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ROM Hacks and Cheats Database

wdt_ID ROM Hack Name CHEATS Base Status New Graphics Gen. Catchable Mega Evo. P/S Split New Story Difficulty Console
1 Advanced Adventure LeafGreen Complete Yes 5 649 No Yes Yes Normal GBA
2 Adventures Red Chapter FireRed Complete Yes 8 1221 Yes No Yes Normal GBA
3 Altered Emerald Emerald Complete 7 386 No Yes GBA
5 Blazed Glazed Emerald Complete Yes 6 Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
6 Cloud White FireRed GBA
7 Cloud White 2 FireRed Complete 7 700 Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
8 Clover FireRed Beta Yes N/A 386 No Yes Yes Challenging GBA
9 CrystalDust Emerald Alpha Yes 2 No No Challenging GBA
10 Cyan FireRed Discontinued Yes 5 No Yes Yes GBA
11 Dark Rising 2 FireRed Complete Yes 6 721 Yes Yes Schadenfreude GBA
12 Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide FireRed Complete Yes 386 Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
13 Dark Rising: Order Destroyed FireRed Complete Yes Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
14 Dark Rising/Kaizo Version FireRed Complete Yes 7 386 No No Yes Kaizo GBA
15 Eclipse FireRed Incomplete Yes 721 No Yes Normal GBA
16 Flora Sky Emerald Complete Yes 5 386 No No Yes GBA
17 Fuligin FireRed Complete Yes 3 386 Yes GBA
18 Gaia FireRed Complete Yes 6 No Yes Yes Normal GBA
19 Glazed Emerald Complete Yes 6 Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
20 League of Legends Emerald GBA
21 LIFE Version FireRed GBA
22 Light Platinum Ruby Complete Yes 5 263 No No Yes Challenging GBA
23 Liquid Crystal FireRed Incomplete Yes 3 No Yes Yes Challenging GBA
24 Mega Power Emerald Complete Yes 7 Yes Yes Yes Challenging GBA
25 Mirage Of Tales FireRed Pre-alpha 7 Yes Unknown GBA
26 Normal Version FireRed GBA

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