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The name of the game may not be sound too appealing to hear but the gameplay itself speaks differently. Nameless Fire Red Project is a beautiful and fun Pokemon game with great potential, in fact, hundreds of gamers are already playing this game since the day it was released.

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Nameless Fire Red is a game filled with mystery and packed with amazing features and surprises. Nameless Fire Red project game has Physical/Special Split, attacks, abilities, and items which normally found in Generations IV to VI.

Players will also get thrilled with Mega evolution Pokemon. See features section to view the full list of available features of the game.

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Game Information

Nameless Fire Red Project
Creator: Azurile13
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Version: Alpha 1.02
Last update: February 28, 2017
Source: Link


  • Physical/Special Split
  • Gen IV – VI Attacks, Abilities, and Items
  • Mega Evolutions
  • Expanded dex
  • Proper forms for Pokemon like Kyurem, Arceus, Burmy, and even Unown
  • Hidden abilities
  • ORAS level-up movesets, except for non-existent moves
  • 120 TMs
  • Hidden Grottos, pedometer-based Honey Trees, Swarms
  • Field effects for abilities such as Synchronize, Magnet Pull, Cute Charm, Compound Eyes, Flame Body, and the other abilities
  • Dynamic dex areas to indicate swarms, roaming, and other stuff
  • For lack of a better description, “wild triggers” such as babies automagically have 3 perfect IV
  • Updated non-berry oriented Pickup table
  • Two Day-cares
  • “Phone” notifications when the Day-Care Man finds an egg
  • Destiny Knot, Power items, 100% Everstone, 80% slotted ability inheritance, pokeball inheritance, and all those other future gen niceties
  • Move tutors & TMs can both be inherited from either parent
  • Minor trolling
  • Gigantic pockets
  • Oval Charm, Shiny Charm
  • Shiny rates match the (presumed) Gen VI rate
  • You are not required to grind to beat the game
  • You cannot run indoors
  • Random words in the game ARE CapITALIZED. They add CHARACTER to NPCs


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