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How To Fix “1m sub-circuit board is not installed” Error

Game emulators are such amazing and brilliant applications created by generous programmers. This application allows users to play almost any games on a computer or mobile device without using the actual game console.

However, upon using your favorite emulator, sometimes, you may experience a strange and annoying problem. One common problem is the Internal Battery Run Dry Error for Visual Boy Advance GBA emulator.

The second most popular error is the “1m sub-circuit board is not installed” which we are going to address in this article and hopefully will fix your problem if you’re experiencing it right now.

Fixing The 1M sub-circuit board is not installed on emulator

How To Fix

Fixing “1m sub-circuit board is not installed” error is incredibly easy and straightforward, although not all, many emulators have the feature to fix this issue. The fix is merely changing the save type from Flash 64kb to Flash 128kb.

Fix 1m sub-circuit board is not installed in Visual Boy Advance
Fix 1m sub-circuit board error MyBoy

In VisualBoy Advance
Go to Options -> Emulator -> Save Type -> and finally, select Flash 128K.

For MyBoy (Popular GBA emulator for Android)
Go to More -> Settings -> Advanced -> Cartidge save type -> Select Flash 128K.

Why & How Does This Error Happen?

In most cases, this error occurs when you have 64kb save types instead of 128. Some emulators have a severe problem when saving a game, instead of 128kb it automatically saves to 64kb. If this happens to you, use the alternative fix below.

Alternative Fix

For Visual Boy Advance users, if the error persists after following the mentioned steps above, give this alternative solution a try. Zorlon, the forum administrator of emuparadise created a version of vba-over.ini that will fix the issue. What the file does is, it auto-setup the games that do not auto-detect correctly.

VBA-Over ini file to fix 1m sub-circuit board error

Download the file, extract, copy vba-over.ini, and paste it in the same folder location where your VisualBoy Advance is.

To Sum This Up

1m sub-circuit board is not installed is a common error that usually occurs when using Visual Boy Advance emulator. Luckily, there’s a quick fix for this, by merely changing the save type to 128K.

Did the fix mentioned above solve your problem? I would like to hear about your experience regarding this error and the steps you did you fix it.

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  1. I did both of the possible solutions, but anyone could help me, the leyend of 1m sub-circuit board is not installed, keep on in my emulator

  2. Strangely, I have a Fire Red rom runs perfectly fine, but when I copy and save it somewhere else, the copy face 1M circuit board issue while the original still ok with Flash 64K.


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