BROWSE Pokemon ROM Hacks and cheats

wdt_ID ROM Hack Name ROM Base P/S Split Console CHEATS
1 Advanced Adventure LeafGreen GBA
2 Adventures Red Chapter FireRed GBA
3 Altered Emerald Emerald GBA
5 Blazed Glazed Emerald GBA
6 Cloud White FireRed GBA
7 Cloud White 2 FireRed GBA
8 Clover FireRed GBA
9 CrystalDust Emerald GBA
10 Cyan FireRed GBA
11 Dark Rising 2 FireRed GBA
12 Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide FireRed GBA
13 Dark Rising: Order Destroyed FireRed GBA
14 Dark Rising/Kaizo Version FireRed GBA
15 Eclipse FireRed GBA
16 Flora Sky Emerald GBA
17 Fuligin FireRed GBA
18 Gaia FireRed GBA
19 Glazed Emerald GBA
20 League of Legends Emerald GBA
21 LIFE Version FireRed GBA
22 Light Platinum Ruby GBA
23 Liquid Crystal FireRed GBA
24 Mega Power Emerald GBA
25 Mirage Of Tales FireRed GBA
26 Normal Version FireRed GBA
ROM Base P/S Split Console


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