Pokemon Rusty

Pokemon Rusty is a weird game with a funny story based on the Youtube video series by Dorkly. Rusty is a 10-year-old Pokemon trainer who dreamed of becoming a Pokemon master someday.

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The game is set in Pallet town where you will receive a Kakuna from Professor Tree. The professor likes to smoke, and for some reason, his lab is full of smoke, he wears cool black shades.

The adventure goes on with Rusty, uncover more exciting happenings and play Pokemon Rusty until you finish it. See the game trailer for an overview of Pokemon Rusty.

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Game Information


Pokemon Rusty
Release Year: 2014
Creator: Dorkly
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English


  • Funny and entertaining story
  • New Modified graphics and effects


Pokemon rusty at professor lab
Rusty battle with snorlax
Pokemon rusty at bike shop

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  1. i downloaded this rusty version and did not need to patch it i dont understand how the people commenting that they cant patch it are talking about. its already patched

  2. Dark rising I almost finish one job to go is catch arceas and done defeat darugus and done the world is safe pick garchomp is much better guys