10 Best Pokemon Emerald ROM Hacks for 2024

Pokemon Emerald is arguably the best among all the Gen 3 games, with Emerald having the two exclusive legendaries from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

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Regardless, there are a lot of Pokemon Emerald-based ROM hacks that players program and play with.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best Pokemon Emerald ROM hacks.

These are just 10 of the best that we suggest. There are still a lot of Emerald-based ROM hacks out there that you can check out. 

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These Emerald hacks will offer lots of content, balance, and maybe even a challenge. We’ve also included links to their sources and cheats if available.

If you want to look at a list of some Emerald-based ROM hacks, Click here.

Editor’s Note (February 6, 2024): Lots of content, amazingly long roster of available Legendary Pokemon, the Battle Frontier – you name it. Pokemon Emerald is one of the best GBA Pokemon games of all time, and it’s probably the same way when it comes to ROM hacks that uses Emerald as its base.

Best pokemon emerald rom hacks

10 Best Pokemon Emerald ROM Hacks

Here are the top 10 best ROM hacks for Pokemon Emerald this year:

10. Pokemon Emerald Kaizo

Best pokemon emerald rom hack - pokemon emerald kaizo

Let’s start our list of the 10 best Pokemon Emerald ROM hacks with a hack that literally has Emerald on the title. Emerald Kaizo is a notorious hack because of its difficulty.

Despite being hard and sometimes unfair, many players still love it.

Players can get all Pokemon from Gen 1 to 3 without the need to trade and that’s a gift if you can withstand the punishing nature of the game.

Notable Features:

  • Gym leaders will have 6 Pokemon from the start
  • Cannot use items during battle
  • Challenging Pokemon battles

9. Pokemon Blazing Emerald

Best pokemon emerald rom hack - pokemon blazing emerald

Our next game also has a slight difficulty to it but not at the same level as Pokemon Emerald Kaizo.

We’re talking about Pokemon Blazing Emerald which is still Emerald with some features added.

The difficulty spike is there and you have three different starter Pokemon here which are Clefairy, Eevee, and Pikachu. That alone gives you a challenge and the mechanics have been updated to the later generations.

Fairy-type is available as well as added moves and abilities. The story is still the same and the challenge stems from the combat, for the most part.

Notable Features:

  • Pokemon trainers and gym leaders have changed Pokemon
  • Day and night cycle
  • Physical and special split

8. Pokemon Theta Emerald EX

Best pokemon emerald rom hack - pokemon theta emerald ex

Number 8 is Pokemon Theta Emerald EX. Before we continue, there are other versions of this hack with Pokemon Theta Emerald being the original game or hack.

There is another version of Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev but we will put EX above all of them. It is the best version out of the others and they’re pretty much the same hacks with some slight differences.

This hack prides itself on having over 700 Pokemon from different generations, 600 moves, 100 abilities, and even Mega Evolution. It also has Primal Reversion and Fairy-type included.

Notable Features:

  • Level cap is 250
  • TMs are reusable
  • Physical and special split

7. Pokemon Ephemerald

Best pokemon emerald rom hack - pokemon ephemerald

Pokemon Ephemerald is still pretty much Pokemon Emerald. It has the same story and some of the base features.

The main gimmick or hook of this ROM hack is that there are Pokemon that have different looks. They are called Sapphorosian Forms where they combine two Pokemon to make it look a bit different.

That’s a trend nowadays with some hacks and fan-made games where they have fused Pokemon to use. That’s an interesting feature since it throws a wrench into your standard Emerald experience.

You’ll have some fun tackling and playing with the new Pokemon available for you to use.

Notable Features:

  • Around 300+ Pokemon up to Gen 3 (Fused)
  • Pokemon have changed stats, types, and more
  • Optional boss fights

6. Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Edition

Best pokemon emerald rom hack - pokemon emerald x and y edition

Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Edition is Pokemon Emerald but with a Gen 6 coat of paint. The story is still the same but the main allure here is that you start off with Gen 6 Pokemon.

