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Pokemon Emerald Action Replay Codes

Rare Candy Pokemon Emerald Cheat Code

Below are Pokemon Emerald action replay codes which you can use to modify and enhance your Pokemon emerald gaming experience. Here are some points to remember, if action replay codes is activated it is advisable to disable other cheat codes (gameshark and codebreaker codes). It is not advisable also to …

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Pokemon Sapphire Gameshark Codes

Below are our unofficial list of Pokemon Sapphire gameshark codes, want to play this game in your android or iOS device? sure it is possible using emulators. You can check our tips and guides on how you can play this game in other platform using emulators. We cannot guarantee that …

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Pokemon Crystal Gameshark Codes List

pokemon crystal gameshark codes

Listed below are pokemon crystal gameshark codes that works on GBA, VBA and other pokemon emulators, the gameshark codes includes walk through walls, rare candies, pokeballs, stats, pokemons and other useful cheats to improve your Pokemon crystal gaming experience. Some sort of warning, depends on your Pokemon crystal rom version …

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Pokemon Ruby Gameshark Codes Mostly Used

Below are Pokemon Ruby Gameshark codes that we have collected and tested working, when activating the code please note of the mastercodes, most of the cheatcodes needs to have mastercodes to be activated first, else if you fail to activate the mastercode it won’t work. Another thing, if you want …

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Pokemon LeafGreen Gameshark Codes Useful And Mostly Used

Listed below are Pokemon LeafGreen Gameshark Codes that works for Gameboy advance, for emulator users you can also use these GameShark codes. It is best if you have Pokemon LeafGreen US Rom but if you don’t have that’s fine. However, It’s not guaranteed all these codes will work in your …

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