Completed Pokemon ROM Hacks List


With hundreds of Pokemon rom hacks popping up each day, you can’t almost tell which one is the best for you. Are they worth spending your time or not? You might ask this question. For this reason, we compiled a list of completed Pokemon rom hacks.

This is useful especially for those who have experience playing rom hacks. Or even useful for new players.

If you search on the web, you will find most of these games in their beta stage. Some have not been updated for a very long time, or the worst case, the author abandoned it completely.

We consider a ROM hack completed if;

  • At least seven gyms
  • Completed main story
  • With legendaries,
  • Has Pokemon leagues
  • Defined by the author as completed.

Workloads and various struggles during the game development are the main roadblocks for creating wholesome Pokemon rom hack. But, the listed Pokemon games below already surpassed these challenges, that is why we endorse them to anyone who seeks a complete Pokemon gaming experience.

We have collected the best completed Pokemon ROM hacks that have been played and most preferred by hundreds of gamers around the world. Want proof? Go to YouTube, search these games, and see read the reviews.

Completed Pokemon ROM Hacks List

Help Us Improve This List

Help us improve this selection of completed Pokemon rom hacks. If you know a Pokemon rom hack you think should be included in the list; Let us know by posting the rom hack name in the comment form below. We will check the game and add it to the list when it reaches our criteria.

Note: Pokemon rom hacks above are for Game Boy Advance only, you can play them with GBA emulator.

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Final Thoughts

Pokemon ROM hacking is quite a tough task and demands full commitment. Editing sprites, coming up with a great story, creating music, and looking for reliable contributors who can help develop the game is very tedious work.

This is one reason why, although there are hundreds of Pokemon ROM hacks available online, but many of them are still under development stage, and only a few were considered as completed.

You are always welcome to recommend your favorite completed Pokemon rom hack, use the comment form below.

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  1. It would be nice if you add more details like year released. By the way appreciate it men. Thanks for sorting it out

  2. Hey! I have been on the search for a nice ROM hack but find it difficult to find what I am looking for I’m looking for a fun custom ROM hack that meets the following criteria:

    Must include:
    – Pokémons from gen I (and II)
    – All Pokémons are accessible in some way (leveling, items, internal trade, catching, unique new ways, but not relying on external trade)

    Could include:
    – Kanto, then Johto based order (like the anime)
    – Improved move-pool by levelling
    – Side-quests

    Should not include:
    – Pokémons gen III onwards
    – Relying on external trade-evolutions

    I hope someone knows which ROM hack I will enjoy the most!


  3. hey guys there is a way better thing than emulators try KBHgames it is way better and has a huge amount of ro hacks and other games.

    • Use Drastic you can add ds rom hack cheats and an official cheat download on some sites that has a ds rom hack cheat pack

  4. Pokemon Orange Islands hack is no good. There isn’t a good copy online. Basically you open in your house, the moment you step outside the screen goes black.

    • That you are not able to find it doesn’t mean that it is no good. I have seen many YTers play it fine and I did also. You just have not found a good source.

    • It may also depend on which emulator you use. On PC, did you use visualboyadvance-m or visual boy advance? without the (m)?
      Did you use MyBoy on android?

    • I grab it from 19dante91. You can check him on Deviantart using the provided source link. But I’m not quite if this has already been used in a rom hack, yes it’s well made, and I like it so much too.

    • In pokemon red chapter adventures you have all eevelutions as long as other non official like as ghost eevee, stone eeve, steel eevee, poison eevee, etc.

  5. Is there a complete remake of pokemon crystal??
    Crystaldust is really good but there aren’t any new update and liquid crystal has many additional

  6. Hello , while I was playing Pokemon cawps I came across a latias while surfing and was struggling to catch it(I used a slot save) so I decided to use cheats to just only to make it easier to catch it(so I don’t waste time and make progress in the story) but I don’t think it works during battle Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  7. Gotta say, my favorite hack is Ash Gray. It’s a little glitchy, but I was able to play through without much of a problem.

  8. Just started playing Pokemon Ultra Violet which is a Red hack.

    Found it on

    So far it’s really good. First three generations without trading was a massive plus!

  9. can i make a request of story line
    Id really love to have the storyline of the fanfic Little pokemon academia. the story really involves a good cross over to the pokemon universe

    • Hi, If you haven’t have experience patching rom hacks, you may look for pre patched version of the game. But, you can’t find it here sorry. Just search on Google the term like “Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Edition pre patched”.

    • you are a loser who plays mega emerald x and y . Because i play pokemon ultra sun and moon !hahahahahahahahahaha. Don’t take it sereously dude.THAT WAS A JOKE MAN.

  10. Is there a game that allows you to catch/complete pokemon from the region dex or the pokemon released up to the point of the game’s base generation (i.e. red/blue/yellow, gold/silver/crystal, ruby/sapphire/emerald)?

      • Hi Pokemon coders I understand that’s on this site only has patch hacks. But are there any that’s already patched? I can’t figure out how to patch them and the tutorial had loud music making it hard to understand the talking in y’alls YouTube. But let me know… Thanks!

        • Hi there dude, sorry but we don’t have pre-patched rom hacks here. But you can always use Google to find pre-patched rom hacks, there are 2 sites I know that are offering these files.

  11. I was wondering, is there was a Pokémon hack based on the buried alive creepypasta that has been completed? Even if there was one still in development would you mind letting me know?

    • Theta Emerald Ex is a good game and definitely worth to play but it’s not yet completed, though I highly recommend the game.

  12. Hi ever heard of Pokemon Neo Emerald, as far as I know, its a pokemon emerald based rom hack but I’m not quite sure if its completed.

    • Hi, I am new to this site and having a little trouble figuring out how this all works. What patching app should I use to get this roms to work? And to clarify, the file I download from here is what I’m patching to the base rom correct? Thanks for any help you can give me.

      • You can use NUPS for UPS files or Lunar IPS patcher for IPS rom hacks. Yes, you’re correct, the downloaded file from here is what you are patching to your base rom.


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