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Pokemon Cloud White 2 ROM Hack Download

It’s another good Cloud white version from the Cloud White series, presenting the Cloud White 2. If you found the original Pokemon Cloud White amazing, there’s no reason for you to ignore this version. Cloud White 2 continues the last event of Pokemon Cloud White and revolves around the South Sinnoh, Sinnoh and Hoenn regions.

Cloud White 2 will blow up your mind with its amazing features, meet all Pokemon from generations 1 to 7. Have you ever heard of primal reversion and mega evolution? Luckily you can enjoy these features in the game although it is found only in newer Pokemon game versions. But wait, there’s more; there are fake mega evolutions.

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Regarding the story of the game, can’t tell further and you have to find it out yourself cause I know you will like it very much. As mentioned earlier, this continues the original Pokemon Cloud White version.

But do you need to play Pokemon Cloud White to understand Cloud White 2 fully? The answer is NO! So explore Pokemon Cloud White 2 at your heart’s content.

Game Information

Pokemon CloudWhite 2
Author: Shogun
Language: English
Rom base: Pokemon FireRed
Source: link


  • 4 regions(Sinnoh, Sevii, Seto, Kouros)
  • Secret areas
  • Open World (Seto, Sinnoh and Kouros)
  • More than 60 hours of Scenario
  • Gen I to Gen VII Pokémon. All catchable.
  • Mega evolution
  • Pokémon Universe characters (Ash Ketchum, Misty, Giovanni, Elm, etc.)
  • Physical Special split
  • Expanded cash limit
  • Expanded bag limit
  • New items and evolutionay methods
  • Increased difficulty
  • Honey tree system
  • Berry tree system
  • Fairy type
  • The Pokémon World Tournament
  • Player is facing your opponent before battle
  • Day and Night System
  • Run everywhere!
  • Unlimited TM
  • A bonus Premier Ball is offered for every purchased of 10 Pokéballs
  • Experience points are gained after capture
  • Automatic re-use of repel
  • All weathers available
  • Maximum level up to 200
  • And several more features …


  • New graphic style from DPP, HGSS, Glazed and more
  • New battle backgrounds
  • New battle boxes
  • New text boxes in HGSS Style
  • New Bags with expanded storage limit
  • New Pokémon menu
  • New Trainer Card and Badges
  • New bootscreen and Titlescreen
  • New trainer sprites


  • New songs from FF, Zelda, Pokémon Emerald, etc.
  • Cry edited for all Gen in High Quality


Pokemon Cloud White 2 Screenshot 1

Pokemon Cloud White 2 Download

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Cthulhu Himself

Is this complete or is there still going to be an update? Thanks!


Hello Guys, listen I just found and I don’t know if its a glitch or something but it’s really cool because it will automatically teleport you to the pokemon league even without complete gym badges, to do it, just to floranoma city and go to the pokemon center. after that go to the stairs and BINGO.


oh i just remember,after you go the stairs,go down again

Joshua Long

Also if you have a pokemon that has the move teleport and use it teleports you to Kanto… just a little reminder of what not to do.


Very good game



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