15 Best Pokemon Rom Hacks With Mega Evolution

Mega evolution is one of the most amazing features invented to make a Pokemon game more exciting and fun. With the required mega ring and appropriate mega stone, a Pokemon can evolve to its ultimate mega form and make it even stronger during a battle.

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Unfortunately, the older Pokemon game series earlier than Generation VI doesn’t have mega evolution.

But thanks to Pokemon ROM hacks and individuals behind it for creating such amazing modified Pokemon games, thus, conveniently making it playable on any Game Boy Advance supported emulators.

There are hundreds of available Pokemon ROM hacks online, but only a few of them have a Mega evolution feature. In this post, you will find our collection of top Pokemon ROM hacks with Mega evolution that you may want to check out.

Our bases in picking the games are according to user reviews, ratings, and suggestions coming from different sources such as Reddit, YouTube, blogs, and forums.

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About the Mega Evolution

The concept of Mega Evolution was first introduced in Generation VI. This means that only the games beyond X and Y, or at least those around Gen 6, will have this feature.

Mega evolution is basically just another evolutionary step for some Pokemon. The key difference? This one is temporary and can only be activated during battle.

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There are also catalysts like a Keystone and Mega Stone. However, we’re not here to discuss Mega Evolution in all its glory. We are here to put up a list of the best ROM hacks with Mega Evolution.

That’s right, ROM hacks and fan-made games exist where you can play them with Mega Evolution and more!

15 of the Best ROM Hacks with Mega Evolution

15) Pokemon Nameless Version

Pokemon nameless version

The first one on our list is the Pokemon Nameless Version. You take control of Chronya, who looks like a fierce jungle warrior, making this game a bit different.

You’re not a person seeking to be a Pokemon Master, but you’re out looking for your mother. Along the way, you do encounter some Pokemon and the occasional bad guys.

The game features the basic Pokemon stuff, but this time, you get to battle in the arena and win a badge instead of just doing it in a gym. There are also multiple regions and areas for you to explore.

Don’t forget about Mega Evolution as well because they are present in the game

Notable Features

  • Battle in Arenas instead of Gyms
  • Roster goes up to Gen 8
  • HMs are replaced by skills

14) Pokemon Nameless Fire Red Project

Pokemon nameless fire red project

Nameless FireRed Project is a ROM hack of FireRed. Basically, the story is the same, but the hack has some added features. We could start with the Mega Evolutions because it is the point of this list.

The Pokemon roster has also expanded, with several ones coming from later Generations until 6 and up.

The game also has over 100 TMs that you can use in the game. Don’t forget about updated mechanics, stats, types, and more. Later features like a Phone and Field effects like Grottoes are added.

Nameless Fire Red Project is an interesting way to play FireRed while maintaining the original content intact.

Notable Features

  • Can catch all non-Legendary Pokemon available in the game
  • 120 Reusable TMs
  • Increased rate of encountering a Shiny Pokemon

13) Pokemon Dark Rising 2

Pokemon dark rising 2

Pokemon Dark Rising 2 is a sequel to the first Dark Rising game. While the first game was okay, this one pumps it all up and makes it better.

The story continues where it left off, dealing with the wonders and mysteries of the game about dragons and more. The same team has polished the game’s dialogue and other things.

Then, of course, Mega Evolution is pretty much available here at a specific point in the game. The roster is nearly up to 200 Pokemon spanning from Gen 1 to 6.

You must progress the story, find more Pokemon, and uncover the mysteries in the Core and Omni Regions.

Notable Features

  • 12 Gym Leaders for you to battle
  • Pokemon roster from Gen 1 to 6
  • Day and night cycle

12) Pokemon Theta Emerald EX

Pokemon theta emerald ex

This is a ROM hack of Emerald, which adds a nice layer of difficulty and challenge to the game. The story is pretty much the same, so if you played Emerald, you know where to go and what to do.

The game also has updated stats, types, moves, and TMs. You just need to find out more about what it has to offer.

Then, don’t forget about the Mega Evolution in the game, which you couldn’t normally do back in the original Emerald. The Primal forms for Groudon and Kyogre are also available in this game. It boasts around 700 Pokemon under its roster until Gen 6.

