Pokemon Snakewood Cheats

A Pokemon ROM hack with a twist is Pokemon Snakewood. It used Ruby as its base, but the twist here is that you have...

John GBA Review for Playing GBA Games on Android Devices

We’re going to be talking about the John GBA emulator. It is an emulator that is exclusive to Android devices. It could also go...

Pokemon Following Platinum Cheats

A lot of people love Pokemon Platinum, and an interesting ROM hack you can play is Pokemon Following Platinum. Basically, the Pokemon you have...

mGBA Review for Playing Pokemon GBA Games

The emulator we are taking a look at today is the mGBA. Like previous articles, this will be our mGBA review for playing Pokemon...

Pokemon Dark Energy Cheats

We got an interesting ROM hack called Pokemon Dark Energy. It uses Silver as its base ROM, so you know it's a Pokemon GBC...


Pokemon Bronze Cheats

The creator of Pokemon Bronze made it with his love for the Gen 2 games and even Gen 1. That’s why Bronze is pretty...

Pokemon HarvestCraft

If you want a ROM hack that has an intricate story and a ton of features, then you might want to check out Pokemon...

Digimon Nova Red Cheats

Digimon Nova Red is a Pokemon ROM hack utilizing FireRed as its base. The game has Digimon instead of Pokemon as its critters. However,...

20 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks for 2022

There are a lot of Pokemon ROM hacks on the internet, but some are more fascinating than others. We are now prepared to share...

Pokemon GS Chronicles

An interesting take on the Gen 2 games is this ROM hack which is Pokemon GS Chronicles that gives you an alternate take of the games.

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