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Fairy Pokemon Strength And Weakness

Fairy Pokemon strength and weakness

The Fairy-type is the latest one introduced in the series. This type came in Generation VI and is currently only available in two Generations. Fairies are small magical creatures that usually have wings. In the Pokemon games, the Fairy-types don’t necessarily have a typical fairy look.

There are several Pokemon from older Generations that have been turned into Fairy-types. Now, you get to find out Fairy Pokemon strength and weakness so that you can utilize them well in battle.

General Strengths of Fairy-type Pokemon

Fairy-types are generally strong against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark-types. In terms of stats, Fairy-types are ranked number 4 when it comes to their Sp. Defense. There are some specific Fairy-type Pokemon that can have their Sp. defence ranked higher and even be number one. Fairy-types are also immune to Dragon-type attacks as well as resistant to Bug-types.

General Weaknesses of Fairy-type Pokemon

While the Fairy-type is definitely a great counter to Dragon-types, they are weak to Poison and Steel. Fairy-types also deal less damage to Fire-types. They also have some of the lowest stats in terms of ranking.

They are the lowest in the Attack stat, second to the lowest for Speed, and third to the lowest for Defence. While it may not be a weakness in terms of technical gameplay, Fairy-types are also generally very few considering they were introduced just recently.

Utilizing Dual-type Fairy-type Pokemon

Just as we stated, there aren’t a lot of Fairy-types as of this point, so there can be very few combinations that can be good or bad.


There is only one Pokemon of this combination, and it can be good. Dragon-types have no effect on Fairy, so that type negates it. The Dragon-type will be effective against other Dragon-types making this combination deadly to Dragon-types.


This is also a good combination because Fairy-types are weak to Poison-types. Having the Psychic property will make the Fairy-type much more resistant to Poison but at the same time being able to do more damage.

One other thing is that a lot of Fairy-types can learn Psychic moves even if they aren’t paired with that type making them deal a lot of damage to Poison-types. Plus, Psychic-types also receive less damage from each other.


This combination can be a hit or miss considering that Rock-types help gives the Fairy-type resistances to physical attacks as well as other types. The downside is that both Fairy and Rock are weak to Steel, so they get quadruple the damage.


Another good combination as Steel gives the Fairy-type boosted resistances to other types. The only thing that screws this combination is Fire-types because they are both weak to it.

Tips when using Fairy-types in battle

The Anti-Dragon

Fairy-types were presumably made to counter the strength of Dragon-types. The complete immunity to Dragon-types makes the Fairy a good candidate to battle them. The only downside is that Dragon-types can use moves that aren’t of the same type.

If nothing else, you can raise a Fairy-type to combat Gym Leaders and occasions where you need to battle Dragon-types.

Good battle disruptors

A lot of Fairy-type moves involve alluring and charming enemies. One could say that these debuffs can be annoying because if your Pokemon is charmed and another status like it, you can lose a turn, and the enemy can land a free hit or further debuff you to oblivion.

There are a lot of moves that you don’t want to be used on you, but if you’re the one using them, then you can go ham on your enemies easily.

Semi-supports as well

While Fairy-types can turn the tides in your favor, they also have a plethora of moves that center around strengthening your Pokemon. They are like the opposite of Ghost-type moves where you get a penalty for using a powerful move.

Fairy-type moves aren’t always that strong, but when you know the right usage, then you can swing that to your favor in battle.

Just have one ready in your party

Perhaps you may not want to use a Fairy-type in your arsenal as the front liner. Just keep one tucked away in case you need it especially when you want to catch rare Pokemon as they can charm and even sleep them allowing you to capture them much easier.

Fairy-types may get better and improved later on, but they aren’t that bad, especially when you know the different Fairy Pokemon strengths and weaknesses.

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