10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks with New Region

Every main Pokemon game is set in a specific Region. These regions provide the setting for each Generation. There are eight of them currently, from Gen 1 to 8.

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These Regions are respectively Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar. Each Region brings forth a lot of new locations as well as new Pokemon. This is why some Pokemon are classed by Region aside from just Generation.

That being said, Pokemon ROM hacks also use some of these Regions. However, the more creative ROM hacks introduce new Regions. Just remember, these Regions are not official or canon because they are made solely for the ROM hack.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the new locations and potential Pokemon and Fakemon lineup. That’s why we have our list of the 10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks with New Region.

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List of the 10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks with New Region

10) Clover

Clover 10 best pokemon rom hack with new region

Starting off this list of the 10 best Pokemon ROM hacks with New Region is Pokemon Clover which introduces the Fochun Region into the mix. Like any other Region, Fochun has its fair share of cities and other locations.

When it comes to the game’s story, it is original and takes place in the Fochun Region, which should be obvious enough. However, there is the second Region in this game which is Ebin.

The appeal of Clover is that it relies on Fakemon rather than the general Pokemon roster. You can also encounter some side quests in the game to get your attention off the main story for the time being.

Catch as many of the Fakemon as you can and explore the Regions of Fochun and Ebin.

Notable Features

  • Updated battle mechanics up to Gen 7
  • GSC Berry Tree system
  • Reusable TMs

09) Dark Rising: Order Destroyed

Dark rising: order destroyed 10 best pokemon rom hack with new region

This game takes place in the Core Region with notable locations like Douba Road, Fells Town, Flamen Route, Twist Woodlands, and more. Order Destroyed is the third game in this series, with the first one being Dark Rising followed by Dark Rising.

Basically, this game is a sequel and has sequels of its own such as Origins: Worlds Collide and Dark Rising Kaizo.

The story is original, along with a couple of nice features. The game is updated up to Gen 6 when it comes to the Moves, Abilities, Stats, and more.

This also means that the Fairy-type is present much like in the other Dark Rising games. Traverse the Core Region and uncover the mysteries it holds.

Notable Features

  • Mega Evolution Pokemon
  • Physical and Special split
  • Fairy-type

08) Dark Violet

Dark violet 10 best pokemon rom hack with new region

Dark Violet is a retelling of the LeafGreen and FireRed games since it uses the latter as the base ROM of the hack. There are over 200 Pokemon in the game, and 151 of them are the original Gen 1 Pokemon.

You can actually catch and raise all of the Gen 1 Pokemon if you invest a lot of time.

The game’s aesthetics have been updated to make it look better. The music has also been altered, and you’ll notice that some characters have their own theme music.

There are over 400+ Moves that your Pokemon can use, and all of them have been updated up to Gen  5.

07) Flora Sky

Flora sky 10 best pokemon rom hack with new region

There’s an interesting story when it comes to Flora Sky. The Pokemon World has torn asunder, and a bunch of Legendary Pokemon is wreaking havoc all over the place.

You also have to deal with Team Magma and Team Aqua as they are out to get these Legendaries and use them for their own means.

There are nearly 400 Pokemon in this game, stretching across multiple Generations. The Day and Night cycle provides different Pokemon as well as events that you can partake in.

There are also a ton of Legendary Pokemon that you can catch throughout the course of the story.

Notable Features:

  • Day and Night cycle
  • A couple of mini games
  • New HMs

06) Gaia

Gaia 10 best pokemon rom hack with new region

You’ve probably heard of Pokemon Gaia, as it is one of the most renowned ROM hacks around. The content alone keeps players hooked with an original story and a multitude of other things.

You explore the Orbtus Region with numerous locations such as Windmist City, Sabulo Island, Frostbite Cave, Nemesis River, and so much more.

Pretty much a lot of the things in the game, such as the Pokemon roster, Items, and Moves have been updated to Gen 6. You can use TMs unlimitedly, so you don’t need to worry about using them on one or more of your Pokemon. Several events are also present in the game that you may want to check out.

