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Top 10 Pokemon Rom Hacks With Mega Evolution

ROM hacks with Mega Evolution

Mega evolution is one of the most amazing features invented to make a Pokemon game more exciting and fun. With the required mega ring and appropriate mega stone, a Pokemon can evolve to its ultimate mega form and make it even stronger during a battle.

Unfortunately, the older Pokemon game series earlier to Generation VI doesn’t have mega evolution.

But thanks to Pokemon ROM hacks and individuals behind it for creating such amazing modified Pokemon games, and thus, conveniently making it playable on any Game Boy Advance supported emulators.

There are hundreds of available Pokemon ROM hacks online, but only a few of them have a Mega evolution feature. In this post, you will find our collection of top Pokemon ROM hacks with Mega evolution that you may want to check out. Our bases in picking the games are according to user reviews, ratings, and suggestions coming from different sources such as Reddit, YouTube, blogs, and forums.

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Top 5 Pokemon ROM Hacks with Mega Evolution Feature

10. Pokemon Dark Rising 2

ROM hack with Mega Evolution Pokemon Dark Rising 2

Pokemon Dark Rising 2 is the sequel of the popular Pokemon Dark rising. The same as with other Dark Rising game series, Dark Rising 2 players can choose a dragon-type starter Pokemon and can battle with mega evolution Pokemon like Mewtwo Y, Fakemon, Digimon and some mythical Pokemon. Click here for more details and to download Pokemon Dark Rising 2.

9. Pokemon Resolute

ROM hack with Mega Evolution Pokemon Resolute

If you love to explore more mega evolution Pokemon games, Pokemon Resolute is a must-play for you. Resolute is based on Pokemon Emerald that lets you play along or battle with Mega evolution Pokemon. You can also encounter Pokemon from generations 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th. Download or check more details for Pokemon Resolute.

8. Pokemon Theta Emerald EX

Best Pokemon ROM hack with Mega Evolution Theta Emerald Ex

Pokemon Theta Emerald EX is the new and improved version of the previous Pokemon Theta Emerald made by LCCoolJ95 and with the help of contributors. Theta Emerald EX now has 721 Pokemon (From Bulbasaur to Volcanion) and 600+ moves (up to Gen VI) as compared to Theta Emerald, which has only 650 Pokemon and 100 moves.

Mega evolution is finally supported in Theta Emerald EX version. If you find the Theta Emerald a remarkable game, there’s no reason for you not to play the refined and more polished version Pokemon Theta Emerald EX. Click here for details and to download Pokemon Theta Emerald EX.

7. Pokemon Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide

ROM hack with Mega Evolution Dark Rising Origins World Collide

It’s another Dark Rising game series on the list. Pokemon Dark Rising Origins: Wold Collide has shocking 193 obtainable Digimon, 193 regular Pokemon, fairy-type, and the most favorite Mega Evolution.

Every release of Dark Rising game series is a breathtaking experience, especially the version Dark Rising Origins World Collide. It’s always interesting to play and battle with the said creatures, so you have to check it out. View more details and download Dark Rising Origins: World Collide here.

6. Pokemon Gaia

ROM hack with Mega evolution Gaia

No need to argue with this, Pokemon Gaia is one the best Pokemon ROM hack ever made. Gaia has exceptional features that every Pokemon fan would love, and you will be amazed by its creative sprites, new moves, storyline, battle scenes, and on top of that, the fantastic mega evolution system with mega stones hidden throughout the region.

Pokemon Gaia was nominated as the hack of the year multiple times and got the first spot in the year 2015 and 2014. Pokemon Gaia was also voted as the overall favorite, best mapping, best Scripting, best storyline, best gameplay, and most engaging. You need to play this game if you haven’t done it yet.

5. Pokemon Adventure – Red Chapter

ROM Hack with Mega Evolution Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Another popular and most played Pokemon game on the list, Pokemon Adventure Red chapter is based on FireRed and follows the Pokémon Adventure/Special manga plus some extras to make the game more entertaining and fun. The recent version of the Adventure Red chapter now supports mega evolution system, primal reversion, battle bond, and fusion.

Just like Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter was nominated as a hack of the year several times and got the awards for most engaging, best scripting, best storyline, and the most votes ROM Hack.

