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Pokemon Vega was available for a while now and originally a Japanese language GBA rom hack created by a group of Japanese rom hackers. Later on, the game was translated to English.

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When you play Pokemon Vega you will find a different Pokemon gaming adventure. Expect exciting challenges and get a chance to encounter 181 new Pokemon plus another 56 Pokemon from recent generations.

Explore Tohoak region and other stunning new regions in Pokemon Vega, the game has 70 new moves and another 87 from newer generations which makes the game more interesting and worth to look into.

But wait there’s more, have you heard of Fakemon? The has it. You surely don’t want to miss and I guess you’ll want to meet these cool creatures in this game. These Fakemons can be also a perfect pair with your favorite Pokemon.

For preview and walkthroughs of Pokemon Vega, you can find plenty of them on Youtube.

Game Information

Pokemon vega gba rom hack download

Pokemon Vega (English)
Released: March 2016
Developer: Dr. Akimbo
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Source: Link


  • A fully new region, the Tohoak region!
  • 181 new Pokemon, plus 56 Pokemon from newer generations!
  • 70 new moves, plus 87 moves from newer generations!
  • Impressive custom music!
  • Rematches with almost all important trainers!
  • An extensive postgame, including a battle facility!
  • And much more!


Pokemon vega gba rom hack download
Pokemon vega gba rom hack image

Pokemon Vega English Version Download

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  1. File in the download link doesn’t have the application to launch. Is there any other link for the download that is playable?