5 Best GBA Emulators for Cheating: Our Ultimate Recommendations

During the old days. if you want to play the Pokemon games for the GBA, you’ll need a Game Boy Advance console.

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But today, if you don’t have a system, then emulation is the way to go.

Modern emulators are usable for PC and Android. They can also use cheats, which is why we’ve made this list of the 5 best GBA emulators for cheating.

We also have a list of emulators you can use but it’s for general use and not just for cheating.

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Best gba emulators for cheating

5 Best GBA Emulators for Cheating

1. Myboy – (Android)

Myboy cheat menu

How to Use Cheats in Myboy

Step 1 – Press Cheats

Myboy step 1

Press the middle box (square) on the screen. Several options will appear, so click on Cheats.

Step 2 – Add New Cheats

Myboy step 2

Simply press the add new cheats option.

Step 3 – Putting the Cheat

Myboy step 3

      1. Put the name of the CHEAT

      2. Put the cheat type (Action Replay, Game Shark, or Code Breaker) Auto Detect is fine as well

      3. Put the actual cheat code

Step 4 – You’re Done

Save the cheat and you’re finished with the entire process.

Easy to use for any Android deviceCheats may not be available for free
Aside from cheats, MyBoy has other advanced featuresAds may spawn for free versions

Download Myboy! Lite | Download Myboy! GBA Emulator (paid)

2. John GBA – (Android)

John gba cheat menu

How to Use Cheats in John GBA

Step 1 – Select Cheats

John gba step 1

Click on the upper right corner (the three lines). An options menu will appear, so click on CHEATS.

Step 2 – Add Cheats

Press the Plus (+) Icon on the top to add cheats

John gba step 2

Step 3 – Put the Details

Simply name the cheat, put the code, and the type.

John gba step 3

Step 4 – You’re Done

Save the cheat after entering the details, and you’re good to go.

Perfect for emulation and cheating for mobile devicesSome features are not available for free versions
Has additional features for Android devicesGame compatibility could have issues

3. VBA – (Windows)

Vba cheat menu

How to Use Cheats in VBA

Step 1 – Go to Cheat List

Vba step 1

Press Cheats on the options, and then click on CHEAT LIST.

Step 2 – Choose the Type of Cheat

Vba step 2

Choose from any of the selections below on what kind of cheat it is.

Step 3 – Add the Cheat

Vba step 3

Put the code, name the cheat, and click OK.

Step 4 – You’re Done

The cheat will now be ready to use.

VBA is freeTricky to adjust the settings for beginners
Other features like quick save statesVisualboy Advance has some issues with some features

4. RetroArch (Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux)

Retroarch cheat menu

How to Use Cheats in RetroArch

Step 1 – Access the Cheat Menu

Retroarch step 1

Simply go to the quick menu and access the cheat option

Step 2 – Select the GBA Cheats

Retroarch step 2

You have to click on the GBA cheat option since Retroarch has a lot of options

Step 3 – Add the Cheats

Just add any cheat you want from any of the GBA Pokemon games.

Step 4 – You’re Done

Save the cheats and you’re good to go.

Can run other retro games and retro gaming consolesAt the same time, it can be a hassle to choose and modify cheats for numerous game consoles and games
Emulation is smooth and fluentCan be time-consuming to set up and load the game

5. mGBA (Windows, macOS, and Linux)

Mgba cheat menu

How to Use Cheats in mGBA

Step 1 – Select Cheats

Mgba step 1

Click on Tools and select the Cheat Option

Step 2 – Add the Cheat

Mgba step 2

Simply put the cheat on the box, choose what type it is, and then give it a name after it has been saved.

Step 3 – You’re Done

The cheats are saved and ready to go.

the mGBA emulator is very easy to use CheatsThe emulator takes some time to get to used to
Added features like a turbo mode buttonLimited features you would like

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Cheat on GBA emulator?

Choose the cheat option, enter the cheat as its specific type, and then put the cheat.
Save the name of the cheat that you want and you’re good to go.

Are GBA emulators Illegal?

There’s always a grey area when it comes to the topic of emulation. When it comes to emulators, it isn’t illegal to get one and use one.

There are a lot of them that are free and there are also those that are paid for like the ones on mobile devices. The issue usually lies with the ROMS (games).

It doesn’t matter if it is a ROM for the GBA games or for the Nintendo DS, even for the Game Boy Color, you have to watch out when getting these ROMS.

To say the least, you shouldn’t worry about using emulators as long as you don’t share or sell any of these things.

Do Cheats Work on Pokemon ROM hacks?

The answer is yes because ROM hacks use original games as their base.

This means that the cheats for the base ROM will work for the ROM hack. However, different base ROM cheats will not work for a different ROM hack.

For example, a ROM hack that uses Emerald as its base will not have FireRed cheats work on it. Only Pokemon Emerald cheats will work for Emerald-based ROM hacks.

However, there are instances where the cheats will not work even if the cheats are for the same versions.

That’s because the programmer probably blocked the cheats. The other reason is that the ROM hack itself utilizes a different method when created, so cheats will not work.

In Closing

That concludes our list of the 5 best GBA emulators for cheating. There are a lot of emulators out there that have reliable performance not only when it comes to emulation but also for using cheats.

They have basic and advanced features that you may like for your chosen emulator — color quality, sound quality, and smooth emulation.

You have emulators for Windows or PC and even for Android and portable devices. These don’t include iOS devices but that’s not a problem.

Get the right ROM files for your emulators regardless if they are for Gameboy Color, Advance, NDS, and so much more.

Cheating for Pokemon games and ROM hacks will never be hard again.

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