Pokemon Emulator for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS


You need an emulator to play some of the most popular Pokemon games on your Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS devices. There are already dozens of available Pokemon compatible emulators out there, most are free, while some are not. These are available for different platforms such as mobile devices and computers, so there’s no excuse for you not to play your favorite Pokemon games.

Emulation is not new to everyone; using these applications, players can conveniently play GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS Pokemon games, including Pokemon rom hacks with ease.

Listed below are the most recommended and top-rated Pokemon emulators categorized according to device category (PC, MAC, Android, iOS) and emulation capabilities.

Pokemon emulator for mobile and pc

Paid Emulators
Using a free version emulator is enough for you to enjoy your favorite game. However, if you seek a full gaming enjoyment, you need to unlock premium features by getting the paid version. People choose to pay for such obvious reasons.

wdt_ID Emulator Platform Emulates for Download
1 mGBA Windows, MAC OS, Ubuntu GBA Click here
2 My Boy! Free - GBA Emulator Android GBA Click here
3 My Boy! - GBA Emulator Android GBA Click here
4 John GBA Lite - GBA emulator Android GBA Click here
5 Citra Windows, Mac OS, Linux Nintendo 3DS Click here
6 OpenEmu Mac OS GBA/NDS/GBC Click here
7 Visual Boy Advance Windows GBA Click here
8 GBA4iOS iOS GBA Click here
9 DraStic DS Emulator Android NDS Click here
10 John GBA - GBA emulator Android GBA Click here

Free Emulators
Paid GBA emulators are excellent since they provide all of the necessary settings and capabilities, as well as additional settings and customizations. However, if you are on a tight budget, the best option is to use free GBA emulators. There are several good and free GBA emulators for Android; try them out or read reviews for that particular emulator if feasible.

In most cases, free version applications have limited capabilities.

Also, with MyBoy free version, you can only save few states of your game while paid version lets you save multiple states at a time. For PC and MAC users, no need to spend on an emulator, OpenEmu, and VBA are enough, and it works for many.

APK Emulator Download
You might be familiar with APK files. Most of the time, this method works but is not highly recommended. However, if budget is your primary concern, head over to your favorite APK website, but proceed at your own risk.

Pokemon is no doubt one of the best games in the world. With emulators, fans can play some of the popular Pokemon games conveniently on mobile devices and computers.

It can be expensive to some purchasing Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Color, and Nintendo DS game consoles. Thanks to the developers responsible for creating these applications.

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