The Pokemon Emerald Randomizer – Beginner’s Guide

Pokemon Emerald is one of the most loved games in the series. The expansion of the story and including the Battle Frontier really have this game on top of many people’s list. However, there is something called the Pokemon Emerald Randomizer and you can read ahead to find out more.

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What is a Pokemon Emerald Randomizer?

Pokemon emerald randomizer

A Randomizer isn’t just limited to Pokemon Emerald, but a lot of players prefer the game. Regardless of the game, the Randomizer’s function is the same.

The function is that it turns the game random, but not entirely. The story of a Randomized Emerald is still the same, but there are a lot of things that you can change in the game. Basically, the point is that you enjoy the game in a random nature.

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The Randomizer itself is an application that can help you turn Pokemon Emerald into something random.

What can a Randomizer change?

One thing it can change would be the Pokemon spawn and rates in the game. It can start off with the three starters that you can choose. Emerald has Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip as the starters. The Randomizer can change all of that into random ones. This can also be the same for the Pokemon that spawn in certain areas. Their encounter rate can also change if you want it to be like that.

Aside from the Pokemon, the items can also be random in terms of where they spawn and what spawns in some areas. This means that you can’t breeze through the game when the items are placed in different areas, but the story will progress normally if you want to. Then, there are enemy Trainers, Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four. They can have different Pokemon, and the theme of the Gyms can be random.

You’d be surprised when a Trainer can have a Legendary Pokemon in its arsenal. This can also be the same for moves that Pokemon can learn. The moves of the Pokemon from enemy Trainers can also be Randomized, which goes alongside the random Pokemon anyway.

Pokemon emerald randomizer

How do you get and use a Pokemon Emerald Randomizer?

Step 1. The first thing that you can do is download a Randomizer program.

Step 2. Install the program and activate it.

Step 3. Pick the ROM that you want to Randomize and in this case, it is Pokemon Emerald.

Step 4. When the ROM is acceptable, you will then have options to Randomize the different things in the game. Just as stated above, you can randomize things like the Pokemon, Items, Trainers, and more.

Step 5. When you’re done changing the things you want, generate the ROM and you’ll have a new Pokemon Emerald ROM which has been randomized.

Step 6. Load the new ROM on your emulator and you’ll be playing the new ROM that you made.

Why play a Randomized Emerald

Think of it as something for fun and intriguing. Many people already played Emerald, and some people are already masters of the game. Playing a randomized ROM can be also challenging.

That’s because you don’t know what Pokemon you’re getting and you don’t know what your Pokemon has. All your preparations can be thrown out the window and the randomized game can be hard.

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