Pokemon Island

If you love Pokemon battles, then Pokemon Island is the game for you because you do all of that and more all in one game.

How To Evolve Eevee Into Leafeon

Leafeon along with Glaceon was introduced in the Generation IV games of Pokemon. These games are namely Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and later Platinum. Leafeon...

Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back Cheats

There are a couple of Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back cheats that you can use which we have listed on this article along with a lot of things.

Dragon Ball Z Team Training Cheats

There are working Dragon Ball Z Team Training cheats in case you want to get an advantage in the game and more but all in good fun.

Pokemon X And Y Cheats, Hints, and Guides

Pokemon X and Y were released for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2013. The games introduced Generation VI, and it was fabulous. However, people...

Pokemon Blazing Emerald

Pokemon Emerald is definitely one of the all-time favorites in the series. That’s why a lot of ROM hacks like Pokemon Blazing Emerald are...

The #1 Best 3DS Emulator for PC

The Nintendo 3DS is one of the many handheld systems released by Nintendo. It followed the Nintendo DS, and the 3DS was released back...

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo is a ROM hack for Pokemon Emerald. Intended for gamers who are lucking for a real challenge.

How To Enter and Activate GameShark Codes in MyBoy for Android

Many of our visitors having concerns when entering and activating Gameshark code cheats. When using cheats, please bear in mind that not all GameShark...

Best Pokemon Games for GBA, Top 10 Recommended

The Gameboy Advance had a perfect run, and like any Nintendo console or handheld, it will have its games that are Nintendo IPs, and...

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