15 Best Dinosaur Pokemon, Ranked

Modeled after the most dominant creatures of the pre-historic ages, dinosaur Pokémon are also renowned for their sheer strength and intimidating appearance. Since the dawn...

Touhoumon HeartGold

The Touhou project is one of the longest video game franchises in Japan. They are made up of two things; one is that they...

Pokemon New Generations Cheats

Pokemon New Generations is a hack where it tries to push the timeline between the ages. It still ends up being FireRed but that’s...

15 Best Ice-type Pokemon From All Generations

The Ice-type was introduced in Gen 2 of the Pokemon games. According to speculation, it was introduced and made to have a counter to...

Pokemon Wally Quest

You probably know Wally from Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald. It’s that little kid that you have to help to catch a Raltz. He...


Pokemon Nameless Version

The Pokemon Nameless Version is a ROM hack of FireRed. This is an interesting ROM hack because it gives you a nice story rather...

Pokemon Energized Emerald

We’ve covered a lot of Pokemon Emerald-based ROM hacks for a long time, so we’re adding one more. The hack we’re talking about is...

Pokemon Run & Bun

If you played a lot of Pokemon ROM hacks, you’ve probably heard of the Kaizo games. The games are so difficult and unfair that...

Pokemon GS Chronicles

An interesting take on the Gen 2 games is this ROM hack which is Pokemon GS Chronicles that gives you an alternate take of the games.

Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev Cheats

Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev is an interesting ROM hack. We’ve already tackled the game, but that doesn’t stop us from discussing Pokemon Theta Emerald...

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