Pokemon Blue Cheats – GameShark Codes for Game Boy


Despite the games’ oldie looking graphics, thousands of players specifically for PC and 3DS consoles are still enjoying the Red & Blue. For this topic, I will cover some useful Pokemon Blue cheats that could help you advance in your game. Cheats include GameShark codes with guides.

Pokemon Blue together with its companion game Pokemon Red came out to North America, Australia, and New Zealand in September 1998 and October 1998 in Europe.

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Red and Blue are played on Game Boy, and for more than a decade of existence and popularity, Nintendo introduced the availability of Pokemon Red & Blue for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on February 27, 2016.

The cheat codes for Pokemon Blue applies to PC and mobile devices that run Game Boy emulation. While cheat guides apply for PC, Mobile, and 3DS virtual console.

Pokemon blue cheats list

Pokemon Blue Cheat – GameShark Codes

Walk through Walls

Cheat code: 010138CD
WARNING: This cheat can crash your game, be sure to save your progress before activating the cheat.
Walk through walls cheat pokemon blue

No Random Battles



Cheat code: 01017CCF
How to use: Enter code and check Mart, buy Master ball as many as you can for only 0.
Pokemon blue master ball cheat

Infinite Cash

Cheat code: 019947D3
Unlimited money cheat pokemon blue

Rare Candy in Mart

Cheat code: 01287CCF
Trick: Combine this cheat with infinite cash for unlimited rare candies
Pokemon blue rare candy cheat in mart

Pokemon Level Modifier

Cheat code: 01XXF3CF
How to use: Replace XX with your desired Pokemon level. Oftentimes the cheat is glitchy, if you’ll enter 20, a 32 Pokemon will appear.
Pokemon blue wild pokemon level modifier cheat

Enemy Burned and Can't Attack

Cheat Code: 0170E9CF
Pokemon blue enemy cannot attack and burned

Enemy HP Will Turn 0, Fainted

Cheat code: 0100E7CF
Pokemon blue enemy fainted

Infinite HP

Cheat code: 01FF16D0
Note: Your Pokemon will appear glitchy but there’s shouldn’t be a problem.
Pokemon blue infinite hp cheat

Wild Pokemon Modifier

Enter code: 01XXD8CF
How to use: Replace XX with your desired Pokemon ID. Sometimes the cheat will appear glitchy but there’s shouldn’t be a problem. The glitch disappears once the Pokemon is caught.
Pokemon blue wild pokemon modifier
Example: Enter code 01ABD8CF to meet Aerodactyl.
94 = Abra
AB = Aerodactyl
95 = Alakazam
2D = Arbok
14 = Arcanine
4A = Articuno
72 = Beedrill
BC = Bellsprout
1C = Blastoise
99 = Bulbasaur
7D = Butterfree
7B = Caterpie
28 = Chansey
B4 = Charizard
B0 = Charmander
B2 = Charmeleon
8E = Clefable
04 = Clefairy
8B = Cloyster
11 = Cubone
78 = Dewgong
3B = Diglett
4C = Ditto
74 = Dodrio
46 = Doduo
59 = Dragonair
42 = Dragonite
58 = Dratini
30 = Drowzee
76 = Dugtrio
66 = Eevee
6C = Ekans
35 = Electabuzz
8D = Electrode
0C = Exeggcute
0A = Exeggutor
40 = Farfetch’d
23 = Fearow
67 = Flareon
19 = Gastly
0E = Gengar
A9 = Geodude
BA = Gloom
82 = Golbat
9D = Goldeen
80 = Golduck
31 = Golem
27 = Graveler
0D = Grimer
21 = Growlithe
16 = Gyarados
93 = Haunter
2C = Hitmonchan
2B = Hitmonlee
5C = Horsea
81 = Hypno
09 = Ivysaur
64 = Jigglypuff
68 = Jolteon
48 = Jynx
5A = Kabuto
5B = Kabutops
26 = Kadabra
71 = Kakuna
02 = Kangaskhan
8A = Kingler
37 = Koffing
4E = Krabby
13 = Lapras
0B = Lickitung
7E = Machamp
29 = Machoke
6A = Machop
85 = Magikarp
33 = Magmar
AD = Magnemite
36 = Magneton
39 = Mankey
91 = Marowak
4D = Meowth
7C = Metapod
15 = Mew
83 = Mewtwo
49 = Moltres
2A = Mr. Mime
88 = Muk
07 = Nidoking
10 = Nidoqueen
0F = Nidoran F
03 = Nidoran M
A7 = Nidorino
A8 = Nidorina
53 = Ninetales
B9 = Oddish
62 = Omanyte
63 = Omastar
22 = Onix
6D = Paras
2E = Parasect
90 = Persian
97 = Pidgeot
96 = Pidgeotto
24 = Pidgey
54 = Pikachu
1D = Pinsir
47 = Poliwag
6E = Poliwhirl
6F = Poliwrath
A3 = Ponyta
AA = Porygon
75 = Primeape
2F = Psyduck
55 = Raichu
A4 = Rapidash
A6 = Raticate
A5 = Rattata
01 = Rhydon
12 = Rhyhorn
60 = Sandshrew
61 = Sandslash
1A = Scyther
5D = Seadra
9E = Seaking
3A = Seel
17 = Shellder
08 = Slowbro
25 = Slowpoke
84 = Snorlax
05 = Spearow
B1 = Squirtle
98 = Starmie
1B = Staryu
1E = Tangela
3C = Tauros
18 = Tentacool
9B = Tentacruel
69 = Vaporeon
77 = Venomoth
41 = Venonat
9A = Venusaur
BE = Victreebell
BB = Vileplume
06 = Voltorb
52 = Vulpix
B3 = Wartortle
70 = Weedle
BD = Weepinbell
8F = Weezing
65 = Wigglytuff
4B = Zapdos
6B = Zubat


