Pokemon Cyan Version

Another unique Pokemon gaming adventure is waiting for you to explore. Pokemon Cyan Version is a FireRed-based Pokemon rom hack game that revolves around the story of Team Rocket and their evil doings. Team Rocket was once defeated, but they came back for an act of revenge and aimed for another destruction.

You are now 12, and as you’ve always dreamed, you can now start your journey to becoming a Pokemon trainer, catch Pokemon, earn badges and defeat other trainers via Pokemon battle. Team Rocket will try to catch the legendary Pokemon Regice; you will uncover the real plans, and it’s up to you whether to join them or stop them.

Discover the unique map, items, skills, and adventure of Pokemon Cyan; download now to get started.

For those interested in using cheats, you can use regular Pokemon FireRed cheat codes for this game.

Game Information


Pokemon Cyan Version
Author: Chrunch
Language: English
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Source: Link

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  • Explore the tropical and exotic Celia archipelago
  • The return of Dive and Whirlpool HMs
  • Many new Fakémon
  • 4th and 5th Gen Pokémon
  • Berry trees
  • Sidequests
  • New Music
  • Decision-based Storyline
  • New Moves/Abilities
  • Physical/Special Split
  • Updated Graphics
  • Custom ASM


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  1. great hack. my dreadrock just evolved into the awesome rock dragon tekagon at lv 48. you shouldn’t really update the game to beta 4 it’s awesome.