Pokemon Theta Emerald EX


Pokemon Theta Emerald EX is the remake of the original Pokemon Theta Emerald, the updated version has now 721 Pokemon. You won’t believe that the dual-type fire/water mythical Volcanion is already in this game and it’s surprisingly obtainable.

Here’s more, the previous version Theta Emerald has only over 100 moves but with Theta Emerald EX there are now 600+ cool moves you can find all the way up to Generation VI.

Another exciting feature of Theta Emerald EX that catches the interest of every Pokemon fan is the Mega evolution system and the fairy type Pokemon. It’s a stunning experience to see such amazing features added to a Pokemon Game Boy Advance games.

More exciting features of Pokemon Theta Emerald EX are listed below. Also, you might want to check our collection of recommended Pokemon ROM Hacks.

Game Information

Pokemon rom hack theta emerald ex

Pokemon Theta Emerald EX
Author: LCCoolJ95
Game base: Pokemon Emerald
Source: link
Cheats: Click here


  • 721 Pokemon
  • 600+ Moves
  • Proper Physical/Special Split
  • 100+ Abilities
  • Fairy-type
  • New/Updated Items
  • Item Pocket Extension
  • 100+ REUSABLE TMs
  • Proper Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion
  • Battle Frontier Updated
  • Running Indoors
  • New Repel System
  • Gain EXP from capturing a Pokemon
  • Deletable HMs
  • Level 1 Eggs
  • New Battle Backgrounds
  • Harder Difficulty
  • Level 250


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Pokemon Theta Emerald EX Download

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anyone know how to fix the freezing issue in tate and liza’s gym? I froze on the first 2 trainers and this is my bad but I haven’t saved for a long time and really dont want to restart.

What are the list of Pokémons that can mega evolved

theta emerald ex and theta emerald renev any difference? beside the number of pokemon and evolution stuff?

Heyo! How do i get the file into my MyBoy Emulator?

Hi I tried opening my pc ,but it just becomes a black screen. This means I can’t take pokemon from.my pc and that’s really annoying because I have my shiny rayquaza in there….if there is anything you can do to help please do

I would say that it is an excellent game, if they put the objects like Weakness Policy, Eviolite and some more it would be perfect

Double-battles are pretty buggy here. There are a lots of moves that freezes the game when done during double-battles. Pretty good hack tho.

how to stop infinite exp?

idk how to get it on eclipsemu

How to patch a file?

It deleted of of my TMs and HMs after defeating the 3rd gym, any help? If so please tell me because this glitch renders the game unplayable because I can’t teach any of my Pokemon Rock Smash so i cant play the game any further

The game freezes in the 7th Gym Leader battle when Tate&Liza send out a Bronzong, any help?

how to patch the .ups file??

Teleport cheats

Game not found

many of the other abilities doesnt work like “SHEER FORCE” and “PURE POWER” I tested the sheerforce on conkeldurr and feraligatr the sheerforce doesnt work and the pure power of medicham doesnt work and I dont know ifthe ability of scizor “TECHNICIAN” works too since the damage is kinda low with right nature and high level, pls fix it so that i can download the game again.

After battling in Battle Arena in Battle Frontier, I lost all my TMs/HMs and my items turned infinite. I read that there’s a bug in battle tent that make you lose all your tm/hm but i’m in battle frontier. I grinded my team to level 100 to get the symbols but now i can’t teach them new moves.

that is the reason why you shouldnt go to battle tents because it’ll make your hms,/tm’s disappear. so try to avoid battling there

Is easy just use All TMs/HMs cheat if you lose them all.

Does this rom work with VBA link?

Where do I get the zip file? This one’s rar.

what does level 250 mean?

Max level is 250

It keeps saying “The Patch does not match the file”, I’ve tried with multiple different emerald roms

Same Here. Anyone know a fix for it?

hey i imagine you already figured it out but if you check the ignore button on the NUPS button on the left side of the screen it will work.

There`s something in my mind, Does pokemon theta emerald Ex still make legendary pokemon appearance as a [black orb] instead of their origin look like rayquaza, kyogre and main legendary in Emerald. when it come to others legendary, their Appearance are a [Black Orb]

annd one more, how i can contact the developer ?

Hi pokemon coders i got a problem that is all the TM and HM in my bag are gone and without HMs i can’t complete the game.

How can I get the zip file?

Can we, kinda import our save’s from the older pokemon emerald GBA into this version of Pokemon emerald? Also how to actually do it?

Yes you can buddy. Download es file explore first. You can install it from google playstore. After that open your es file find the folder of emerald make a copy if it then paste it to pokemon theta x emerald folder

When I patch it it says: The Patch Doesnt match the file

can u tell me how to fix the saving bug?
when fighting E4, i usually lost my save file, and back then i can fix by save before meet the champion, but now i cant continue the game

The ear isn’t working for me it’s not piping up on John gba lite

Where do I play this game because in my app My boy I can’t open this game so where do I play this game

Hello, may I ask if what are the difference between your 2017 version in this new version? Bcoz I want to play this again if there are major changes

After I achieved 6 badge I got Mega armlet from ash mom and then I bought a sceptilite and allow my sceptile to hold it then it doesn’t mega evolve continuously for 1 hr. Why ???

try a new emulator

Are there any glitches in this game?

