10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks with Normal Difficulty in 2024

There’s been a discussion if Pokemon games are hard or not. The general consensus is that the games are generally normal in difficulty. It isn’t very easy, but it’s not that hard. The system allows players to adapt or get a Pokemon that they need to defeat the enemy Pokemon to progress in the game.

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That being said, Pokemon ROM hacks have been pumped out where they have been made to be harder. In fact, some have built-on Nuzlocke modes, or the hacks are just hard in general. However, we’ll dedicate a list of the 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with normal difficulty that you might want to check out.

Editor’s Note (April 2024): Upon further review, this article remains as relevant as ever, and all ROM hacks in our list is still capable to stand the test of time. From stable level curve and not-so-difficult final bosses, these hacks are excellent additions to your gaming library.

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10 Best Pokemon Rom Hacks With Normal Difficulty

10 best pokemon rom hacks with normal difficulty

Normal difficulty Pokemon rom hacks is perfect for those who want to enjoy playing without too much challenge. These hacks are still enjoyable and can be completed easily, but they offer more of a challenge than easier hacks.

Pro tip: You can pair these with cheats.

This makes them more fun to play and more rewarding when you finally finish them. If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-complete Pokemon rom hack, then I recommend trying out a hack with normal difficulty; see the list below to see which games we recommend the most.

10. Pokemon Coral

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We’ll start this list with the 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with normal difficulty with Pokemon Coral. This is a GBC ROM hack and takes place in the Region of Onwa. You can choose from six starters from Gen 1 to 2.

The roster itself goes up to Gen 7, although not all are available. Dive into this game with an original story, a lot of interesting features, and so much more.

Notable Features

  • Fairy-type
  • Physical/Special split
  • Use HMs without teaching a Pokemon

9. Pokemon Eclipse

Image 40

Pokemon Eclipse uses FireRed as its base and it’s another interesting and normal ROM hack. Explore the Region of Soala doing the typical things like catching Pokemon, dealing with the usual villains, and being the best Trainer there is.

The game isn’t so hard, so it requires little to no grind as long as you have the right Pokemon and tactics to help you with it.

Notable Features

  • Enter the Dream World
  • New Field Moves
  • Post-game and side quests

8. Pokemon Aquamarine

Image 41

This next one is an interesting hack because your character is Mew. You play as Mew being a trainer doing the usual Pokemon stuff. You have Eevee as a starter, and you’re off on your Pokemon adventure.

You’ll also deal with Team Tactix, the game’s villain. There are around 400 Pokemon to catch going up to Gen 7, although not all Pokemon are available.

Notable Features

  • Fakemon also available
  • Physical/Special split
  • Fairy-type included

7. Pokemon Harvestcraft

Image 42

From one interesting ROM hack to another, we have Pokemon Harvestcraft, which isn’t your typical Pokemon game. Harvestcraft is based on the Harvest Moon series. The same series focuses on farming and socializing.

Harvestcraft isn’t the typical game where you fight Trainers and beat Gym Leaders. You have your own farm and do some farming, cooking, and crafting. The Pokemon mechanics are still there, but instead of being a Pokemon Master, you could be a Farming Master.

Notable Features

  • The roster goes up to Gen 6
  • 4 Seasons System
  • Day and Night cycle

6. Pokemon Dark Violet

Image 43

Dark Violet follows the same story as FireRed and LeafGreen with some slight modifications. You may notice some of them, but they don’t alter the main story. In fact, you can have two rivals that make up the original trio of characters.

There are over 200 Pokemon for you to catch, and 151 of them are on the Gen 1 roster. The hack also has a graphical update and nice additional music.

Notable Features

  • 210 Pokemon
  • Physical/Special split
  • New animations

5. Pokemon Saffron

Image 43 1

We’re halfway through our 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with normal difficulty list. We got Pokemon Saffron here, where its locations are based on parts of South America taking place in the Region of Azira.

The story is original, and you got a healthy roster going up to Gen 8 but not every Pokemon is available. You also get features like Dynamax, Gigantamax, Mega Evolution, Alolan Forms, Galarian Forms, and unique Azira Forms.

Notable Features

  • Day and Night cycle
  • Reusable TMs
  • Raid Battles.

4. Pokemon Prism

Image 43 2

One of the best GBC ROM hacks makes it to our 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with normal difficulty list. Prism has you take control of a Larvitar at the start of the game. It’s your Starter Pokemon, so to speak, and you can control it in some parts of the game.

Players can customize their characters at the start of the game ranging from appearance and colors. The game also has unique types like Gas and Sound as well as a good story to tell.

Notable Features

  • Explore multiple Regions
  • New TM and HM set
  • 252 Pokemon to catch

3. Pokemon AshGray

Image 43 3

If you love the original or first season of the Pokemon anime called the Indigo League, then you’ll love Pokemon AshGray. This game follows the story of the anime to a certain degree but not entirely all of it. You play as Ash getting your Pikachu as your starter.

You’ll notice that the first few segments really follow the first episodes of the anime. You’ll even get the Pokemon that Ash got without the need to catch them. Play through the game and experience the anime in an alternate way.

Notable Features

  • Play as Ash
  • Get all the Pokemon Ash got
  • Tools replace HMs

2. Pokemon Gaia

Image 43

Considered one of the best ROM hacks out there, and it is also a hack that has been played in numerous Speed Running events, Pokemon Gaia takes place in the Orbtus Region with numerous locations for you to explore.

The roster goes up to Gen 6, and every time you catch a Pokemon, you can gain Experience from it. It has the usual Pokemon elements that you might like, and with normal difficulty, it makes things better.

Notable Features

  • Physical/Special split
  • Mega Evolution
  • Hidden Grottoes

1. Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Image 44

The number one game on our 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with normal difficulty is Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter. If AshGray was based on the anime, Adventure Red Chapter is based on the manga with the same title.

This means that if you read the manga, you’ll notice that the story is the same, or at least in the early stages. Play the game the way it played out in the manga, with a lot of characters from it and plot points that are integral in the series. Don’t forget about the features like several Pokemon forms, Mega Evolution, and more.

Notable Features

  • Day and Night Cycle
  • TMs are reusable
  • Fairy-type included

In Closing

This concludes our 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with a normal difficulty list. It’s nice to have a relaxing gaming session every now and then. When you play ROM hacks that are normal or close to easy, then you won’t feel the need to rage out.

Don’t forget about the cheats that you can use that are available for some of these games. There could be other normal games or hacks out there, but these ten are enough to fill your need when it comes to the Pokemon ROM hacks you can play.

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