That’s why the name is X and Y edition because those games were released for the Nintendo 3DS which introduced Gen 6.

Another addition is that you can explore 2 added Regions, Kanto and Kalos. Mega Evolutions and Primal Pokemon are also added.

The roster goes up to Gen 6 with new Moves and more.

Notable Features:

  • Pokemon goes up to Gen 6
  • No need to trade evolve a Pokemon
  • Dual battles

5. Pokemon Resolute

Best pokemon emerald rom hack - pokemon resolute

We’re halfway through our list of the 10 best Pokemon Emerald ROM hacks. Pokemon Resolute is the first hack on this list that doesn’t use the Emerald storyline.

It has its original story but it still has the usual Pokemon flavor to it.

You’re starting out to be a Trainer and be the best there is but mysteries and the occasional appearance of the villainous Team Mirage to hinder you on your journey.

The hack has a roster that goes up to Gen 7 but not all Pokemon are available. Alolan Forms and Mega Evolution are also included.

Notable Features:

  • 3 regions to explore (Tyron, Sylon, and Johto)
  • 16 gyms
  • Mega Evolution

4. Pokemon Mega Power

Best pokemon emerald rom hack - pokemon mega power

Pokemon Mega Power puts a nice little twist to the story. You’re a Pokemon Professor this time you want to make your scientific theories come true.

The villains take advantage of you and fund your experiments but not for good. You realize this and now you have to rectify your mistakes. Gather your Pokemon and take down this villainous organization. 

Fairy-type and updated stats are also included in this hack. Mega Power also has some nice sprites and graphics going for it.

Notable Features:

  • Mega evolution
  • Fairy-type added
  • Three regions

3. Pokemon Emerald Crest

Best pokemon emerald rom hack - pokemon emerald crest

There are two big hooks for this hack, number one is that the Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 8, although not all are available.

The second hook is that there are a lot of forms like Alolan, Galarian, and even Hisuian which only appeared in the Legends Areceus game.

It has the same story as Pokemon Emerald with a ton of features to boot. You get things like a Teleport system, Mega Evolution, auto-run, and more.

Notable Features:

  • Roster goes up to Gen 8
  • Questing system
  • Physical and special split

2. Pokemon Emerald Rogue

Best pokemon emerald rom hack - pokemon emerald rogue

Emerald Rogue utilizes a lot of the features from Emerald but the gameplay varies for this game. This is a ROGUE-LIKE game that involves strategy but still uses turn-based combat from the Pokemon series.

You start at a hub and choose the path on which way you go. This continues until you get every Badge and progress the game.

The story doesn’t have much weight and it all involves random elements like which Trainer you encounter. Even if you fail, all the Pokemon and items you get are retained.

Get stronger and conquer the game to finish it.

Notable Features:

  • Character customization
  • Mega Evolution
  • Adjust the game’s settings anytime

1. Pokemon Glazed

Best pokemon emerald rom hack - pokemon glazed

The number one game on our list of the 10 best Pokemon Emerald ROM hacks is Pokemon Glazed. This hack has been around for years and has numerous versions.

You have Pokemon Blazed Glazed and Pokemon Glazed Rebirth. Always go for this one which is the first, the original, and completed.

Pokemon Glazed has original content such as a unique story and having 5 Starter Pokemon to choose from. It has a lot of features like Mega Evolution, multiple Regions to explore, and even a Pikachu stalking you.

An awesome game to play with everything you want in an official Pokemon game.

Notable Features:

  • Physical and special split
  • Rematch with trainers
  • Dream World Pokemon

In Closing

That concludes our list of the 10 best Pokemon Emerald ROM hacks.

There are a lot of hacks out there for Emerald and Pokemon FireRed, just to name a few.

When it comes to Emerald, there are a lot of good ones and we’ve just showcased the best ones in here.

Pokemon hacks like CAWPS and others are worth a look, but if you want top-notch hacks with features, content, and maybe a challenge, this list is good for you.

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