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Pokemon Dark Violet is a ROM hack that you can play on a GBA emulator. It is a Pokemon GBA rom hack of the FireRed game. Several sprites and location designs are based on some of the Nintendo DS Pokemon games. The hack was made back in 2014 but was then abandoned.

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It recently resurfaced in 2018 and is continued by another programmer. Now, let us indulge in the world of this ROM hack called Pokemon Dark Violet.

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The story is basically a retelling or a variation of the Generation I games. When we say retelling, some of the characters have different stories or roles, and the order of the events changes. You still go through all of Kanto and battle the dreaded Team Rocket. Several characters well may have been added, changed, and removed. You could say that this is a generic yet satisfying way to tell the tale of Generation I.


In regards to the story, you get to face two different rivals as the later games did. You can choose from Red or Green as your starting character as Blue is always your rival. The other character not chosen becomes your second rival. This also means that all three starter Pokemon are taken from the beginning.

Pokemon Dark Violet has a total of 210 Pokemon. The original 151 Generation I Pokemon are in the game, and the other ones are the later evolutions of those Pokemon. There are also some Legendary ones mixed in there as well as other Pokemon in the later Generations.

There are a total of 467 Pokemon Moves as of now. A lot of the Moves are the original ones from Generation I. The other Moves are taken from the later Generations like IV and V. Several Pokemon retain their Moves learned from leveling up as well as being taught the different TMs and HMs.

If you also care about the aesthetics, the sprites are a mixture of the GBA and DS games. You could have some of them from FireRed and some in HeartGold or SoulSilver, which also uses Generation I and Kanto elements. The music as well is also a mixture, and some of them have been redone.

Pokemon Dark Violet is a very interesting game, especially if you are a fan of Generation I. The Pokemon roster is pretty much faithful to those games, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with a ton of them. You can get this ROM hack, and enjoy several hours of a different feel for Generation I.

Pokemon Dark Violet Game Information


Pokemon Dark Violet
Creator: Chaos Rush
Updated by: hacksrepairman
Game base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link
Cheats: Link

Feature List

  • 210 Pokémon available
  • All 210 Pokémon will have sprites from my DS-style 64×64 Sprite Project
  • 113 new moves added. Over half of them are Gen IV moves, a few Gen V moves, and a few custom moves. No old moves were replaced, thus there is now a total of 467 moves. At the time of posting this thread, I have spent the past two months working on a ROM base that contains these added moves, which this hack is based of
  • A few old moves have new animations
  • Physical/Special split
  • Important characters have their own battle theme
  • Lots of redone music
  • custom instruments, such as the church organ and the “orchestra hit” sample
  • All 210 Pokemon have their moveset redone (new movesets are based closely off of B2/W2 movesets)
  • Entire game re-scripted & re-mapped from scratch
  • Map layouts and architectural design of the Kanto region will be based on how it appears in HG/SS. However, unlike HG/SS, Route 23 will actually exist.
  • And much more…

R/S/E-ified features:

  • R/S/E style graphics (yes I’m serious)
  • Removal of the stupid flashback feature to make it more like R/S/E
  • Removal of first-person view artwork to make it more like R/S/E (and every single Pokémon game that’s not FR/LG or HG/SS)
  • You actually face the trainer when another trainer walks up to you
  • Removal of colored-text based on gender
  • Proper item fanfares, instead of being limited to the level-up sound


Pokemon dark violet title screen
Pokemon dark violet character
Pokemon dark violet battlescene
Pokemon dark violet lab

Pokemon Dark Violet Download

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  1. I downloaded the Pokemon Dark violet onto my android phone went into My Boy clicked on it and it says no appropriate file in this folder

  2. Story is same but some think is very different, the only Pokemon hack that comes with all unlocked attacks such as Volt-tackle, Psycho Boost and much more.