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The story of Pokemon Snakewood is somewhat weird, spooky yet fun. The scene sets in the small Littleroot town where you wake up without having memory. It’s some sort of mystery for you to uncover how on earth you got there, what’s your real identity and what really happens while you’re asleep.

The town was in a great chaos the houses are destroyed and turned into rubble, then you will find three Pokeballs containing Paras, Koffing, and Baltoy. After choosing your Pokemon, you will then ventured out of the town for your next adventure. Your journey has begun, partnering with Prof. Birch, you will find your brother Landon and Birch’s daughter May who have gone missing.

As you walk through your journey, you will face horrific zombies, zombified Pokemon, witches, and demons. Fight and defeat the evil forces while working to uncover your past. Reading the story of Pokemon Snakewood will make you think it is a horror game, it is partly true because Snakewood is really a funny and thrilling game with lots of cool unique characters and stunning features.

Snakewood is a Pokemon Ruby based game, this means, you need a clean Pokemon Ruby ROM for patching to make it work.

Game Information

Pokemon Snakewood
Author: Cutlerine
Game base: Pokemon Ruby
Source: link


  • New scripts, new overworlds, new sprites
  • Exciting new areas
  • Several zombie versions of normal Pokémon, two of which are capturable
  • 6 Denjuu
  • Fakemon and Pokemon Hidden Evolution
  • New legendaries
  • 7(?) Sinnoh Pokémon
  • 5(?) Isshu or Unova Pokémon
  • Most Gyms have now been destroyed by zombies
  • A few type changes for Pokémon
  • Surprising pet shop
  • Some deceitful characters
  • An unusual and wandering storyline
  • An enormous number of references to books, films, manga, other hacks and other such things
  • A somewhat darker plot than usual
  • Slightly increased difficulty level



Pokemon Snakewood Download

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