Notable Features

  • TMs are reusable
  • Max Level at 250
  • Learned HMs can be changed

11) Pokemon Resolute

Pokemon resolute

Pokemon Resolute is an interesting ROM Hack. The story puts you in the shoes of either Alm or Logan. Venture into the world with the usual trope of being a Pokemon Master.

Professor Avery sends you off on your journey where you have to tackle an adventure, fight trainers, and deal with the occasional bad guys being Team Mirage.

The game has some modified sprites and animation, as well as character portraits during some of the scenes. Mega evolution is also on the table in case you like to have them later on in the game.

When you need to press on with the game, just catch and utilize the right Pokemon for the job.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon roster from Gen 1 to 6
  • 3 Regions to explore, namely Johto, Sylon, and Tyron
  • Several Pokemon have Alolan Forms

10) Pokemon Victory Fire

Pokemon victory fire

Despite the name, Pokemon Victory Fire is a ROM hack of Emerald, not FireRed. Then again, it features everything you would want in a Pokemon game.

You’re a youngster venturing out on your own adventure, catching Pokemon along the way. Then, don’t forget about battling Trainers and Gym Leaders along the way.

You have to uncover the mystery that is happening all over the Tyron Region, like what happened several years ago. Mega evolution is also a feature that is present in this ROM hack, so be sure to check out which ones have it and use them.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon roster goes up to Generation V
  • Underground Black Market in the game
  • Several custom sprites and tiles

09) Pokemon Radical Red

Pokemon radical red

This is another ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed. The story is the same as always because the hack emphasizes giving you a different take on FireRed.

The game itself has an option where you can randomize or have increased difficulty later on. The Pokemon roster is also increased, allowing you to be more versatile.

The game has updated graphics, making it look like Pokemon Black and White. These also include custom sprites, animations, and field objects.

HMs have also been removed; you can use different things to perform those outsides of battle. Finally and naturally, Mega Evolutions are included in the game, and you can battle Gym Leaders for those Mega Evolution Stones.

Notable Features

  • Option to go for Nuzlocke or increased difficulty
  • EV Training areas
  • Move Tutor can teach Egg Moves

08) Pokemon Mega Power

Pokemon mega power

Mega Power has an interesting premise where you are the professor instead of playing as a young trainer. The same Pokemon professors that have been introducing players to the game will be playable.

This professor aims to be a Pokemon Master, and it’s up to you to help them. The name Mega Power is a giveaway that the game has Mega Evolution.

While the game doesn’t have many notable features, it is good on its own. The other thing is that it is a completed ROM hack, so that it may have minimal to no bugs.

It has a good number of Pokemon as well, ranging from different Generations as well as armed with their own Mega Evolution.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon roster from Gen 1 to 6
  • All new Gyms and Trainers to battle
  • More Regions to explore

07) Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Pokemon adventure red chapter

This ROM hack is based on the manga Red Adventures. Basically, if you read the manga, you have a good idea of what’s going to happen next and what to expect.

However, the game does take its liberties, as well as add some things that weren’t in the manga, but that’s not a bad thing. For having Mega Evolution, which wasn’t around during the original manga release because it was back in the 90s’.

You can choose to play different characters in the game, but the progression is the same. It also has several features that you may like. The game has a day and night system, and character portraits are visible when they are talking and more.

Notable Features

  • Multiple Regions to explore
  • EV and IV checker
  • Mega Evolution and Fusion Pokemon are available

06) Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon glazed

Pokemon Glazed is a ROM hack that has been around for years. The game started ordinarily enough until it got many updates later. One of those updates would include Mega Evolutions.

Despite numerous iterations and versions of Pokemon Glazed, it has many features you would want.

The other thing is that the game itself retains its original form while incorporating new elements up to its last update. Play through the game’s original story, impressive Pokemon lineup, and more.

Plus, don’t forget that Pikachu is still stalking you in the game, but now you have Mega Evolution.

Notable Features

  • Choose from 5 Pokemon starters
  • A wide range of Pokemon to catch and use from different Generations
  • Multiple Regions to explore

05) Pokemon Cloud White

Pokemon cloud white

Despite the name Pokemon Cloud White, it is still pretty much Pokemon FireRed. The story of FireRed happens in this ROM hack, so everything still flows in the game normally.

The added changes are that there can be more to do after the main game is completed. The game opens up more Regions and areas to explore.

