Pokemon Altered Emerald

It’s another Pokemon game that will likely make your day, introducing the Pokemon Altered Emerald. As the name suggests, this game is based on Pokemon Emerald but it has tons of modifications and outstanding improvements that you can ever think of.

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The rom is already completed according to its author but will have occasional updates to add more new features to the game.

Think of this, in this game you can have every moves and ability from generation 1 to 7 that you can choose to apply in 386 Pokemon. Not only that, in the game, you can fly to routes, reuse tms and move tutors, delete some hms, updated repel system, secret base items, and a lot more. Most of these features are available only to recent Generations. How awesome isn’t it?

There’s more, most of these Pokemon are cool to use because of the enhanced new movesets and new abilities. The author Luuma guarantees the balance of the game for a maximum gaming experience. Play Pokemon Altered Emerald now, download the patch file and patch it to your Pokemon Emerald rom to begin the adventure.

Game Information

Pokemon altered emerald cover

Pokemon Altered Emerald
 Release date: December 25th, 2016
Last updated: February 9, 2021
 Creator: luuma
 Game base: Pokemon Emerald
 Source: Link

List of new TMs and location

TM04 Calm Mind on route 135
TM05 Aromatherapy (route 117),
TM08 Bulk Up surfing from Dewford Town.
TM12 Taunt in Slateport Museum
TM14 Blizzard in snowy route 115
TM15 Hyper Beam and TM17 Protect cost more but are still a one off purchase from Lilycove Department Store
TM16 Light Screen and TM33 Reflect from Tate and Liza
TM20 Safeguard on Mt Pyre
TM21 Spikes (route 113),
TM25 Thunder from route 120
TM27 from the Game Corner
TM28 Mud Bomb (south of route 106),
TM29 at the entrance to victory road
TM32 Pain Split (Strength puzzle route 112),
TM34 Thunder Wave (Wattson)
TM36 Flamethrower from Prof Cozmo
TM40 Disarm (Winona)
TM41 Feint Attack (Digger’s house outside Fallarbor)
TM45 Gravity (Pa’I canyon, try retracing every warp you have in the puzzle)
TM46 from the Trick Master (fourth time or so)
TM47 Iron Wind (Steven in Granite Cave),
TM48 from Slateport contest hall
TM49 Snatch from beating or catching the Ariados in Fray Manor

New moves and location

Flower guard (route 117),
Swords Dance (route 123)
Revel Dance (victory Road)
Roar and echoed voice (route 114),
Zap Cannon (the new mine route, 135 )
Stored Power (Sootopolis) Copycat (lavaridge),
Metronome (still Fallarbor),
Reflect Type (Mossdeep),
Dream Eater/Psych Up/Trick/Icy Wind/Foul Play/endeavor/Elemental Punches (Battle frontier tutor)
Volt Switch (New Mauville),
Will-O-Wisp (Mt. Pyre peak),
Substitute (lilycove still),
Drain Punch (Mossdeep from Route 126)
Rollout (Mauville still),
Swagger (Still Slateport),
Sleep Talk (Fortree),
Trick Room (Fray Manor),
Sticky Web (Verdanturf),
Wish (Forest rapids left of route 118)
and the secret one time only tutor of sketch (Battle Frontier).


  • Moves, types, abilities up to generations 7
  • Remodelled and new routes
  • Fly to routes, reuse tms, move tutors, delete tms and updated repel system
  • Tinkered, polished and dusted off 386 Pokemon
  • Hoenn dex mode
  • New tms and new abilities
  • And a lot more…


Pokemon altered emerald screenshot
Pokemon altered emerald screenshot

Pokemon Altered Emerald Download

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