Do you know what the glitches are so people can be prepared for them?

It ruined the joy when all my hms and tms were gone after the battle tend freeze… And there is no proper working or good instructions for hm/tm cheat in the web, i’ve been searching for 2 days. Can you tell me how to engage it???

Yes, if you talk to a girl that makes your pokemon lear hydropulse tour game will crash

I am pokemon fan

how to patch it ?

I have used this rom for a long time now, and recently I discovered that the last pokemon in my party seems to be corrupted. It has a ? before its hp and the level has grown to 63. (this used to be a low level pidgey.) When used in a winning battle, when gaining exp points, the game would freeze. I tried putting the infected pokemon in the pc, and there were several lines going through it. I’ve deleted the rom and restarted and I keep having this problem, even to the point to the pokemon disappearing in the… Read more »

Can this game be randomized? If so, how do I go about doing so?

How to get reshiram cause i cant find it in sky pillar. Please help.☺

Go to route 131 and search that area

which of the gba pokemon hacks lets you choose from 1 of 24 pokemon? someone I know told me about the game, but I forgot the name of the game. if someone’d help me out, i’d appreciate it.

pokemon dark flame

Which emulator is to use

Can you please teach me how to play this game? I cannot patch it, I already try to patch it but after i patch it the game freezes

i found a bug/glitch where talonflame’s move change after i use the original move ,
i was on victory road and was doing some double battles (where it glitches very often) and when i used the move “brave bird” with talonflame and shifted my other pokemon at the same turn the “brave bird” turned into “heat wave” , even though i didn’t have “heat wave” . just throwing this bug/glitch out here to hope it does something :3

edit : it softlocks very often in double battles

It would be best if you don’t defeat the other pokemon in double battle focus on 1 lane as they say

Hey man. The game is nice but i experience a glitch and i need your help. All my items are like this: potion x?09 and my tm and hm are all gone. Experienced it when i beat watson. The prob is my game is saved. Any solution here? Can you answer it? Thank you.

I used the following:
Wild pokemon modifier
Rare candy cheat
Infinite money cheat

Then after i picked up heart scale, my items went x?09 and tm/hm are gone.

Thanks man. Maybe a few fix is needed. I’m rating the game 9.5 out of 10.

so, like, is there a new story or is this just pokemon emerald with new pokemon?

Completed Full Game

pokemon red chapter bulbasaur is not evoling in16 and it is now 20

Love this game so much!

When I try to patch it using my boy , it says this patch is not for this rom.I renamed the .ups and .gba with the same name not changing the .ups and .gba ,it still says this patch is not for this rom,pleased can you pre patch it?

Can you tell me the name of those websites or can you give me a download link for a prepatched file?


Yes your rigth

Downloaded this Rom, I couldn’t find it in my boy. Tried to patch this Rom in an emerald rom and due to it being zipped I couldn’t, I unzipped the emerald Rom and I still couldn’t patch it. Anyone can help me how to play this Rom?

Are all move animations included in this game, like greninja’s water star/shuriken attack? All the previous versions had missing move animations for certain moves. I want someone to verify if this is fixed for this version before I download.

does dragon ascent and draco meteor in this game?

I can’t join in the pokèmon contest it always hang in the part where im going to make an appeal please fix and i removed all the cheats but still hangs

some hero get the patched roms in *.gba file???
thanxs! 🙂

Its possible get Purrloin with Prankster?

yow, just found out about this hack and how do i patch this properly? i do have a clean emerald gba file, and i followed the steps properly on patching it with nups (it’s not my first time patching with it anyway)

well it kinda just got a black screen on the patched game, been looking if anyone had the same problem as me but no luck so far

Best Tom hack I have ever experienced… But the game is full of bugs and glitches… It could be more fun…

just found out about this hack and: how do i patch this??? keeps saying i have the wrong file even though i made sure it’s a clean one

This is the latest version of the game????

Everytime i send out pokemon or a wild pokemon appeared my screen have a green thing that flowting on the Pokémon snd then gone just like that fix that please

This doesn’t seem to work with My Boy’s autopatching. Following the rename instructions will only result in starting Emerald, not Theta Emerald EX, as if My Boy can’t work with this patch. Very odd.


Mulitpatch, for Mac, is not able to patch the game successfully, and the NUPS patching tool bundled with the game is not compatible with Mac.

Please add a Read Me / instructions for how Mac users can patch the game with this hack, as it does not appear to be a standard format..

I can’t find emerald version for this game