Pokemon Fire Red Shiny Cheat with Gameshark Code


It’s not easy to find shiny Pokemon in Fire Red, also in almost all versions of Pokemon, but with the help of cheats, you can meet or catch shiny Pokemon. Cheating in a game is meant just for extra fun, so enjoy it and have fun cheating Fire Red. You can then turn the cheat off if you want.

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This Fire Red Shiny Pokemon Cheat code will turn all wild Pokemon into shiny. You can freely catch your desired shiny Pokemon as you want, but warning don’t activate too many cheats at once, or your game may crash.

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Bugs and Fixes

Gender and Nature Problem

The shiny cheat is a buggy cheat, and when using it, you will notice that the Pokemon has only one gender and, at the same time, the same nature. To fix this, you need to restart your game.

Glitchy Pokemon Name

Having a weird Pokemon name to a captured Pokemon is another common bug for the shiny cheat. The fix for this problem is a lot easier, disable the cheat before catching the Pokemon.

Pokemon fire red shiny pokemon encounter

Pokemon Fire Red: Shiny Pokemon Encounter Gameshark Code Cheat

Use the code below and enter it in your emulator, and this cheat is referred to as Action Replay codes.

In most cases, you can leave the cheat type settings “Auto detect” in your emulator

Shiny Cheat for Pokemon FireRed

39584B19 D80CC66A
CE71B3D3 1F6A85FB
198DF179 5413C867
73ECB8A0 BDD8B251
D5AFFB37 6855972C
73ECB8A0 BDD8B251

If the cheat codes above don’t work on your ROM, you can give this alternative cheat code a try
1670047D 04815C68
18452A7D DDE55BCC

The code above fully works for Fire Red US v1.0 ROM; I haven’t tested this on NonUS Fire Red ROM. Feel free to comment if you have tried this on another version.

See the cheat in action; I created a video for Fire Red Shiny Pokemon Cheat video here.

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Works but shiny always comes with HASTY nature

Im Brazilian person how a put the code of shiny pokemon

You need the app myboy! Then you press the three sticks then click cheats then add the code

My game is in version 4.0.3 but it says its working but no shiny I tried all the codes upthere none worked what do I do

Is there any cheats that can be used on 1.1?

I have the version 1.0 of fire red and I’m using ArkOS and it doesn’t work, any fixes?

How can I change versions if I’m on ArkOS using a powkiddy? If I can’t change versions, is there any other shiny codes that aren’t for 1.0?

Last edited 10 months ago by Juno

do you have any for john gba lite

I can only use 1 line cheats on my emulator. Are there any 1 line codes for shinys?

The code for me doesn’t work. I’m using a gba emulator on my phone and I downloaded the game from vems romms. But no matter what code I use to help me get shiny starters or wild shiny Pokemon, it just doesn’t work.

Same here

It works but none of my pokemon know moves after i catch

Hey, im using visual boy advance and i tried both of the codes but none of them worked. I clicked cheats, cheat list, gameshark, then added the name and the code then ran into bushes to find shinys but it didnt work. help?

I can’t find the pokemon in the box, please help

It works, but the larger code only gives us Nature jolly, and the smaller code only gives Nature adamant, we need one for us to give a modest and a shy then it’s perfect lol

I was not able to fix this issue by just restarting the emulator, but I was able to successfully generate a new nature by starting an entirely new game, and using the smaller of the two codes. If you use an emulator with a speed up function, it shouldn’t take too long to find a desirable nature, but you’ll be locked into that same nature for the duration of that game, and obviously lose any progress you’ve already made.

None of them work

Can you fix 2nd cheat when I choose my starter it’s pops up with strange name but it’s still shiny can you fix it?

Just remove the cheat after capturing because if it doesn’t give this bug, like, you capture the pokémon later when you name it, remove the cheat and put his name.
If the name is still buggy remove the cheat and go to the guy who changes the name of your pokémon in ruby/sapphire and emerald he is there in mauville
In fire red and maybe leaf green it is in Lavender town in one of the houses.

Bro first cheat works but not kind of i want i choose my starter and it’s shiny but the name is so strange just random name pops up on my starter please can it be fixed?

restart many times, but the gender is only one.. please give me hint

using with MyBoy, here ya go. Has name glitch but does not effect game play.
Works great with mball in the shop for 0 and candy in the pc. I never use all 3 but have used 2 more than once. No master code needed for myboy
Every pokemon shiny including starter if cheat is on and active at the start of a brand new game
1670047D 04815C68
18452A7D DDE55BCC

nothing I try works at all. I’ve tried copy paste all codes.
I’ve tried activating then restarting
none of the codes
even infinite candy doesn’t work