Pokemon Crystal Dust Cheats

Pokemon Crystal Dust is a ROM hack using Emerald. That’s right; it isn’t a GBC ROM hack but rather a hack for the GBA. That being said, you might be looking for some Pokemon Crystal Dust cheats that you can use. The unfortunate thing right now is that there aren’t any working cheats for this game.

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We’ll dig deep into why this is the case, and we’ll also come up with ways to do about it. After all, there’s nothing wrong with finding some cheats for this hack. It makes things more fun and interesting, to say the least.

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Pokemon crystal dust cheats

Why there are no Pokemon Crystal Dust cheats

A good number of ROM hacks in recent years using Emerald don’t have cheats. We have games like Inclement Emerald and Sovereign of the Skies that suffer from the same ordeal. They all use Emerald as their base, and it seems that they don’t have working cheats for now.

The base patch file of Crystal Dust is a BPS which isn’t the same as the usual hacks like IPS or UPS file formats. While that isn’t the main cause, it could be a possible reason. The programmers that make these hacks may have altered the game to a certain point where cheats are abolished.

The development of this game as well has been up and down. It is still in the Alpha stage, and there are some bugs and some that haven’t been reported yet. We could still get some functioning cheats even if the game is complete.

What you can do and what can happen next

If the game has continuous updates, we can pretty much get some nice cheats, maybe in the future. Future versions may have some working cheats later on.

There are good people out there that can make cheat codes for other ROM hacks. If you have your share of working cheats, then you might be able to share them with us. We’ll be sure to credit you as long as the cheats work.

In Closing

We’ll have to wait to get some working Pokemon Crystal Dust cheats. Right now, the game is playable even if there are some bugs. That’s one other thing you can do which is to report the bugs to the creators.

Games like these can be tricky, but you can always find ways to get through them. Still, it would be nice if we could get some working cheats for the game. Be sure to hit the comments if you ever have your own working set of cheats for Crystal Dust.

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