Cheat code: 01XX7CCF
How to use: Replace XX with desired tm/hm id. Example, enter code 01C47CCF for HM 01 cut. Visit Mart to purchase the tm/hm.
Pokemon blue tm hm cheat code

C4 = HM01 – Cut
C5 = HM02 – Fly
C6 = HM03 – Surf
C7 = HM04 – Strength
C8 = HM05 – Flash
C9 = TM01 – Mega Punch
CA = TM02 – Razor Wind
CB = TM03 – Swords Dance
CC = TM04 – Whirlwind
CD = TM05 – Mega Kick
CE = TM06 – Toxic
CF = TM07 – Horn Drill
D0 = TM08 – Body Slam
D1 = TM09 – Take Down
D2 = TM10 – Double Edge
D3 = TM11 – Bubblebeam
D4 = TM12 – Water Gun
D5 = TM13 – Ice Beam
D6 = TM14 – Blizzard
D7 = TM15 – Hyper Beam
D8 = TM16 – Pay Day
D9 = TM17 – Submission
DA = TM18 – Counter
DB = TM19 – Seismic Toss
DC = TM20 – Rage
DD = TM21 – Mega Drain
DE = TM22 – Solar Beam
DF = TM23 – Dragon Rage
E0 = TM24 – Thunderbolt
E1 = TM25 – Thunder
E2 = TM26 – Earthquake
E3 = TM27 – Fissure
E4 = TM28 – Dig
E5 = TM29 – Psychic
E6 = TM30 – Teleport
E7 = TM31 – Mimic
E8 = TM32 – Double Team
E9 = TM33 – Reflect
EA = TM34 – Bide
EB = TM35 – Metronome
EC = TM36 – Self Destruct
ED = TM37 – Egg Bomb
EE = TM38 – Fire Blast
EF = TM39 – Swift
F0 = TM40 – Skull Bash
F1 = TM41 – Softboiled
F2 = TM42 – Dream Eater
F3 = TM43 – Sky Attack
F4 = TM44 – Rest
F5 = TM45 – Thunderwave
F6 = TM46 – Psywave
F7 = TM47 – Explosion
F8 = TM48 – Rock Slide
F9 = TM49 – Tri Attack
FA = TM50 – Substitute


