Pokemon Rom Hacks Compilation (GB/GBC, GBA, and NDS)

Something new is happening here. We have made a massive update on our list of Pokemon ROM Hacks, and we are now including even more popular GBC, GBA, and NDS rom hacks that you know.

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People had engaged in Pokemon game modifications for several years since rom hacking was introduced. This opportunity made Pokemon fans appreciate Pokemon games even more, and the result? It encourages more rom hackers to create more modified Pokemon games.

The popularity of Pokemon rom hacking continuously prospers even these days, despite limitations regarding features and capability. The interest thrives, although a newer version of Pokemon games is released almost every year.

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If you are new to Pokemon rom modification, I’ll explain briefly. Pokemon ROM hacks are modified GBC, GBA, or NDS rom files created by knowledgeable fans who have experienced playing the original Pokemon game.

These Pokemon players made various modifications and improvements, such as changing the music, gameplay, design, adding more items, improving Pokemon skills, editing the maps to make the game more interesting, fun, and better.


Pokemon ROM hacks are distributed in the file formats .ips,.ups for GBC and GBA, and xdelta for NDS. To play the game, you have to patch these files using a patching tool such as Lunar IPS Patcher (IPS file patching) and Tsukuyomi (UPS file patching).

Please note that these files are for FREE, while some creators accept donations, you can report to the game author if you caught someone sells patch files.

Pokemon ROM Hacks List

wdt_ID ROM Hack Name CHEATS Base Status New Graphics Gen. Catchable Mega Evo. P/S Split New Story Difficulty Console
1 Advanced Adventure LeafGreen Complete Yes 5 649 No Yes Yes Normal GBA
2 Adventures Red Chapter FireRed Complete Yes 8 1221 Yes No Yes Normal GBA
3 Altered Emerald Emerald Complete 7 386 No Yes GBA
5 Blazed Glazed Emerald Complete Yes 6 Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
6 Cloud White FireRed GBA
7 Cloud White 2 FireRed Complete 7 700 Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
8 Clover FireRed Beta Yes N/A 386 No Yes Yes Challenging GBA
9 CrystalDust Emerald Alpha Yes 2 No No Challenging GBA
10 Cyan FireRed Discontinued Yes 5 No Yes Yes GBA
11 Dark Rising 2 FireRed Complete Yes 6 721 Yes Yes Schadenfreude GBA
12 Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide FireRed Complete Yes 386 Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
13 Dark Rising: Order Destroyed FireRed Complete Yes Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
14 Dark Rising/Kaizo Version FireRed Complete Yes 7 386 No No Yes Kaizo GBA
15 Eclipse FireRed Incomplete Yes 721 No Yes Normal GBA
16 Flora Sky Emerald Complete Yes 5 386 No No Yes GBA
17 Fuligin FireRed Complete Yes 3 386 Yes GBA
18 Gaia FireRed Complete Yes 6 No Yes Yes Normal GBA
19 Glazed Emerald Complete Yes 6 Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
20 League of Legends Emerald GBA
21 LIFE Version FireRed GBA
22 Light Platinum Ruby Complete Yes 5 263 No No Yes Challenging GBA
23 Liquid Crystal FireRed Incomplete Yes 3 No Yes Yes Challenging GBA
24 Mega Power Emerald Complete Yes 7 Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
25 Mirage Of Tales FireRed Pre-alpha 7 Yes Unknown GBA
26 Normal Version FireRed GBA

According to its base version, we categorized the rom hack information in the table below.

We are always trying to keep you updated on our hand-picked and recommended Pokemon rom hacks. We don’t want to waste your time playing those unfinished games; we strictly pick the best and come up with the list above.


Pokemon rom hacking is still going strong as ever. The series has been around for nearly two decades, and the latest Pokemon games are still being released.

To help you out with your choice of Pokemon rom hacks, we will be running a series of articles to show you our hand-picked choices.

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  1. Hello Pokemoncoders I just want to say that your cheats work for my pokemon games I love them please make more to make the games fun!

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  2. Anyone know the ROM hack where the game starts out by telling you that Gary has gone crazy and is using Pokemon to kill people? I found it a few years ago, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

  3. One game that you could put on here is Pokémon StarDrop.

    The game starts off normal until you go downstairs. You meet someone new (no spoilers!) and promise to go to the nearby lake with them.

    However, to do this, you need to get supplies from Silver Town, and to do that, you need a pokémon.

    If you’re unlucky and lose to your first wild Pokémon, don’t panic! The game has an adjustable difficulty curve so that it gets easier or harder depending on your skill level.

    That’s about all I’m gonna say for this rom hack, since I haven’t gotten too much farther, but it is an awesome hack nonetheless.


    Custom Region
    Pokémon from a few different regions
    Adjustable difficulty curve
    Your rival isn’t a jerk like Gary

    Remember, though, that this game is on it’s early Alpha stages, so you can’t complete the game just yet.

  4. I downloaded the last version of game boy the paid version but and downloaded four ROMs hacks everytime I want to play it tells me unrecognised GBA any answer please for what I should do

    • For beginners I would suggest starting with Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter, Pokemon Ash Gray or Dark Rising.