon Mirage of Tales cheats is that if there are programmers that would make it possible. Coding isn’t easy so there could be some people out there that might be able to add some cheats to this game. It doesn’t help as well that the hack is almost 10 years old so interest in this hack may be low at the moment.

Send Your Cheats

Regardless if you’re a programmer or not, if you have some working Pokemon Mirage of Tales cheats, then feel free to hit the comments. We’ll be sure to credit you and more because there might be some people out there that have a set of working ones that we can share.

In Closing

Perhaps in the future, we’ll get some Pokemon Mirage of Tales cheats but for now, we’ll just have to settle for none. The game itself is fun on its own but cheats can make things a bit more fun. Remember that the base ROM for the hack is Emerald. The cheats for Emerald aren’t working so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Also, remember to download the full game. Don’t download the Prologues since they are only small portions of the game. The cheats also won’t work for those Prologue ROMs so that’s unfortunate as well but again, those games are short and can be finished quickly.

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