Cheat code: 01XX7CCF
How to use: Replace XX with desired item id. Example, enter code 011D7CCF for escape rope. Visit Mart to purchase the item.
Item cheat for pokemon blue
0B = Antidote
0E = Awakening
0C = Burn Heal
27 = Calcium
26 = Carbos
3A = Dire Hit
52 = Elixir
1D = Escape Rope
50 = Ether
3C = Fresh Water
34 = Full Heal
10 = Full Restore
37 = Guard Spec
23 = HP Up
12 = Hyper Potion
0D = Ice Heal
25 = Iron
3E = Lemonade
53 = Max Elixir
51 = Max Ether
11 = Max Potion
39 = Max Repel
36 = Max Revive
31 = Nugget
0F = Parlyz Heal
33 = Poke Doll
14 = Potion
4F = PP Up
24 = Protein
28 = Rare Candy
1E = Repel
35 = Revive
3D = Soda Pop
13 = Super Potion
38 = Super Repel
2E = X Accuracy
41 = X Attack
42 = X Defend
44 = X Special
43 = X Speed

06 = Bicycle
2D = Bike Voucher
30 = Card Key
3B = Coin
45 = Coin Case
29 = Dome Fossil
4B = Exp. All
40 = Gold Teeth
4D = Good Rod
2A = Helix Fossil
47 = Item Finder
4A = Lift Key
46 = Oak’s Parcel
1F = Old Amber
4C = Old Rod
49 = Poke Flute
09 = PokeDex
3F = S.S. Ticket
2B = Secret Key
48 = Silph Scope
4E = Super Rod
07 = Surf
05 = Town Map

0A = Moon Stone
20 = Fire Stone
21 = ThunderStone
22 = Water Stone
2F = Leaf Stone

Have all 8 badges

Cheat code: 01FF56D3
Have all 8 badges cheat pokemon blue

Guest Shared

Missingno, shared by: Isaiah


Final Thought

Pokemon Blue is truly an amazing game, despite its poorly looking graphics, but the story of the game catches the attention of many gamers even these days. For extra entertainment in your game, you can use any of the above-listed cheat codes for Pokemon Blue. But, with extra caution as applying cheat codes in almost any Pokemon game is not fully supported.

Want to request a cheat or you have a cheat for Pokemon Blue that you would like to share? Feel free to use the comment form below to post your message.

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I want to get a Gengar without trading. Is there a cheat I can use for that? also when I use the modifier I only get golems and abras. even then i can’t catch them


i suggest you to download john gbac emulator from play store there is cheats option by default i use it on my game it works sometime it dont work bedccause i write it wrong.


so when i try to catch a molturrs in moon cave when i save it freezes and it shows the save screen forever i am an a game boy color

Joseph A Roach

There should be a code making safari balls master balls or just make it always catch


Hello PokemonCoder,is there a cheat that multiplier exp because I want to play Pokémon blue randomizer


Whenever I enter code and try to save it says invalid code, any ideas. Using GBA Emulator


it works for me

Water blue?????

Do these cheats apply for water blue hacks??????


Hey there is a cheat for missingno add this code 0156D8CF


missingno code is working for me using VBA emulator


You can fight koga in pokemon
0199D8CF for strong pokemon he has six pokemon called [□ G□] and their SUPER GLITCHED
he keeps on using X attacks the code is



You also need to go into the tall grass to encounter him


Btw the first code should kill his pokemon instamtlu but it does a little dammage


can you look for a cheat that makes your pokemon learn a certain move after they evolve?


is there any cheat code to teleport to indigo pleatu


Is there a way to use these cheats on an original game boy color, or game boy advanced?


You need the gameshark cartridge.


Yes you need a game shark cheat cartridge to be able to enter these codes

Chikorita Lover

Hey, for the level modifier cheat, the XX is actually your desired level in base 16. 20 is 32 in base 16, which explains the example. Another example is for a level 10 encounter, you would use 0A, which is base 16 for 10.


I have a question the pokemon I did not find a molars I was wondering where is it


Is there a way to delete the cheats so my game isn’t so glitchy


Sorry this was my first time using an emulator. But I just had to go to where I put the cheat in and drag it to the left, so it gave me the option to delete. I’m sorry I was big waste of your time, it won’t happen again, sorry


Thanks, I’m using Aurora on iOS, it’s a website and I added it to my Home Screen so I can use it like a regular app, it seems to work the cheats well, I just have to make sure to remove the cheats before adding new ones so my game won’t be slow, i don’t currently own any android products so I can’t get Oldboy but I’ll be sure to check it out if ever I get an android device. Thank you for the recommendation, I’ll be sure to use this site for more cheats and tips


So I use Myoldboy and the only cheats I’ve found that don’t glitch the game out while using at the same time is infinite money and a item code for each item I want I just edit the code by holding down the code and edit. Also to disable the code completely u have to delete it from the file.

