Wild Pokemon Modifier Cheat: A Complete Guide

Complete your Pokedex by using our complete list of Wild Pokemon Modifier Cheats!

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What do you think are the hardest Pokemon to catch?

While Legendary Pokemon might be the obvious answer, some might think that starter Pokemon are the most difficult to obtain because they don’t appear in the wild.

Some Pokemon may also have a low encounter rate. If you’re tired of hunting, here’s our compilation of all Pokemon modifier cheats for each game.

We’ll provide all the necessary information needed for this cheat, so you can enable it any time you want.

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Pokemon modifier cheat

What Is the Pokemon Modifier Cheat?

The cheat allows you to encounter a specific Pokemon of your choice.

Pokemon modifier cheat main

Even if the Pokemon does not spawn in the area, the cheat will make it spawn. The cheat also works for Pokemon that are locked behind a game’s storyline.

Enabling this cheat can be a complicated process compared to other cheats like the Master Ball cheat.

Most Pokemon modifier cheats will require a Master Code, but some don’t. There are some differences between the GBC/GBA games and the DS games, which are stated below:

GBC and GBA Pokemon Modifier Cheat Details

  • Some require a Master Code and some do not.
  • Part of the code must be edited to get the specific Pokemon that you want to encounter.

DS Pokemon Modifier Cheat Details

  • DS cheats are a bit different from normal. One case is that they are straightforward codes.
  • One other situation is that you will get a complicated step. All methods of enabling the cheat will be provided below.

How to Use the Pokemon Modifier Cheat

The methods for using the Pokemon Modifier Cheat may vary, but we’ll give you the specific steps needed for different emulators.

Pokemon Modifier Cheat: GBC and GBA Games Method

Note: This same method applies to any GBC or GBA ROM hacks.

Step 1: Open the Cheat Section

Pokemon modifier cheat cheat section

Step 2: Select the Type of Cheat (Master Code and Pokemon Code Are Always Game Shark)

Pokemon modifier cheat gba - select the type of cheat

Step 3: Input the Master Code (If Needed)

Pokemon modifier cheat gba - input the master code

Step 4: Input the Specific Pokemon Code (Input Directly if the Master Code Is Not Required)

Pokemon modifier cheat gba - input the specific pokemon code

Step 5: Save the Cheat

Pokemon modifier cheat gba save the cheat

Step 6: Encounter the Desired Pokemon

Pokemon modifier cheat gba encounter the desired pokemon

Pokemon Modifier Cheat: DS Method

Note: The same method applies to any Pokemon DS ROM hacks. To stop the Pokemon encounter, simply disable or remove the cheat.

To some emulator, deleting the cheat file un the root folder of the emulator may be needed to take effect any changes made.

Step 1: Open the Cheat Section

Pokemon modifier cheat ds open the cheat section

Step 2: Select Action Replay

Pokemon modifier cheat ds select action replay

Step 3: Put the Code (DS Codes Do Not Require a Master Code)

Pokemon modifier cheat ds put the code

Step 4: Save the Cheat

Pokemon modifier cheat ds save the cheat

Note: Further instructions might be added to activate the cheat (Click on the DS Game Links Below for More).

Step 5: Encounter the Pokemon

Pokemon modifier cheat ds encounter the pokemon

Pokemon Modifier Codes for Different Games

Pokemon Modifier Codes are a lot considering the game has multiple Generations. Click on the Games below to send you to their respective cheat pages to see the Pokemon Modifier codes available along with instructions if needed. (Especially for DS games)

GBC Games

GBA Games

DS Games

Pros of Using the Pokemon Modifier Cheat

  • Encounter Starter Pokemon easily.
  • Encounter Rare Pokemon or those that are unattainable. (i.e. Legendary, Event, and Limited Pokemon)
  • For ROM hacks, you can encounter Pokemon that are not even available in the game. (i.e. You can get Pokemon for Pokemon Fire Red beyond Gen 3)
  • Encounter the Wild Pokemon anywhere.

Cons of Using the Pokemon Modifier Cheat

  • It doesn’t happen all the time, but the cheat often has a bug where you will keep encountering the same Pokemon even if you remove the cheat.

Tips for Using the Pokemon Modifier Cheat

  • If you’re in no rush to get a modified Pokemon, encounter them in an area with the level that you want. Modified Pokemon will have the level based on the spawn area. (i.e. Route 1 Pokemon spawn from Level 1 or more, while Victory Road Pokemon spawn from Level 35 onwards)
  • Use the cheat to get Legendary or Mythical Pokemon early on. Why go to the Seafoam Islands to catch an Articuno when you can just encounter on a nearby tall grass?
  • Turn off or remove the code, so that the enemy Pokemon you encounter goes back to normal.

Frequenstly Asked Questions

Is it wrong to use this cheat?

It isn’t wrong but don’t use the Pokemon for competitive reasons.

The location of your captured Pokemon will be listed on its information tab, so you can get discovered easily. This is worse for those who want to use Legendary Pokemon.

For ROM hacks, are the modified Gen Pokemon (Pokemon not in the game) safe to use?

It is safe to use them because a lot of the custom Pokemon added to the hacks are still reliant on the game’s mechanics.

The hacker made attempts to make sure that the stats, types, and other details are in sync with the game.

Even if you modify and get Pokemon from later Generations, they are safe to use.

In Closing

The Pokemon modifier cheat makes everything better.

Why wait to encounter a Pokemon later when you can always modify the one you encounter?

The headache of throwing Ultra Balls or your lone Master Ball at a Legendary Pokemon will be gone with this cheat.

Hopefully, the cheats on the respective games will help you encounter your Pokemon of choice.

Feel free to hit the comments if you’re having fun or problem with the modifier codes.

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