Pokemon DS Rom Hacks


Pokemon rom hacking has truly gone extra miles these days. Although most rom hacks are on the Game Boy Advance, more and more rom hackers are taking a new step by creating amazing Pokemon DS Rom Hacks.

As compared to Pokemon rom hacks created for Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color, Nintendo DS games are spectacular with its futuristic features and decent looking design making it more appealing to users to play either on a desktop or mobile devices.

Quick Facts

Even though DS emulators are widely available for desktop and mobile devices, Pokemon DS games are way more difficult and complicated to modify. Exact the same situation with Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo switch games. This explains why there are only a few of these Pokemon Nintendo DS ROM hacks are available.

Pokemon nds rom hacks
Source: Daduunka

How to Play Pokemon Nintendo DS ROM Hacks
If you have experienced playing Pokemon GBA ROM hacks there’s almost nothing has changed, but only the emulator and the method for patching the rom hack to your Pokemon DS base game. For Windows users, we recommend using DeSmuME, for Mac OS users you may use OpenEmu, for iOS there’s iNDS, and lastly for Android users, DraStic DS Emulator is what we highly recommend for you.

With the growing popularity of DS rom hacking, we have collected all good Pokemon DS Rom hack games that you can play on your computer or mobile phones.

Note: No need for a wi-fi connection to play any of these games.

Pokemon Nintendo DS ROM Hacks List

wdt_ID Hack Name ROM Base Download
1 Moon Black 2 Black 2 Download link
2 Light Platinum DS HeartGold Download here
3 Heart Red HeartGold Download here or here
5 Blaze Black | Volt White Black | White Download link
6 Blaze Black 2 | Volt White 2 Black | White Download link
7 Sacred Gold & Storm Silver HeartGold | SoulSilver Download link
8 Omega Paradox White Download link
9 Hoenn White White Download link
10 Diamond Sun and Moon Diamond Download link
11 SunGold & MoonSilver HeartGold | SoulSilver Download link

Patching DS ROM Hacks

Patching a Pokemon Nintendo DS rom hack is relatively straightforward. Usually, the game author attaches a “read me” instructions file with the rom hack patch file and instructions on how to play the game. You can also find tutorials on YouTube on how to patch a DS rom hack.

Note: You can’t patch a DS rom hack on Mobile devices, you need a computer to achieve the patching process.

The application called Xdelta is commonly used for patching NDS rom hacks. When patching DS rom hacks, you need three kinds of files; the original Pokemon DS ROM file, rom hack patch file and lastly a rom patcher app.


There aren’t many Pokemon DS rom hacks up to this time. That’s because of development difficulties that holding back from creating a good ds rom hack. But the above list games are worth to try.

What’s your thoughts about Pokemon DS rom hacking? Comment below and let’s talk about this topic.

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I like the rom hacks can you make more nds ?


they actually dont make the rom hacks they browse the internet to see if new rom hacks have come out and put them on the list


I cant play the rom hacks
(Im using drastic)


you can still play pokemon nds rom hacks on drastic. even with cheat codes.




Is there a Hoenn black?


How do I convert the xdelta into nds file using the xdelta UI? Can you teach me please?


Is there and ds rom hack with fakemon?


Please update the list, I’ve played all of these but even GBA hacks like TEX, Gaia and Unbound are better than these


There’s a pokemon Rom hack that makes it so your pokemon evolve at every level. Is that game on this list, and if not, do you know how it’s called or where to find it?


Pokemon Metal


Playing through Blaze Black 2 right now. Definitely worth picking up if you’re looking for a challenging yet fun pokemon game


Hey. You can patch Pokemon Nds Games on Mobile. With Unipatcher on Android. So this note that you cant patch Pokemon Nds Games on mobile is not true


what about ios?


Are there any like the Pokemon Snakewood hack

James Blackmon

How well do these run on the Twilight launcher for my 3ds?


for me really well


add pokemon soothing silver to this list


I have an error that doesn’t allow me to see the list…any advice to remove this error?


Hello, I keep getting a “DataTables warning: table id=table_1 – Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/1

This makes me unable to view the lists provided in the article, therefore I am unable to actually view any of the romhacks that you have listed here. Any advice or solutions would be appreciated


Where is chespin in Pokemon moon black 2 if you have chosen poplio as starter??


before you waste your time with the nds light platinum. it is not even close to being finished and was abandoned. some 3-5 hours into the game i figured this out.


There should be a finished version out there, you probably just downloaded a old version


do you know where can I find it?


You can patch xdelta on mobile (Android) with an app called UniPatcher. Proof: http://imgur.com/gallery/2BshIEG


what is the top 1 list? best hack?


does it work on drastic emulator??


Any of these pre patched for mobile ??


You actually can patch ds Roms on mobile at least on Android with an app called rom patcher
(App no longer available in App store)


For me, the Pokemon games are the best games ever created for NDS Console. I play them a lot and at this moment I’m playing the Pokemon – Platinum Version. There are more games that I found interesting to play on the list published in the article.


Where is Pokemon mind crystal in this?


My favourite rom hack is Pokémon spork because it let me use many different mons and is easier to grind


Pokemon sword and shield


Those are real Nintendo pokemon games, not rom hacks


Moon Silver and Sun Gold are based on StormSilver and SacredGold respectively, which have some interesting adds to the base story and some changes in type matchups. In average, very Good Hacks. I don’t like what they did to Sceptile in Sp. Atk tough…


Is these games already completed or in development?

Vaibhav Kumar

can you bring a game of pokemon x and pokemon y on nintendo ds emulator with graphics of pokemon black 2



hi, which among these has gen6 pokemon? and which ones have fakemon?


What emulator works best here? I have DesMuMe, but that seems to be incooperable.


The light platinum NDS version doesn’t show up in my Drastic, and I paid for the full version….. yet I can find the file on MyBoy emulator? What gives?


Since you are using android, you need to use a files app like the native file explorer or ES to move the rom’s file location, basically just cutting and pasting it into your Drastic folder.


It should show up no matter what directory or location the rom hack is, or maybe that’s just because im using a different phone or drastic ds version… or something like that.


Awesome!! Is there any of this list that you recommend playing most?

mael santos

could you please make a gen 4 type pokemon emerald?
i kinda miss playing pokemon emerald.
and i havent played omega ruby or saphire..

thank you,

i had played all your games and they’re really good.