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Prepare for another Mega Pokemon story, Introducing Pokemon Cloud White, a kickass FireRed based Pokemon rom hack game that features fascinating styles, background, design, items, Pokemon and unique story. Pokemon Cloud White comes with Mega Evolution and Mega Gems feature that everyone loves.

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New unique sprites, innovative building designs for Pokemart, Pokemon center, battle scene and more. There over 540 Pokemon to discover, from generation 1 to 6 and all of them are catchable. Experience day and night plus weather (You like snow isn’t it?).

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Pokemon Cloud White is a must play, if you played and enjoyed the old FireRed GBA game, you will surely like this one even more.

Cheats also available for this, try this with your favorite GBA emulator. We recommend using My Boy for Android, VBA, VBA-m or mGBA for Windows if you will play the game with cheats.

Game Information

Pokemon cloud white rom hack download

Pokemon Cloud White
Creator: Shugon
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Click here


  • New Scenarios after Original Kanto&Sevii Scenario
  • New Regions (Johto(include HGSS exclusive maps and some new maps), Mangan, Azur)
  • New Rivals
  • New evil Teams
  • New graphisms
  • New Menu
  • National dex “at the beginning”
  • Physical/Special/Status Split
  • New moves and abilities
  • BW Repel System
  • Exp Catch System
  • Poison outside battle leaves 1 hp
  • Run indoor
  • Decapitalization
  • New Battle Backgrounds
  • Increase difficulty
  • Day and night + Weather (include HG/SS/DPP snow)
  • Pokemon World Tournament (Like in B2/W2)
  • The Kolloseum (PWT – Like)
  • tons of Anecdotes and famous quotes
  • All the Pokemons are catchable
  • Mega Evolutions & Mega gems
  • More than 540 Pokemons from gen 1 to 6
  • Buyable Home and customizable
  • New ferry and bus system in new region
  • New pokecenter
  • An additional storyline based on the film “7 samurais”
  • All the gen of Pokemons
  • Sprites are updated (trainers, Pokemons, etc)
  • PokeMarts are updated
  • New evolutionary stones
  • egg hatch lvl 1
  • IV in the Menu
  • New Bootscreen
  • Johto Safari Zone in addition to the Kanto Safari Zone
  • Non linear Story (Johto and Azur A.)
  • A true Open world (In Azur Archipelago And Johto)
  • A complete Game Guide (more than 100 page of Information!)
  • Restaurant of fighters (like in X/Y)
  • Inverse Battle
  • New trainers sprites
  • “Egg Market” &” Black market”


Cloud white sc3
Cloudwhite sc1
Cloud white sc2


Pokemon Cloud White Download

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I'm a Pokemon fan since childhood, and I love watching Pokemon movies and TV series. When playing Pokemon games, I use emulators, and I very much enjoy a game when I use a cheat. Join me exploring the world of Pokemon gaming using cheat codes.

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87 thoughts on “Pokemon Cloud White”

  1. hey can you help me pliz respond.
    I got into the Hall of Fame but then when it scanning my pokemon suddenly I warp to my room and have to fight Elite 4 again (repeatedly). Please help me guys.

    • Save before fighting rival or quick save after beating them
      Download version 515
      Rename the .GBA file to the same as the version you’re using now.
      Load up and play though.

  2. Hello, it might be a dumb question but does anyone know how to get Omanyte?? Says all pokemon are catchable and I picked the dome fossil for kabuto. Just missing him, I’m 148-150 for Kanto.

  3. I love this game I just don’t like the fact that cloyster gets to use protect all 10 times and then you fight a person with three of them I use all my moves before I get a hit off there’s no reason for you to use protect that much

  4. Can this file be used for DS? For example TT cards? Could the file, theoretically, be saved to the TT card and then played on DS because i don’t want to play it on my phone or computer. It says it’s a UPS file, but it should be a SAV file.

  5. So I got to end of Elite 4 beat them and I couldnt save afterward in the champions hall. It would glitch and send me right back to my house. Any way to avoid this?

  6. So I downloaded the rom, patch file, installed RAR and a file patching app, and myboy free. I cannot patch the file because it is zipped, but i cannot unzip it as there is an error. Used 2 different patching apps and 2 different patches (cloud white and red chapters). I have unzipped the gba file FireRed but not the patch file. Any help would be appreciated as I do not know how any of this works. Thanks

      • It works almost perfectly fine, but sometimes it generates a bad egg.
        Anyway, can evee evolve to glaceon and leafeon? I can’t find such an information in a guide. I found a thread on Reddit said that there is a rocks that uses for evolving evee to those forms, they are sold in a mart on 3rd island, but I can’t see them neither.

  7. So I’m a bit confused on how the EV system in this hack works, do you even need to train or are all of the pokemon you catch already “pre-loaded” with an EV set?

    • I was also wondering so i tried killing diglets and the speed realy did go up even with low speed IV. My problem is where to train attack, and special attack.

  8. How do it patch it to my firenred file when i do i can’t get in to my game can you tell me some good patching apps for Android

    • I don’t usually patch on Android, In my case I patch my games on my computer. But, there’s a auto patching feature of My Boy which you can use.

      • When I download pokemon cloud white from this data and when I open they are saying file cannot open. How should I play this game pokemon coders?

        • Hello Aswin, after downloading the Cloud white patch file, use a file patching software like Lunar IPS patcher and patch it to your FireRed rom.

    • I haven’t tried battling with other players before and I don’t think it is possible in ROM hacks like Pokemon Cloud white.