Fan Made Pokemon Games List ( RPG Maker XP)


Many people love Pokemon fan-made games and also Pokemon ROM hacks. Nintendo can’t pump out a lot of Pokemon games every year. The quality would suffer, and the value of Pokemon would diminish. That’s where these fan-made games and ROM hacks come in to quench the thirst of people that love playing Pokemon.

There are plenty of equivalent Pokemon games out there, but the listed games are what we recommend the most. Though this is not the official list of all Pokemon fan made games, but we welcome recommendations. Feel free to suggest a good fan made pokemon games and drop your message in the comment form below.

List of Fan Made Pokemon Games

wdt_ID Game Description Fakemon Download
1 Pokemon Uranium Explore the whole place of Tandor with your chosen Fakemon and collect all 8 Gym badges to complete the game. Yes Download
2 Pokemon Spectrum More updates and improvements are coming to Pokemon Spectrum, the game has amazing story and gameplay with over 80 Fakemons to catch. Yes Download
3 Pokemon Insurgence Experience Pokemon in different way with Pokemon Insurgence. Plenty of species to catch and have a chance to collect Mega stones for Mega evolution. Yes Download
4 Pokemon Apex Prevent dark forces in their plans to infiltrate the world. Keep the balance of both worlds to maintain peace. Experience the epic and unique story of Pokemon Apex with its new story, maps, items and a lot more cool features of the game. No Link | Reddit
5 Pokemon Island Explore Pokemon Island, the meeting for Pokemon trainers who aims to seek Mew, the rarest Pokemon in the island. Join the party and battle with fellow Pokemon trainers. No Link
6 Pokemon Sage Battle cute Fakemon or capture them and add to your team. Level up your species, make them stronger and beat up your opponents. Yes Information
7 Pokemon Infinite Fusion (Completed) There are 22 801 and counting unique Pokemon fusion sprites with fairy type. The game is based on Pokemon fusion generator. Fusion Information
8 Pokemon Phoenix Rising Phoenix Rising is a unique fan made game focusing the Legendary Pokemon Ho-oh. It has been around for quite some time and still under development. Fans could expect occasional updates and improvements on this game. No Download
9 Pokemon Reborn Pokemon Reborn features 21 starters, 807 Pokemon with brand new effects, music and unique battle scenes. Pokemon Reborn also has customized Shiny Pokemon, online battling and trading which making the game even more interesting. No Information
10 Pokemon Solar Light & Lunar Dark Enter to a unique Pokemon gaming adventure and become a trainer of adorable Fakemons. Explore Rikoto region, obtain all eight badges and go to Pokemon League to defeat Elite Four and the Champion. Yes Download

How to Play Fan Made Pokemon Games on Android Devices

Not only a Pokemon can evolve but also the technology. Technology is evolving so fast, players can now play most of these Fan made Pokemon games listed above in a convenience of their Android mobile devices. You heard it right!, though not all of these games, but sooner or later it’ll become possible. Thanks to JoiPlay and the people behind the development of this amazing android app.

The following games tested working with JoiPlay

  • Pokemon Sunday
  • Pokemon Wack
  • Pokemon Godra
  • Pokemon Zeta
  • Pokemon Reborn
  • Pokemon Fire Ash
  • Pokemon Metal
  • Pokemon Rejuvenation
  • Pokemon Insurgence
  • Pokemon Uranium

(Thanks to Jason for providing these valuable information)

Installation is pretty self explanatory with promising experience on Android devices with better specs. These are heavy games, that’s why enough storage capacity and a higher specification device are needed for a smoother gaming experience. Follow our in-depth guide on how to play RPG Maker XP Games on Android.

The Difference Between Fan Made Pokemon Games and Pokemon ROM Hacks

Fan Made Pokemon Games

Pokemon fan made games, as the name suggests, is created by fans. This uses the concept of Pokemon, but the game could be entirely different with plenty of twist. The game may not be like the traditional Pokemon games, but they have Pokemon in there. They use various programs like RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials to create the game.

At these current days, RPG Maker XP games are only playable on Windows PC in .exe file format, but hopefully soon they will make it available for mobile users. (Fan made Pokemon games can be played on Android using the app Joiplay)

Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon ROM hacks use the data from an actual Pokemon game. Let’s take Pokemon Emerald, for example. The person making the ROM hack can use the data from that game. This allows them to make an entirely new game using the character sprites, Pokemon sprites, Pokemon moves, music, locations, and more.

You could say that it cuts the creator’s job in half because all they need to do now is come up with a different story to hash out a fresh game. The more skilled creator can edit the sprites and data to make a wholesome new looking game.

There are even those that use sprites and HUDs from other Pokemon games. You can have a Pokemon Emerald ROM hack, but it can incorporate sprites from Pokemon Diamond, which is a game from a different system.

Finally, these ROM hacks can be played on different emulators like My Boy, John GBA, Visual Boy Advance, mGBA, VBA-M, OpenEmu, and GBA4iOS. They can’t be played on their own because they are ROMs and not stand-alone games.

Fan made pokemon games

Yeah, that’s it! I hope this cleared out the misconception. Just remember, fan-made and rom hacks are two different things. In this post, you will find the list of popular fan made Pokemon games.


Pokemon fan games are great. Some of these Pokemon fan games are better than the official ones, as some people say!. We have listed some of the best fan made Pokemon games to give you a quick look at what else is out there. Check them out and see if anything catches your fancy.

No doubt, the above list of games is amazing! There are plenty of them, but I listed only the best. Have you played any of these fan-made games? And did I explain the difference between fan made and rom hacks correctly? I would love to hear your comments.

On the other hand, if you know a good fan made Pokemon game that you think should be added in the listing above, leave your message in the comment form below.

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    • Thanks for letting us know about this game Jeremy. It’s definitely a good game and we highly recommend Pokemon Wack. I’ve just added it in the list.

      • The only games I cannot run on joiplay are pokemon empyrean and mega adventure. I have tested the following; pokemon sunday, pokemon wack, pokemon godra, pokemon zeta, pokemon reborn, pokemon fire ash, pokemon Metal, pokemon rejuvenation, pokemon insurgence and pokemon uranium

    • You can’t play fan made pokemon games on DS, these are for Windows PC only. Though I haven’t tried playing DS rom hacks on a modded Nintendo DS console before, but I guess it’s worth checking some of our list of Pokemon DS ROM hacks.

      • Actually, you can now play fangames on android. I have Reborn fully working on mobile, using the latest Patreon builds of the Joiplay app and it’s RPGMaker plugin. 30 megabytes, no internet required, and depends on your phones RAM and Processor. Running an Essential-PH1 with almost nil lag, no battery drainage or overheating.

        It is no longer a dream, people.

        • For sure? Never heard such information before. If you can give me a guide about it, I would appreciate it so much.

  1. I think that you should also add Pokemon FireAsh, because in this fan game, you can explore all the regions of the core series pokemon games.

  2. I think all the games listed are awesome. But I think Pokemon Gaia should be added. I didn’t see it up there,

    • Hey there IoeMCA, Pokemon Gaia is a Pokemon GBA rom hack (you can find it listed in this page) and not a fan-made RPG Maker XP game that’s why you can’t find it listed here.


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