Notable Features

  • Sideways stairs
  • Physical and Special split
  • Mega Evolution

05) Giratina Strikes Back

Giratina strikes back 10 best pokemon rom hack with new region

We’re on number five of our 10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks with New Region with Giratina Strikes Back. The game is set in the Lunoh Region, and your character’s father is the head of a big company.

He still can’t get over the fact that he could not fulfill his childhood dreams of being a renowned Pokemon trainer. That’s why he sets you off on your Pokemon journey to fulfill his dreams.

He gives you an Eevee to start off your journey. The game allows you to buy all Evolution stones, so turn that Eevee into something meaningful.

Giratina is also somewhere out there waiting for its time to strike back. Speaking of evolutions, you don’t need to trade to evolve some Pokemon. There are also several Fakemon available in the game.

Notable Features

  • 11 Gym Leaders to beat
  • Run indoors
  • Fakemon to catch

04) Glazed

Glazed 10 best pokemon rom hack with new region

Another very popular ROM hack is Pokemon Glazed which also spawned numerous versions. However, we’ll be talking about Glazed, which introduces the Tunod Region, which is west of the Johto Region.

There are numerous locations in Tunod, such as Oceanview City, Darkwood Town, Mount Stratus, Temporal Tower, and so much more.

Speaking of Regions, Glazed does feature another unique one which is Rankor, and several official Regions. These are Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos.

That are a lot of places for you to explore when you get further into the game. Don’t forget about the Pikachu that stalks you at the start of the game and throughout.

Notable Features

  • Choose from 5 Starter Pokemon
  • Physical and Special Split
  • Dream World Pokemon

03) Kanlara Ultimate

Kanlara ultimate 10 best pokemon rom hack with new region

The name of the Region comes from the name of the hack, which is Kanlara Ultimate. Your character starts their journey off from the Region of Kanlara.

Like most Pokemon games, you do the basics. You meet your Professor, get your Starter Pokemon, and meet your Rivals along the way. The game offers a new type aside from just the Region.

The Demon-type makes its appearance here, and numerous Pokemon have this type. The Fairy-type is also in the game as well as several elements are updated up to Gen 6. The Pokemon roster itself is around 300 and is up to Gen 7.

Notable Features

  • Physical and Special split
  • Custom TM list
  • Demon-type

02) Light Platinum

Light platinum 10 best pokemon rom hack with new region

The Light Platinum we are talking about is for the GBA emulators. There’s a version for the DS, but that’s for another time. This game takes place in the  Zhery Region, and later on, you can enter the Lauren Region.

You get two Regions for the price of one or technically free because the ROM hack is free from the start.

Speaking of Regions, you also get access to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova later on if you can wrap your head around that.

It is your typical Pokemon game, but in this case, you have a lot of content to do and a lot of different areas to explore armed with multiple Pokemon.

Notable Features

  • Can catch all Legendary Pokemon in the game
  • Pokemon World Championship
  • New Events to play

01) Pokemon Nameless

Pokemon nameless 10 best pokemon rom hack with new region

The number one game on our 10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks with New Region list is Pokemon Nameless. The game starts with the story getting bombarded at you. After all of that, your Chromya is now at your disposal.

While there are still the standard Pokemon elements, it comes secondary.

You’re not out to be the best Pokemon trainer because you’re out to find your mom and topple some evil Empire and save the world. That’s pretty heavy, but it is still Pokemon, nevertheless.

Instead of fighting Gym Leaders, you fight in the Arena and get your game going.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon roster goes up to Gen 8
  • Mega Evolution during battle
  • HMs are gone, and skills are used

In Closing

These are just the 10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks with New Region if you like that kind of thing. Exploring a new Region can always be fun because you wouldn’t know what to expect. The other thing is that most ROM hacks with new Regions usually don’t have a usable guide online.

You can’t easily look up what Pokemon are there and where they are located. It adds a layer of fun since you may find it a little challenging, considering you wouldn’t know what happens next.

Unless you’ve played the game, or you just watch what other people have done when they’ve played the game already.

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