Pokemon Shiny Gold

Pokemon Shiny Gold comes with two versions, the Pokemon Shiny standard version, and the Shiny Gold X. Pokemon Shiny Gold is based on Pokemon FireRed, so to play the game you need to have a clean FireRed ROM.

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The original Shiny Gold game got the most downloads while the Pokemon Shiny Gold X (harder version) got only a few, but overall both of these versions are excellent and worth trying.

You can install and play this game on your Android device or on your computer and make it work you have to download the GBA emulator.

Update: There’s a new and better version of this game that you may want to check out. See Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma and Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma.

Game Information

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Pokemon Shiny Gold
Author: Zel
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
 Source: Link


  • Pokemon Gold Storyline on GBA
  • Many differences with Pokemon Gold GBC
  • Travel to the center of Kanto
  • Bigger Pokedex with more Hoenn Pokemon
  • New Characters and Trainers to create new battles
  • GS REMIXED Music and Sounds
  • New places and some remapped areas
  • Trick House with new puzzles
  • New Moves (TMs and HMs)


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  1. Why do you recommend the worse unfinished version? Shiny gold X is still the optimal version, you should not say it is outdated and then recommend a glitchy work in progress.