Sunday , February 26 2017

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Pokemon ROM Hacks


Have you tried playing Pokemon ROM hacks before? Whatever your answer, this page perfectly fits for you. The old Pokemon GBA ROMs were boring and sometimes we would love to try another Pokemon gaming adventure without leaving the GBA world. Thanks to Pokemon fans and coders who keeps working on …

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Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen/Emerald Master Ball Cheat

Unlimited Master ball cheat for FireRed, Emerald and Leaf Green

So you want to catch your chosen Pokemon at 100% catching rate? Master ball is your best friend, and a must have the type of Pokeball. For Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald GBA users, here are the Master ball cheat codes that you can use for your game to have …

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Pokemon Emerald Master Ball Cheat

Gameshark code to get Master ball for Pokemon Emerald

Catch Any Pokemon in a Single Throw with Master Ball in Pokemon Emerald Want to catch a Pokemon without spending too much time? Regular Pokeballs are kinda frustrating to use sometimes especially if you want to catch rare or legendary Pokemons. A master ball comes very handily for this situation, …

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Pokemon Emerald Unlimited TM’s and HM’s Cheat

TM’s, as well as HM’s, has plenty of uses on all Pokemon game series, while TM teaches your Pokemon new skills, HM’s works almost identical but there several differences. You can utilize HM in multiple times, and the moves can be used out the battle. Sometimes you will forget a …

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Pokemon Fire Red Rare Candy Cheat with Gameshark Code

The Pokemon Fire Red Rare Candy Cheat is one of the most favorite cheat used by Pokemon players. The type of this cheat is called Gameshark code and using this; you can instantly increase the level of your Pokemon without doing anything. Just use the rare candy to the Pokemon …

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Pokemon GO Android and iOS Device Requirements

Unfortunately, Pokemon Go is available only to select countries, however, if it is available in your area but you’re unable to download the app, most likely because your Android or iOS device do not support the Pokemon Go app. Furthermore, you can fully enjoy the game if you have decent …

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Pokemon Leaf Green Level Modifier Cheat

In Pokemon Leaf Green you can easily modify a level of any Pokemon you meet on grasses using Gameshark code. This cheat is a very useful if you want to catch higher level Pokemons or you just want to battle greater or lower level Pokemons. Please note that this will …

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