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Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

This game is based on Pokemon Adventure Red Manga, and the creator changed some events to make the game longer and entertaining. Some items, Pokemon, and skills added, making the game even more different and improved from the original FireRed game.

Pokemon Adventure Red nominated as top Pokemon Hack for several years; fans are eager to play the game, and some are waiting for new updates and improvements.

See Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter in action, Watch the video here.

The Pokemon Adventure is based on Pokemon FireRed US version 1.0 ROM, to play the game you need to have a Gameboy Advance emulator, I suggest using MyBoy or any of the recommended GBA emulator for Android.

Game Information

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter
Game Base: Pokemon FireRed US version 1.0 ROM
Language: English
Updated:  January 11, 2020 Beta 15 Source: Link


  • Story follows the Manga exactly with few extra events.
  • Only the boy is playable.
  • Pokemon will follow you (Beta 12)
  • Two rivals: Blue (boy rival) and Green (girl rival)
  • Several Pokemon got buffed/nerfed.
  • Ice-Type is super effective against Fairy. It also resists Water, Ground, and Flying-Types
  • Grass-Type deals normal damage against Flying-Type.
  • Rock-Type resists Dragon-Type.
  • New tiles, maps, textures, items, trainer class and Pokemon sprites.
  • Bonus/optional events that change the storyline.
  • The main character speaks in color text.
  • Several reference to the Pokemon anime, pop cultures and other games.
  • Some trainers have special Pokemon.
  • Fairy Type is in the game.
  • Day and night system.
  • Special and Physical Split
  • EV are now indicated in Pokemon’s stat screen.
  • Able to change outfit.
  • TM are reusable
  • Different Regions
  • And more…

Additional Features

  • Extra events and chapters
  • New music
  • Two rivals in the game
  • The level cap was raised to 255
  • New OWs for NPC
  • New Trainer Sprites
  • New scripts, events, and secrets to discover
  • D/P/P Fonts and Textbox
  • Revamped Battle (Physical and Special Split)
  • Reusable TM
  • New additional Pokemon Typing
  • EV and IV stat check
  • Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion, Battle Bond and Fusion
  • Brand new items
  • more…


Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter Beta 12 image 1
Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter Beta 12 image 2
Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter Beta 12 regions

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Download

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Brain Cell

Just finished Orange Archipelago Saga and am just wondering where the Tickets for the other region are. And I see that Carly is still alive and also we havent found Blue’s parents yet

Wayang golek

How to do permanent mega evolution? I cant use the stone, just give stone to pokemon then on fight screen press start, but after battle change like before. Pls how to make it permanent


Sir why is my pokemon in the beginning dont obey me when he is in level 11 please answer


After defeating porygon z. I’m not able to go pass the island its saying to talk to professor ivy but shes not saying anything than enjoy orange archi is there a way to get pass this and go to orange league?


I was loving going through adventure red again ( I played b 13) until I went to the lady with the Abra on an island from the orange islands to teleport to another island, but when I reached her I must have pressed something weird because my character disappeared and the menu wasn’t working and my character was appearing randomly around the place when I pressed A or B. This wouldn’t have been a problem because I thought I saved the game recently but soon after I reset it I realized that I last saved it before the indigo league… Read more »


yep i did, but it was just after brock so i replayed and made sure that is saved every now and then, it happened again but after i invisibly went to a pokecentre and came back it got fixed

fck u developer

Hello, today the 29.04.2020 I had the same issues, it’s beyond me how this problem is that old and never fixed, I really liked this game and would have rated it 10/10 but with this bug my whole hype died, red even says other npc he defeated that lake monster when I talk to other npc in cerulean city, I even tried wall cheat to see if I can just no reach the point where he is located but well guess what? It does not work, game dead now for me wp guy who made this game, for fcking this… Read more »

Jordan Stolze

Nothing inspires a developer more to fix bugs than hearing a guy with the username ‘FCK U Developer’ say that it’s all the devs fault. You mentioned you used cheats like WTW code. Check your box for bad eggs. If you have any, that’s a good indicator that it’s related to the cheats you used and not the devs. Also using pre-patched roms from various sites and/or wrong rom types (Rev1, V1.1, etc.) will likely cause issues.


So I screwed up and during the Orange cup after defeating Harris and before Green I went back to the pokecenter to heal. I saved for I did that in case I couldn’t go back, but for some odd reason saved after I healed And now I’m stuck. Every time I try to go back in told I can’t until I defeat the trainer. But there is no trainer. Is there away to fix this or am I screwed?


In beta 15 there is no rocket member in bottom of the celadon city. I cant get the uniform without using the cheats and i dont want to…


Why I can’t start the tournaments of the indigo league, and i think that bill and daisy aren’t around that’s why i need help?

Reed Richards

Did u check in the park type area… With the pidgeys and stuff.?? It’s in the lower right side.. Cos that’s where I found him.. Also make sure you talk to the game corner grunt first..


Hey, I kinda forgot ???? on how to get back to citron island since rudy asked me to get back to trovita island. Can anyone help me?


Where to go after trovita island?


How do I save on this beta?


In Beta 15 if you start the “lake monster” quest after you defeated the league the Swampert X does not spawn and you vannot finish the quest.


how far the story goes in beta 15 i already clear orange cup is the end of the story where red mother dies?


I think when you finish the orange cup that’s the end for beta 15 I saw it in the downloads section

Reed Richards

Spoiler dude…learn to speak less…or in this case “write”.


Is there a possibility to get the Beta 14.5 version of this game on an actual GBA cartridge??? Would love to play it on my modded GBA instead of mobile phone/laptop… Thanks in advance for any advice!


you’ll have to buy a flash cart. They’re $60 on Amazon. https://amzn.to/37oYpev


You’ll have to buy a flash cart. About $60 on Amazon.


Hey, I’m looking to do the exact same thing. Play Red chapter on an EZ-Flash Omega GBA flash cart. After the patch, the rom size goes up to 32mb, which should still be small enough to run on the EZ- Flash cart. But when i try to load the game, it says “The file overflow”.

Any ideas?
Is it because the patched game rom is too big to run on the flash cart for some reason?
Or is there a way around this?


Is there any way to do this through media fire as I cannot access it through mega?

Hehe Boi

What About It’s Length?Is It Complete?

Đỗ Hồng Anh

hey, can i visit the other region (like hoenn, sinnoh…) after kanto?




No you can not do that but sone other regions are introduced


Then play pokemon glazed version


I got a Shaymin Lvl.100 and it talks about Cipher or something, as well as Sinnoh.
Is Sinnoh accessible?


How can i open this?


i cant open the town map on pokemon center is that a bug??


Hey! i haven’t read the manga but the game seems intersting! Do i have to read the manga to have an idea on whats going on and to trigger the events or do i get hints with that ingame?


Ah okay thanks! I’m just not the best to sit down and read a book, manga etc! So getting to live the manga through a game sounds like up my ally! again thanks for the anwser 🙂

Alex Smith

On Chapter 2, in patch 14.5, I get inside the professors lab for the first time and the game freezes. It shows the three pokedex’s, but there’s no on else beside them.


When will u launch an other update

P o k e L i n k

Sorry to ask but when will beta 15 come?


It requires a password on extracting


Guys I tried to put it on my bittboy but it won’t go…someone know if is possible play on it?


You have to patch it


The download link downloads a UPS file and it won’t let me patch it, can somebody help please


Guys! I need help! Why can’t I enter the Fushcia Gym… there is a man blocking my path and keep on saying that the gym leader isn’t currently here


Just watch Heorvoltsy adv red on youtube

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