Digimon Nova Red

There are a lot of ROM hacks out there that have Digimon as their Pokemon. Why not add one more, which is Digimon Nova...

Pokemon Fat Kid (Discontinued)

There are a lot of good Pokemon ROM hacks out there but there are also a ton of comical and weird ones out there. That’s where Pokemon Fat Kid comes in because it is a ROM hack of Emerald with a lot of whimsical stuff in it.

10 Best ROM Hacks With Gen 7 Pokemon

These are just 10 of the best ROM hacks with Gen 7 Pokemon that you can play. Whether you are a big fan of Gen 7 Pokemon or not, you can’t deny that playing these games can be fun.

Pokemon Dreary Cheats

If you like hard Pokemon GBA ROM hacks, then Pokemon Dreary is for you. It is a challenging game, and every time you lose,...

10 Best Non Legendary Pokemon

What is the strongest Pokemon? That’s usually a question many players ask because they want to have the best teams to play the games....

15 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fairy Type

The Fairy-type was introduced from Generation VI and onwards. Basically, it is effective against Fighting, Dark, and Dragon-types. It is however weak to Poison...

Pokemon Kanto Ultimate

Players love ROM hacks about FireRed, so we’ll add one more, which is Pokemon Kanto Ultimate. This rom hack is based on FireRed, and...

How To Get A Sinnoh Stone In Pokemon GO

The Sinnoh Stone is an item exclusive only to the Pokemon GO game. Who knows, it may make its way to the other games...

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks With Fakemon

Fakemon is a term used for fan-made Pokemon games. This is prominent for ROM hacks when the programmers can add their own versions of Pokemon. This leads us to our 10 best ROM hacks with Fakemon list that you can check and try out.

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Cheats

One of the more interesting Emerald ROM hacks is Pokemon Emerald Enhanced. It pretty much has the same story, but it has a lot...

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