Sunday , February 26 2017

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Pokemon Leaf Green: Have All Pokeballs Cheat

This Pokemon LeafGreen Have All Pokeballs cheat may or may not work on you depending on your Pokemon LeafGreen game version. I have fully tested this cheat and proved to be working using our recommended Pokemon LeafGreen ROM. Most of the time, gameshark codes will work for US version ROM’s …

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All Pokemon Cheats Compilation

To make your life more easy in finding your cheat for your Pokemon game, I decided to compile all the Pokemon cheats in just one page. Obviously, the compilation is not yet complete. We are working hard to finish the listings. However, you are very much welcome free to contribute …

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Pokemon Emerald Legendary Pokemon Cheats with Gameshark Code

Pokemon Emerald Legendary Pokemon cheat

No doubt, meeting legendary Pokemon is one of the most amazing and exciting things that will happen to you when playing Pokemon. In this post, I will try to help you meet your favorite Pokemon on your Pokemon Emerald, finding this Pokemons on their specific locations can be so frustrating, …

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Pokemon Emerald ROM (US) Download

Rare Candy Pokemon Emerald Cheat Code

For Pokemon fans who wants to start a journey in playing Pokemon Emerald here’s a working US ROM for you. Feel free to use any desired cheats in the game as this ROM version for Pokemon Emerald supports Gameshark codes. It’s hard to find Pokemon ROMs these days, and that’s …

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Pokemon Leaf Green ROM (U) Download

This Pokemon Leaf Green ROM (U) Download is a proven version that works with Gameshark codes, this means, almost all of the cheat offered by Leaf Green can collaborate with this file. For some reasons, it’s not easy to find GameBoy Advanced ROMs nowadays. Although you can still find a …

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Gameshark Code Cheats Not Working? Learn How To Fix It

Activating Pokemon cheats using Gameshark code is a bit tricky. Some of our readers complain that our listed Gameshark codes don’t work, and some said that a cheat does work, but some aren’t. What could be the main reasons for this? In my almost four years of experience in playing …

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Pokemon Fire Red ROM (U) Download

Walk through walls in Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon Fire Red is the most popular Pokemon game version played for emulator users, over million of players enjoyed the game from GBA to desktop and mobile devices. Although the game is pretty old but still it gives unlimited fun and enjoyment to Pokemon fans. This Pokemon Fire Red ROM …

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