Sounds an interesting game? You have to download and play the latest version of Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter.

4. Pokemon Cloud White

ROM hack with mega evolution Cloud White

Every Pokemon ROM player must be familiar with Pokemon Cloud White and its recent series. Cloud White now includes mega evolution with mega gems and has over 540 Pokemon found in Generations 1 to 6.

Pokemon Cloud White is popular with fans because of its uniqueness with it comes to its features and remarkable gaming adventure making it worth to play for everyone. Click here for more details and to download Pokemon Cloud White.

3. Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma

Pokemon ROM hack with Mega Evolution Shiny Gold Sigma

In the Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma version, you can find noticeable improvements in the Johto region around Kanto regions. There are over 850 Pokemon available, which you can usually find in Generations I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and Alola Forms.

Mega evolution system is also found in the game and it’s more supported. Also, it’s easier to mega evolve in Shiny Gold Sigma as compared to other games. New effects, more attacks, and plenty more new features that are not present in other games are available in this game. More details and download link for Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma found here.

2. Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma

Best ROM hack with Mega Evolution  Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma

Second on the list of the top best Pokemon ROM hacks with Mega evolution is the Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma, this is the newest and updated version of the previously known Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma. New cool sprites added with innovative effects such as ash grass, high grass, and micro grass.

Graphics and some new structures added, more extraordinary features, and of course, the more supported Mega evolution feature. Now includes two mega stones, the Mega Stone and Mega Stone Z. The mega stone evolves your Pokemon to its regular mega evolution form while Mega Stone Z transforms your Pokemon to Mega X and Y form. Click here for more details and to download Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma.

1. Pokemon Mega Power

Rom hack with Mega evolution, Mega Power

Top of the list of best Pokemon ROM hacks with Mega evolution is the Pokemon Mega Power. Pokemon Mega Power got the sweet first spot on the list because of its outstanding Mega evolution features.

The author of the game gives more time improving and working on mega evolutions, making the game more appealing to Mega evolution fans. Mega Power lets you play some Pokemon from 4th up to 7th generations and taste the phenomenal new regions of Ivara, Lande, and Sevii Islands.

Pokemon Mega Power received lots of positive feedback from numerous sources and widely enjoyed by players. If you haven’t yet downloaded and played Pokemon Mega Power, this game must be on the top of your list. Click for more information and download Pokemon Mega Power.

Final Thoughts

Mega evolution is one of the coolest features of a Pokemon game, and it gives further advancement and enjoyment to players. Not all ROM hacks have Mega evolution, and it’s not easy to add this feature to a game.

Creating a ROM hack, modifying a game, adding more features, scripting, designing, and coming up with good ideas to improve an old boring game is not always an easy task. But some hard-working persons made these things happen without asking for a price; we have to thank them for their superb effort.

The above list is our collection of the top Pokemon ROM hacks that have the Mega evolution feature, consider checking and playing them if you’re a fan of Mega evolution.

Have you played any of the listed Pokemon rom hacks with Mega evolution? Tell us about your experience, and let’s discuss it.


  1. You have to make the rom like the real pokemon . In adventure ash have to go with his friends and adventure together and its become so interesting . Plz work on this .

  2. why in the world is mega power number 1 the game is honestly hard to look at and the spelling errors are everywhere? it also has the one thing I hate in a ROM hack that being really sucky starters.

    it’s really unbalanced in the overworld you can’t buy normal Pokeballs from the shops at the start of the game you have to buy ultra balls at 1200 each at the start of the game I was able to buy 1 ball to catch 1 level 4 pokemon. I later find that I can get 5 normal balls from an NPC hidden in a corner of a room of beds but that doesn’t change the fact they removed them from the shops for some unknown reason.

  3. I play lots of GBC Rom games. But I never buried when I play any kinds of pokemon games. But there are many games we can play. But Pokemon Mega Evolution game is my favorite.

  4. Pokemon Gaia is a great game, but the fact that you’ll never get to the elite 4 is why I deleted it. Real shame. Wish it was complete, but since the last update came out in 2015 I have to think that it’ll never be complete. 6 badges is all you can get.


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