Pokemon Emerald Unlimited Money Cheat

There are a lot of Pokemon Emerald cheats, and one of the more interesting ones would be the unlimited money cheat. Basically, the Pokemon Emerald Unlimited Money Cheat can pretty much allow the player to have access to unlimited money.

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You can use this cheat anytime in the game as long as you’re using or playing Pokemon Emerald V1.0.

You may be wondering what good it will do when you use this cheat. On the other hand, what bad can it do to use this cheat? You don’t need to worry about that because we’ll give you a lot of information pertaining to the unlimited money cheat.

The cheat can also work on many Pokemon Emerald-based rom hacks, and if you haven’t tried playing any Pokemon ROM Hacks before, don’t miss to play any of these games as these are even more fun to play.

Regardless, you are cheating, but it is a single-player game, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Using the Pokemon Emerald Unlimited Money Cheat

Pokemon Emerald Unlimited Money Cheat

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See the cheat in action, click here to view Youtube video.

That is the code that you’re going to be using on your emulator or system. What you need to do is to put the code under the Game Shark or Action Replay category.

Just copy the cheat and name it Pokemon Emerald Unlimited Money or whatever you feel is comfortable for you. Once the code has been placed, access your character’s status screen.

If the money amount doesn’t change, continue accessing the screen until you see the amount, similar to the image below. It is a random mix of different numbers and symbols but don’t worry about that.

You can buy any items from any Poke Mart or whatever use the money has in the game without the fear of running out. Make sure the code is turned on at the cheat option screen.

Pokemon emerald unlimited money cheat

The Pros of Using the Cheat

Keep in mind that if you plan on doing a no cheat run, then don’t use this. However, there are times when you just want to play for fun. Using the cheat means that you can buy a ton of items in the game.

Don’t forget about the TMs that you can buy so that your Pokemon lineup can have a good array of moves. When you have the cheat on, you can access Lillycove Dept. Store, then it’s like a wonderland of items you can buy.

Money has always been an issue in the early games of Pokemon. That’s because you can only get it by selling items and by battling Trainers. Back then, you couldn’t battle Trainers again, so you had no other way of getting money.

The cheat is useful because you don’t need to stress yourself when it comes to it. Finally, when you black out or lose a battle, you won’t lose any of your money, which you normally do, and lose half of it.

Pro tips: For extra fun, pair this with the Pokemon Emerald Walk through walls cheat.

The Cons of Using the Cheat

There really isn’t much of a con when it comes to using the cheat. It doesn’t crash or break the game even if you leave cheats on for the entire game.

One could say that the fact that you can’t buy Rare Candies and Master Balls can just be brushed off the cheat as something standard. The only reason not to use it is if you feel that you don’t want to get ahead of the game.

In closing

With the Pokemon Emerald Unlimited Money Cheat, you can have fun without the worry of farming for money in the game.

Rest assured, this cheat has been extensively tested on various Emerald based rom hacks by us, proving it to be both efficient and safe to use.

You can enjoy the game without concerns about crashes by enabling only one cheat at a time.

Say goodbye to the hassle of money farming and elevate your Pokemon Emerald experience with this unlimited money cheat.

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