Zain Alvarado

Do you have a Release Your Last Pokémon cheat? I am trying a Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke Challenge but I always lose to my rival, (His name is Assface because your rival is a jerk) so can you find a code for that?


i think in a nuzlocke if your last pokemon dies you have to restart

Ryan Dowling

what gameshark did you use? gameshark or gameshark pro


They all work


how do you activate


Is there a hack for shiny Pokémon? I know they weren’t really a thing back then but I think it was possible to get a shiny in the game.


Shinyes are not in gen 1 boi


Actually they are you just can’t see it but it needs to be a specific iv


Shinies are technically in the game, it’s dependent on stats in Gen 1, but there isn’t a cheat for it, as they aren’t counted as shiny until they’re transferred over into gen 2 games


Pokemon red and blue cheat codes work in pokemon yellow


Tried to enter a code but it would not allow me to enter codes with letters (which are the majority I would like to use). What am I doing wrong?


You can try using a different emulator


Make a cheat to skip indigo plateau


Why would you want to skip the indigo plateau? That’s the best part of the game.


Could their be a hack or cheat were you have an arrow at the top of the screen to navigate exactly were you need to go


this ain’t skyrim dude, these codes are in the game and Gameshark enable them. it’s not a mod.


The Hm/tm cheat didn’t seem to work, I put it in and activated it and went to the market, but they didn’t have it


When you apply the cheat, make sure you’re not in the Poke Mart before you do so. Make sure you didn’t type the code incorrectly. The TM/HM that you want should be at the top of the “Buy” list in the Poke Mart. Hope this helps 🙂


Also make sure u didn’t use another item cheat. Only one will pop up.


You can get it by using it one by one


U need to replace the xx with the combinations there


Make sure it’s the only one you enable for the cheats cause it won’t work if you enable two cheats at once, cause I had the same problem wondering why it wasn’t working till I went into the cheats and only ticked the tm I wanted I then got out and talked to the pokemart guy and found the tm there…hopefully this helps


There is a bug with the Pokemon cheat. And I don’t just mean the graphic. The Rock/Ground types of Gravaler and Golem are resisting fighting type attacks. What’s up with that?


None of these work. I tried them all on visual boy advance for windows on pokemon red version(US). They all did nothing. Perhaps there is a master code you forgot to include.


These are blue version cheats, not red version cheats


but i did it


The cheat is as it is posted and for all of them the code is the same sequence of letters and numbers i.e. 01C47CCF will give u HM1 Cut. My old boy I have to use only one code at once or it will lock up my menu.


The level cheat isn’t glitched, it’s values are based in hexadecimal. 32 = 0x20. If you want to encounter level 20 pokemon, use the hex value for 20 = 0x14


does it works for pokemon red?


Yes. Because The Only things different are the auto seclected names, the color palette, the title screen, and the game start sound.

Brian Smith

Use pokemon wild editor and just catch two you don’t have. I have already done this and got mew.

The Kidd

Does anyone have a cheat for all three starters


Use pokemon editor




You don’t put the cheat codes directly in the game, rather, you need a GameShark cheating device (search Google if you want to find one) to put the codes into (if playing on a real console). If using an emulator, there should be a cheats function built in. Hope this helps.


You don’t put the cheat codes directly into the game, rather, you put them into a GameShark cheating device (if you’re playing on a real console.) If you’re using an emulator (like VisualBoyAdvance), then the emulator should have a cheat code input menu built in. Hope this helps ☺


VBA or any emulator


Does anyone know a cheat to get into a pokemon encounter in 1 step if so thank you so much!



Replace “xx” with a Pokemon ID from the “Wild Pokemon Editor” cheat.

Hope this helps ☺


The level cheat isn’t glitchy. It’s working just as intended. Basically due to some hexadecimal stuff that’s surprisingly simple. To get the level you want, search on Google the hexadecimal equivalent. So if you want a level 33 Pokemon, search 33 in hexadecimal on Google. Then just replace the xx with the hexadecimal equivalent of the level you want.(Goes up to FF, AKA 255.) For example: Level 33: 0121F3CF