Pokemon Ruby Destiny – Rescue Rangers

You’re celebrating your 12th birthday; you invited four of your friends who just like you, love Pokemon. The celebration is about to start, and suddenly an unusual event just happened, a strange aura appears in your room and causes you to lose consciousness.

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Odd things are happening after that aura shows up on your birthday. You woke up in the middle of the forest, and you’ll meet a Torchic and a Chikorita.

The surprise doesn’t stop there; the Pokemon thought that you are Pikachu – a Pokemon like them.

Torchic and Chikorita ask you to become a part of their Rescue Team, and for some reason, you joined them. Your journey has just started.

Game Information

Pokemon ruby destiny rescue rangers

Pokémon Ruby Destiny – Rescue Rangers
Game base: Pokemon Ruby
Source: Link
Other version: Reign of Legends


  • Play as a PIKACHU
  • Rescue Other PKMN Who Needs Help
  • Chikorita And Torchic Will Be Your Partner
  • The Three Main Characters(Pikachu, Torchic, Chikorita) Won’t Evolve
  • Heal With Nature; Healing Berries And Healing Plants
  • New Tiles
  • New Scripts
  • New Overworlds
  • No Catching Items


Pokemon ruby destiny - rescue rangers sprite and tiles
Pokemon ruby destiny - rescue rangers  scenes

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