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The story of Pokemon Unbound sets in the historic Borrius Region. Many years ago, Borrius region fought Kalos region in a critical battle. To defeat Kalos region, Borrius region unleashed a dark force to help them fight, but unfortunately, Kalos has summoned their ultimate weapon and end up Borrius region in defeat.

The war is finally over and the dark force is now sealed to avoid future damages. But, many years later anorganization called “The Shadows” planned to re-release the dark force for their personal interest.

You, as a Pokemon trainer with your Pokemon, has the skill to stop the “The Shadows” and save Borrius region from chaos. Begin your adventure today, play the game and be a hero in the virtual world of Pokemon Unbound.

Game update: A new version of Pokemon Unbound has just released and now packed with new exciting features that you can’t think of.

Physical/Special split
This feature is originally introduced in Generation IV and never in generations I, II and III. Physical/Special split plays an important role in creating good Pokemon movesets, attacks now made more sense.

Mega Evolution
The Mega evolution is the most exciting feature that everyone loves. Introduced in Generation VI that enables a Pokemon to evolve in its mega form during a battle and become even more powerful temporarily. Good thing the feature is now supported in Pokemon Unbound using the usual Mega evolution process. It was a shocking improvement that the has now this very interesting feature.

X/Y Capture Experience
When catching a Pokemon, normally a trainer won’t receive experience points but this has changed with the released of Pokemon X/Y. In Pokemon Unbound, players can now gain experience after capturing a Pokemon as if you have defeated it in the battle.

All Pokemon from Generations 1-7
Pokemon Unbound enable players to have a chance to encounter Pokemon from newer generations, not only the usual Pokemon from Generations 3. Pokemon also have updated moves and abilities and includes Fairy type Pokemon.

Game Information

Pokemon Unbound Download

Pokemon Unbound
Author: Skeli789
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Original release date: December 1, 2020
Last update: January 20, 2021
Source: Link


  • Features Galore
  • A New HM System
  • Updated Graphics
  • Difficulty Modes
  • A Unique Mission System
  • Character Customization
  • Daily Events
  • Exciting Mini-Games
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • A Rich Post-Game
  • A Custom OST


Pokemon unbound screenshot 1
Pokemon unbound screenshot 2
Pokemon unbound screenshot 3

Pokemon Unbound Download

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  1. I used some cheats like pp ups and x attack it didn’t work then I tried to use the one hit kill even it didn’t work so then I went for max stats then my game got stuck so I tried to remove that cheat my controls stopped working. So can you tell me what to do now?

  2. I leveled up my team using the rare candies but when I battle any trainers there team is always six levels below mine

  3. Man I am waiting for this game to be completed hopefully I really want my Alolan Shandshrew to evolve and the Zygarde side quest is really cool ( I only reach the 10% form of Zygarde )

  4. May I ask when to expect an update,this game is one of my all time faves,its just injustice for it not to be finished,don’t mean to be pushy but,push.

    • Hi Alex, I’m totally agree with you, unbound is one of the best Pokemon rom hack. However, regarding when it’ll be finished it is up to the author of Pokemon Unbound.


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