Pokemon Dark Rising 2

You are about to experience another new Pokemon FireRed game; Pokemon Dark Rising 2 is based on Pokemon FireRed. What’s special with the most modified and improved Pokemon games, especially Dark Rising 2, is that you can meet and catch Pokemon, which is unavailable in the original FireRed game.

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If you’re a fan of Digimon, the feature is astoundingly in this game. Mega evolution and fairy type Pokemon are also available to explore. Mega Evolution is the most requested feature, and if you love this amazing unique Pokemon gaming experience, you should consider playing Pokemon Dark Rising 2.

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Dark Rising 2 is kind of an extraordinary game that serves as an instant stress reliever after stressful work or school. You might also want to check out Pokemon Dark Rising; this is also a good game that you want to keep and play later on your mobile device.

Note: You may find this game hard to finish. But the fun you will about to experience is guaranteed.

Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Game Information

Dark rising box art

Pokemon Dark Rising 2
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Author: DarkRisingGirl


  • Fairy Type
  • Mega Evolution
  • Physical/Special Split
  • 193 obtainable Pokemon
  • 193 obtainable Digimon
  • Gen 4, 5, and 6 moves (All Pokemon learn their best egg moves by level up/all Digimon have moves similar to those they have used in the TV Show/Video Games/Manga).
  • Gen 4, 5, and 6 items
  • Full HG/SS Soundtrack imported



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  1. Hey, for some reason whenever some of my pokemons evolve the animation goes on but at the end nothing happens and i get a message ” …..?” anyone can help me ? it helped for misdreavus  and Natu