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You can now play the concept and some characters of League of Legends in Pokemon. If you are a fan of League of Legends and the same time, a Pokemon trainer, there’s no reason for you to ignore this improved version of Pokemon Emerald.

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Pokemon League of Legends is an emerald-based game that enables a player to create strong teams of champions to defeat all region gym leaders while fighting the evil Noxians, just as with the game League of Legends. You can also enter the World Championships and challenge elite Summoners to grab the Champion title that everyone aims to have.

You will not become a hero when there are no evil forces. So, you need to defeat the dark forces who have a goal of evading Valoran and bringing the region to chaos.

Now, it’s the perfect time to begin your adventure by saving Valoran with your strong champions and bringing the place back to its peaceful state. Become the best of all the trainers and express your training skill in the game.

Exciting stuff to check out
Pokemon League of Legends has plenty of cool things that a Pokemon trainer must check. The game has over 500 unique moves with cool effects. The new tiles, music, the Pokemon abilities are so impressive as compared to the original Emerald game. See below for the full list of features.

How to play Pokemon League of Legends:
You need to patch the game’s .ups file to a clean Emerald ROM using different patching tools. For Windows users, you need to use a UPS file patcher, and for Mac users, you need MultiPatch patching tool.

As always, if you have questions or need some help, feel free to leave your comments below.

Game Information

Pokemon lol 1

Pokemon League of Legends
Creator: C me
Game base: Pokemon Emerald
Language: English


  • All Champions up to Camille are obtainable
  • Champion sprites are animated just like other sprites in Emerald
  • All Champion Pokedex entries/cries/stats
  • Faint cries for every Champion
  • Over 500 unique moves
  • 75 new abilities
  • All areas of Valoran can be accessed
  • Immersive storyline
  • Fun Post-Game
  • Physical/Special split
  • Fairy type
  • Black2/White2 Repel system
  • No annoying Pokénav calls
  • Items from the game
  • No more need for HM’s
  • New music
  • Decapitalisation
  • Cool new tiles
  • New Battle Backgrounds
  • New Trainer classes
  • 35 Champion dolls
  • Skins for some Champions
  • Meet and battle with famous LoL players and teams
  • Default text speed is Fast
  • New text frames
  • No dying from posion in the overworld


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Pokemon lol 4
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