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You are about to play and enjoy another cool Pokemon FireRed based game with a fantastic event and story. Pokemon Ash Gray is one of the most downloaded and played for several years now and counting.

The latest update of the game was released on May 5, 2015, and till the present days Ash Gray still one of the most popularly played modified version of FireRed even though the game hasn’t been updated for several years.

As we all know, every ROM hack has different sprites, tools, maps, tiles, and more. Pokemon Ash Gray has a kind of unique features, scenes, and the story that every Pokemon gamer will surely love.

Play Pokemon Ash Gray now, play it on your device using your favorite GBA emulator.

Game Information

Best Pokemon GBA Ash Gray

Pokemon Ash Gray 
 Author: metapod23
 Game base: Pokemon FireRed
 Cheats: Click here
 Source: Link


  • Play as Ash Ketchum
  • Have the opportunity to catch all of the Pokémon Ash does
  • Follows the same events as in the Anime Series and be rewarded with special events/items for carrying Ash’s team
  • New Tiles
  • New Sprites
  • New Maps
  • New Tools to replace HMs
  • Hatchet replaces HM01 Cut
  • Computer Teleport System replaces HM02 Fly
  • Raft replaces HM03 Surf
  • Pickaxe replaces HM06 Rock Smash
  • Climb Kit is added to be used as Rock Climb
  • Whirlpuller is added to cross whirlpools


Ash gray screenshot 1
Ash Gray 2

Pokemon Ash Gray ROM Download

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  1. Heyy. Can anyone tell what to do after finishing the fertilizer job for mom because i am unable to get to Indigo plateue as it says it hasn’t started yet

  2. When I patched the Pokemon FireRed ROM with the AshGrey IPS patch, the patched ROM that the tool gives me hangs on a blank screen. Can someone help? I tried two emulators: VBA (VisualBoyAdvance), and BizHawk. Same result with both emulators: a blank screen. Thanks!

  3. I’ve downloaded Ash Gray and VBA for my computer, however, it says Ash Gray is not able to run on my computer? I use Windows 10.

    I started by downloading VBA, then downloaded Ash Gray that had to be unzipped onto my onedrive, once there I downloaded it to my computer and now it say’s it can’t run.

    Please help, I am a complete novice here.



  4. Its 2019 and metapod23 still hasnt released anything after beta 4.5.3 i enjoyed this game alot and im pissed i cant finish tye orange league. By now id think the game would be complete to finish all the orange league.

  5. Hi there I’m stuck on the event after the mewtwo incident at new island. And I watched a video on what is next that you have to go back to pallet town and get a fertilizer from mom. But when I returned to pallet town mom did not gave me a fertilizer and she did not talk to me so that I am now stuck. How to fix this problem?

    • Hey bro I was playing this game for for sometime until I reached the Pokemon league school where they asked questions…. I failed in the examination and after that when I went to the dockyard the sailor said to roam the city the ferry is not going yet…I roamed the city for 15min but also the ferry was not ready

  6. Hi.This rom is one of the best roms i played.I hope more updates will come because im surely gonna play.I got on the ST Anne after the sink and it doesn’t want to finish to sail.How to fix?

    • It will not stop sailing as the ship has sinked you have to get the hatchet from the last room of basement and then talk to captain then u will fall into other room use the hatchet in the cracked wall then swin back

    • If you are asking for a ROM file of a Pokemon game, then the answer is a great big:
      Why? Because that is piracy, meaning you are getting a paid game without paying for it. That is absolutely illegal. PokemonCoders doesn’t support nor assist with piracy (I think).
      HOWEVER, if you are simply asking for a ROM hack IPS patch fi.e (I’ve never heard of “Pokemon All League”), then that is OK, as long as you don’t pirate the ROM that you patch (eg. pirating a Pokemon FireRed ROM then applying the Pokemon AshGrey IPS patch file to it). Hope this helps.

  7. Having issues with your downloads. I have the Myboy emu and everytime I download a ROM hack it downloads it downloads successfully. When I try to open the file to play, it won’t open. I tried downloading a different ROM to see if I was having the same problems. I didn’t it was only when I downloaded your ROM hacks. Do you have any suggestions abt this issue?

  8. I tried to play the game but whenever I try to go out from my room, mom enters and forces me to go to sleep.
    What shall I do?? How do I sleep?


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