Pokemon Mirage Of Tales: The Ages of Faith

Want something biblical story in your Pokemon? This game is for you! Mirage of Tales: The Ages of Faith is an excellent and exciting story inspired by ancient biblical tale heroes in the world. As you play the game, you are given three characters to choose Kala, Evandor, and Zhafira, each of these characters has its unique story for you to uncover.

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Download Mirage Of Tales now and patch the dowloaded file to your FireRed to play.

Game Information

Pokemon Mirage Of Tales: The Ages of Faith
Release year: 2015
Author: Avara
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Source: Link

Special Features

  • The Finance Chamber
  • Alignment System
  • The Strategy Map
  • And more..


Kalas tale screenshots

Kala’s Tale

Evandors tale screenshot

Evandor’s Tale

Zhafiras tale screenshot

Zhafira’s Tale


Download Mirage of Tales

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