Pokemon Gaia V3.2

Pokemon Gaia supports a mysterious power-up called Mega Evolution, the most favorite and most requested feature for every Pokemon game. I’ve personally played Pokemon Gaia myself, and I was totally blown out by the amazing features and its entirely new gaming experience.

I can’t believe the game is from FireRed because of its amazing features and astonishing improvements. The game is still in beta release, but let’s hope for more improvements and new adventures to explore.

Pokemon Gaia is one of the best Pokemon GBA ROM hacks out there. There are plenty of good looking the same games out there, but this one is a must-play. Download it now and patch the downloaded file to a FireRed rom.

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Game Information

Gaia cover e1491088245443

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Pokemon Gaia
Last update: November 8, 2018
Creator: Spherical Ice
Game base: Pokemon FireRed
Discord: Link


  • The Generation 4 physical / special / status split
  • The Generation 6-styled capture-experience system
  • The Black 2 / White 2-styled Repel system
  • Infinite TMs
  • Gen. 4 – 6 Pokémon
  • Gen. 4 – 6 moves
  • Gen. 4 – 6 items.
  • Mega Evolution
  • An updated type chart
  • Updated learn sets
  • Updated moves
  • Updated sprites
  • New items
  • New moves
  • New music!
  • Rock Climb and climbable walls
  • Hidden Grottoes
  • The Bug-Catching Contest
  • The Battle Marsh
  • Extensive decapitalisation
  • Sideways stairs
  • Minor updates and polishes


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Pokemon gaia game images 2
Pokemon gaia images 2

Gaia Pokemon Locations

Includes obtainable and unobtainable Pokemon, click here.

Gaia Items Location

Information includes to find/locate Mega Stones, TMs and HMs, click here.

Gaia Changed evolution methods and Move Tutors

Evolution methods, Move tutors

Pokemon Gaia V3 Download

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93 thoughts on “Pokemon Gaia V3.2”

  1. Is anyone tries to add more features to gaia, like glazed (with blazed glazed, glazed rebirth)
    got more features but there is the original story

  2. Hello,I was wondering if you could make the update to where I can withdraw master balls in pc cause you have to buy master balls in the pokemart one at a time and it’s really annoying.

  3. I am having a bug where the names of the moves used are replaced with “(pokemon) used a (move type) move” i.e “piplup used a water move” and I have no idea how to fix this

  4. Doesn’t seem to matter what version of FireRed I use, trying to patch the UPS file always gives me a “The patch doesn’t match the file. Patching canceled.” failure prompt using the NUPS application provided with the Gaia v3.2 download. What exactly am I doing wrong here?

  5. when I try to apply the patch it keeps telling me that ” The patch you are using is not applied for this rom” but i am using the 1.0 US version, Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

  6. This game is really awesome.The features,the battle scene,the new moves,the awesome pokemon(please edit gardevior 😭its really ugly),easy level ,I Iove the way the city and the name,hp style(its like playing on platinum.

  7. When could this gaia complete?I’m really excited of catching different legendary(if they’re catchable) and collect every awesome pokemon,Item &etc.Would you please some wireless connectivity with friends through wifi/hotspot or bluetooth(well its really fun)

  8. Is this game completely complete? I have put so much time into the game and when beating the Pokemon league it said there are still somethings needed to be complete. I really hope there is an after game event or so instead of a sorry but thanks for playing caption. I do love this game as I very much recommend people to play but I am concerned that it won’t be completely finished.

  9. “You have made it! Hooray! Heal your team and stock up on items. Make sure you are able to in-game save before you battle the league or else you will miss out on returning after you become Champion.”

    I quoted this from the wiki, where in the Pokemon League exactly do I need to in-game save so I won’t miss out, because the first time I tried, it didn’t work and my screen turned black during the end credits

  10. Hey in this rom there 2 file with format .ups, Nups.Ups and file pokemon gaia v3.2.ups, if i want to patch, which one should i use between the two file .ups?

  11. Gaining the running shoes before you leave the house – what class edition to the game. Straight away, know I’m in for a good play

  12. Hello!
    I just became champion in this wonderfull game, there was bug tho. In the hall of fame, 2 of my Mokémon suddenly became Butterfree and Crobat.
    For the rest, 0 bugs! At least that I came across haha.
    Great game, psyched for v4 😀

  13. After the champion is defeated, is where the story ends? Just like that? No. NEVER! I refuse! Such a great adventure should not be finished too quick, for I WANT MORE! More of this beautifuly made Rom Hack!

  14. The Best Hack I have ever played. The creator was so involved and really payed attention to details. Honestly, The Best. The only thing I would’ve loved to see would be Day/Night System and 5th gen sprites (in which you see full body of your Pokemon) .

  15. Hey, can anybody tell me why I can’t save the game from the SAVE option in the Start Menu? It keeps saying “Save error. Please exchange the backup memory”

  16. Hey can i tell you something when i play the game its keeps saying “unrecognizedd GBA file”
    by the way im using vba

  17. Hey guys why doesn’t the pokemon Gaia work? Because when I downloaded it then opened it it says unrecognized GBA file also I’m using my boy full.