Pokemon Liquid Crystal


Explore different areas that you have never seen before such as the Orange Islands region when playing the original FireRed game. Pokemon Liquid Crystal is packed with dozens of new events, hiding areas, items, and features that will surely make you say a big WOW to this game.

Pokemon Liquid Crystal is a popular FireRed based game that already got hundreds of downloads. It’s somewhat weird why the original Pokemon GBA ROMs doesn’t have day & night feature. But in this Pokemon Liquid Crystal download, the day and night are now available and made more fun.

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There’s a lot of features and compelling story of Pokemon Liquid Crystal waiting for you to discover, download the game today and play it on your favorite GBA emulator and device!

Game Information

Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Liquid Crystal
Creator: linkandzelda
Game Base: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link


  • Day & Night
  • Relive Johto & Kanto
  • Updated Graphics & Maps
  • Revamped Battle Scenarios
  • Explore
  • Dive Underground
  • The Viridian Trainer House, Evolved
  • Remastered Soundtrack
  • Updated Battle Mechanics
  • Real Weather
  • Additional Features


Day and Night

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Day and Night

New Battle Scenarios

Liquid Crystal New Battle Scenes

Hidden Areas


New Pokemart & Pokemon Center

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Player
New design of Pokemart & Center

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Download

Featured Video


    • We highly recommend using MyBoy or John GBA for Android users, VBA or mGBA for Windows users or GTA4iOS for iOS users. Hope my response just answered your question.

  1. I’m using Myboy on Android, downloaded liquid crystal and the file shows but says unrecognizable when clicked to launch. What am I doing wrong? Do I need another rom? Or a different emulator?

  2. not sure where to find a fix for this but every time i launch the fire red gba file with the liquid crystal patch applied i just get a white screen, i tried changing the save type and resetting the game like on normal roms but for some reason it doesn’t work with this hacked version, hopefully I’m just missing a step somewhere and i would love some help fixing this.

  3. I first wanted to say that I am a big fan of this hack. Well done! Crystal is too old for me to enjoy, but DS emulators are not fast enough for me to play soul silver since my DS broke!
    Secondly, I noticed the added Characters names are Axel and Zane, I laughed so hard when I saw their character designs. Am I right in thinking that you are not only a Pokemon fan, but Kingdom Hearts and Mistborn as well? Thank you for the great easter egg! I will keep coming back to you!

    • Taylor If youve got an android device you can get DraStick from the market for…4 or 5 bucks cant remember its a ds emulator works perfect…. in my opinion tho the GBA gfx are the best…. they look better than those of the DS games.. maybe not 3ds game but deff look better up until white and black (that both run fine even on my sony xperia play from 2011) and with ds pokemon games you really just need the directional pad and a b button up (for most of them) on the virtual game pad


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