The Pokemon World Tournament is also featured in the game. One other thing that this game has is a slight increase in difficulty. It isn’t impossible to beat, but you’ll sweat a lot as you play the game.

Don’t forget about Mega Evolution and the fact that you can catch and evolve all Pokemon with around 540 of them.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon roster from Gen 1 to 6
  • The Egg and Black Market is available
  • Day, Night, and Weather system

04) Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma

Pokemon ultra shiny gold sigma

This game is a take on the original Gen 2 games, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. It pretty much follows the same story, and all the characters and events you meet will happen.

It has a lot of added features like more Regions like Hoenn and the Orange and Alola Islands. The original games were big enough, but this hack makes it bigger and includes Mega Evolution.

The EV and IV are also visible on the Pokemon’s stats, so you don’t need to do anything else. It also has improved graphics and updated music to suit the GBA’s sound capabilities rather than just the GBC. Don’t forget about updated items and Pokemon types.

Notable Features

  • Dawn, Day, Afternoon, Dusk, and Night Cycle
  • Around 800 Pokemon from Gen 1 to 7
  • Alolan Forms are also present in the game

03) Pokemon Glazed Reborn

Pokemon glazed reborn

There are numerous Pokemon Glazed games aside from the main ones. Glazed Reborn plays the same as the others, but this one has Mega Evolution.

Perhaps the other versions may have their updates later on, but Glazed Reborn has guaranteed Mega Evolution and even some cheats that will allow you to encounter them.

The story is the same; you’re the typical trainer setting off on their first journey to become Pokemon Masters. Aside from Mega Evolution, the game itself has a ton of features that you may like.

The story will be enough to keep you entertained, as well as a plethora of other things to do.

Notable Features

  • Choose from 5 Starter Pokemon
  • Dream World Pokemon is available
  • Able to rematch Trainers and Gym Leaders

02) Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon gaia

Pokemon Gaia is one of the most popular ROM hacks, regardless if you’re not looking for a game with Mega Evolution. Then again, this game does have it as well as a plethora of interesting features.

Anyway, the story takes place in the Orbtus Region, and you have to travel to uncover the mysteries of seismic activities.

The game has updated stats and types, including Fairy. The roster goes from Gen 1 to 6 and updated moves and abilities.

The game’s visuals also have a mild improvement, but it still looks like any of the classic GBA games considering this was a FireRed hack.

Notable Features

  • Hidden Grottoes make an appearance
  • TMs can be reused
  • Underwater locations are also available

01. Pokemon Unbound

Pokemon unbound

This one is a very hot commodity right now, as it is one of the most popular ROM hacks today. What makes it better is that it has Mega Evolution.

The game has an interesting story, and it has a lot of things to keep you company. The quest system in the game is also very good, which adds to the hours of gameplay you can invest.

In terms of Mega Evolution, you have to unlock and finish a specific quest to get Mega Evolution. It can be worth it later when you finally have Mega Evolution and your entire Pokemon team.

The stats and types have been updated, and the aesthetics look a bit different.

Notable Features

  • Customized sprites and animation
  • An interesting quest progression system
  • Pokemon roster from Gen 1 to 7

Final Thoughts

These are just 15 of the best ROM hacks with Mega Evolution. Perhaps several other ROM hacks will get updates later, including Mega Evolution.

Remember that several of these games are alternate versions of other ROM hacks. In fact, some of them got Mega Evolution later on with continued updates.

There could also be cheats to unlock and use Mega Evolution. However, for the most part, you usually access Mega Evolution when you progress the story.

The cheats could only be usable until then, but they can be somewhat available depending on the ROM hack.

Mega evolution is one of the coolest features of a Pokemon game, and it gives further advancement and enjoyment to players. Not all ROM hacks have Mega evolution, and it’s not easy to add this feature to a game.

Creating a ROM hack, modifying a game, adding more features, scripting, designing, and coming up with good ideas to improve an old boring game is not always easy.

But some hard-working people made these things happen without asking for a price; we have to thank them for their superb effort.

The above list is our collection of the top Pokemon ROM hacks with the Mega evolution feature; consider checking and playing them if you’re a fan of Mega evolution. Have you played any of the listed Pokemon rom hacks with Mega evolution? Tell us about your experience, and let’s discuss it.

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