10 Best Pokemon GBC ROM Hacks For 2024

It’s another new year of rom hacking, presenting to you some of the most interesting GBC ROM hacks. This is our best Pokemon GBC ROM Hacks for 2024, and you’ll like what we have to put up.

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Even though the graphics are outdated-looking, it is a well-known fact that a game’s story is what stands out more than its graphics itself.

Editor’s Note (April 2024): It’s time to relive some childhood memories with out list of the top Game Boy Color ROM hacks! We recently reviewed this article, and these games are still worthy recommendations for 2024 (Especially Polished Crystal!).

Best gbc rom hacks

It makes everything even better when you’re playing Pokemon ROM hacks. These hacks have a lot of updates to them, so you’re not just playing the Gen 1 to 2 games. We’ll give you the information on why you may want to try the ROM hacks on this list and more.

List of Top 10 Best Pokemon GBC ROM Hacks

10. Pokemon Super Gold 97

Pokemon super gold 97

If you love the Gen 2 games, then this is a hack of Gold. You can experience the Gen 2 story all over again with some mild changes. You can even capture and raise all 251 Pokemon available without the need to trade and evolve some of them. The types have also been updated as well as new stuff has been added. Finally, the game is slightly harder than Gold, so keep that in mind.

Notable Features

  • All 251 Pokemon can be obtained
  • New Music
  • Decorate your bedroom

9. Pokemon Orange

Pokemon orange

This hack features the Orange Islands, which only appeared in the anime. The locations are there, as well as some original spots. There are several Pokemon added that are beyond Gen 2, although not all of them are available. The game also includes special versions of Pokemon like the Crystal Onix and several Alolan Forms.

Notable Features

  • Reusable TMs
  • Updated Learn Sets
  • Anime inspired storytelling

8. Pokemon Pyrite

Pokemon pyrite

This entry in our list is an enhancement, so to speak. It has the same story as Gold and Silver, but the creator made sure to give the game a distinct feel to it. The game is slightly harder, but some of the aspects have been edited to be a bit more balance and have fewer bugs.

Notable Features

  • 100 Additional Trainers to battle
  • Existing and additional events
  • New places to explore

7. Pokemon Coral

Pokemon coral

Pokemon Coral offers a new and original story for the players to get engaged in. It takes place in the Region of Onwa, where the player can undertake the adventure of beating the 8 Gym Leaders and more. You also get a nice spread of Pokemon going up to Gen 7, although not all of them are available at the game with updated stats and more.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon Roster has several Generations up to 7
  • Fairy-type added
  • Physical and Special split

6. Pokemon Kalos Crystal

Pokemon kalos crystal

Kalos Crystal is actually a sequel to another GBC ROM hack called Unova Red. This game utilizes the story from Gold and Silver but has a different Pokemon roster.

Instead of having Gen 1 and 2, you get to catch and use Pokemon from Gen 5 and 6. That’s right, that’s all you get to use as well as having some added and custom stats and types for those Pokemon.

Notable Features

  • Use Pokemon from Gen 5 and 6
  • Fairy-type added
  • Ghost is Special, and Dark is Physical

5. Pokemon Perfect Crystal

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 10gbc202205. Png

We’re halfway through our list. We’re taking a look at Perfect Crystal because it is a hack of Crystal. It has the same story and mechanics but one thing it has s that you can catch, evolve, and use all 251 Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon. You couldn’t do that in the original Crystal, and you can do it here without the need to trade and do some complicated things.

Notable Features

  • Catch all 251 Gen 1 and Pokemon
  • TMs are reusable
  • Rematch Gym Leaders

4. Pokemon Crystal Clear

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 10gbc202204. Png

Here we have another hack of Pokemon Crystal which is Crystal Clear. The gimmick of this game is that it tries to be an open world Pokemon game. You can choose from 24 Starters and start from any Town or City in the Kanto or Johto Region. Basically, the game scales in levels for you so that you can start and end your adventure your way.

Notable Features

  • Character Customization
  • Levels of the Trainers and Gym Leaders scale with you
  • Open World mechanics

3. Pokemon Polished Crystal

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 10gbc202203. Png

We have another Crystal hack since the game was just that good. There are two versions of Polished Crystal or patches if you want to call them. While both versions contain the updates of the hack, they have a difference to them. The Faithful patch will retain the original concepts from Crystal, like the same Pokemon stats, types, and others. The Regular patch has everything updated from the Physical or Special status and more. It is still Crystal with some added features.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon Roster goes up to Gen 6
  • Fairy-type added
  • New Moves are included

2. Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 10gbc202202. Jpg

The story is an unofficial continuation of Red and Blue and having its own story taking place in the Region of Nihon. Several things from the Space World demo have been added. These two games are the same, but they have that gimmick where one version has a specific Pokemon to catch while the other does not.

Notable Features

  • Play as a Female in Gold or Silver
  • More Trainers have been added
  • Trainers have altered Pokemon teams

1. Pokemon Prism

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 10gbc202201. Png

The number one game on our top 10 GBC ROM hacks for the 2024 list is Pokemon Prism. This game has it all, an original story, a vast number of Pokemon to use, and a ton of features.

In fact, you can even play your Pokemon in some parts where you’re controlling them while inside a cave or wherever. The game also has two distinct types Sound and Gas. Don’t forget about the Crafting abilities for you to explore.

Notable Features

  • 252 Pokemon from Four Generations
  • Gas and Sound-types, as well as Fairy-type included
  • New set of TM and HM

In Closing

This is our list of the 10 best Pokemon GBC ROM hacks of the year that might want to check out. There are a couple of other good GBC ROM hacks out there, but these ten tops them all off. There’s always a nice array of games that you can pick from.

You can choose from those that are centered on improving the gameplay elements of the existing games. There are those that have an original story and those that have both. Always remember to use a GBC, and even a GBA emulator can work when you play these hacks.

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