10 Best ROM Hacks For Nuzlocke Challenges

Pokemon games can be fun but ROM hacks can be much more fun. That’s because Pokemon ROM hacks can improve and alter some things that the original games could not. Then, there’s the Nuzlocke challenge that gives a player a certain challenge the next time they play a Pokemon game, ROM hack or not. That’s why here are the 10 best ROM hacks for Nuzlocke challenging.

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We’ll give you details and reasons why these games are good for Nuzlocke challenges. You just don’t choose any game because the challenge requires you to follow some rules. There are some ROM hacks out there that are a bit unforgiving and they are not fun to Nuzlocke. The others have certain parts in the game where they hinder or ruin your run. Don’t worry because we got you covered with our list.

10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks for Nuzlocke Challenges You May Want to Try

10) Pokemon Polished Crystal

10 best rom hacks for nuzlocke

The first one on our 10 best ROM hacks for Nuzlocke challenges is Pokemon Polished Crystal. This game is a GBC ROM hack but is just as good. The interesting part is that the game has a built-in Nuzlocke mode. This means you can play it without the fear of cheating because the game forces these rules on you. It also follows the story of Pokemon Crystal so if you know everything, then this is perfect.

Why Play Pokemon Polished Crystal

Just as we stated the game has a built-in Nuzlocke Mode so you have that going for you. It has the right balance of difficulty because playing a hard ROM hack is just not fun when you implement the rules. It has updated stats, types, and the roster goes up to Gen 6 giving you some variety. It also has features like unlimited TM use which is perfect for your runs so you can adjust your roster any time.

09) Pokemon DarkViolet

10 best rom hacks for nuzlocke pokemon darkviolet version

Dark Violet is a hack of FireRed and the story is pretty much the same as the Gen 1 games. This one doesn’t have a built-in Nuzlocke so you have to keep track of yourself. It has around 210 Pokemon so that’s good because you’re not focused on catching them all when you do the challenge and it has updates to keep you going.

Why Play Pokemon DarkViolet

Dark Violet has a Physical and Special split perfect for your planning. Plus, as we stated, the Pokemon roster is around 210 so you have little to worry about. Stats and types have been updated, and it goes back to the roster where you don’t have to worry about too many of them popping up during battles.

08) Pokemon Light Platinum

10 best rom hacks for nuzlocke pokemon light platinum

This is a ROM hack of Pokemon Ruby but has a lot of content shoved in. You have the chance to explore two Regions so that adds a layer of challenge the further you get. The graphics are updated along with other aesthetics. You also have a chance to capture all the Legendary Pokemon.

Why Play Pokemon Light Platinum

Light Platinum is a large and fun game but at the same time, it isn’t that hard. That’s why when you Nuzlocke it, you can have an added layer of challenge but not to a point where you want to stop playing the game even if your initial run isn’t working at all.

07) Pokemon Blazed Glazed

10 best rom hacks for nuzlocke blazed glazed

One would say that Blazed Glazed is an improvement from the original which is Pokemon Glazed. Both the games are hacks of Emerald but Blazed Glazed improves some aspects from Glazed. For starters, a lot of the stats, moves, and types for certain Pokemon have been updated while maintaining everything about Glazed on this game.

Why Play Pokemon Blazed Glazed

The game has an updated Pokemon roster and all of its available data. You still get to choose from 5 Starters so you can plan early on how you’re going to run this game. The Pokemon spawns have also been altered and the good thing about that is that you get a variety of Pokemon to spawn in order to improve your team.

06) Pokemon Liquid Crystal

10 best rom hacks for nuzlocke pokemon liquid crystal version

You can consider this as an update or non-official remake of Pokemon Crystal. That’s because the game follows the same story of Crystal and Generation II but with a lot of added features. It maintains the same Pokemon roster but has updated stats on everything. It still has some features like the day and night cycle and real-time monitoring.

Why Play Pokemon Liquid Crystal

If you love Crystal and want to Nuzlocke it, then this is a good ROM hack to do it on. You already know where to go and what to do so you’re dependent now on your luck on which Pokemon you’ll be able to catch. You can even wait for day or night to get the Pokemon that you want available during that time.

05) Pokemon UltraViolet

10 best rom hacks for nuzlocke pokemon ultra violet version

Ultra Violet has a lot going for it and if you played it on its own without the rules, you can catch all Generation I and II Pokemons when you have the time. The other thing is that the Pokemon that you can get in-game can also be available for you to take. The difficulty is also just right to put this on the list of the best ROM hacks for Nuzlocke challenges.

Why Play Pokemon UltraViolet

An interesting thing is that you can choose your own Starter by catching it. Nuzlocke rules have nothing when it comes to catching or choosing your own Starter, so you may give yourself a little leeway on the rules for this part. Plus, all Generation III Pokemon as well are available to catch so you can give some variety whenever you have those first encounters over based on the rules.

04) Pokemon Flora Sky

10 best rom hacks for nuzlocke pokemon flora sky

This is another game on this list which is a hack of Pokemon Emerald. It has its own set of characters and an original story to follow. The content is enough to get you going with several Legendary Pokemon to catch and a roster that will suit your needs when you start running this game.

Why Play Pokemon Flora Sky

Around 386 Pokemon for you to capture if you’re lucky when the first ones pop up. Specific Legendary Pokemon you can encounter and catch to make your Nuzlocke ride a bit easier. Speaking of easier. Flora Sky on its own isn’t that challenging, so going for a run at a challenge can add more fun into it.

03) Pokemon Radical Red

10 best rom hacks for nuzlocke pokemon radical red

Radical Red is a ROM hack of FireRed. The game has the same story and has updated features but one thing it has going for it is that it is somewhat hard. That’s right, only play this game on Nuzlocke if you like a challenge. It even has a randomizer option at the start to give you even more a challenge.

Why Play Pokemon Radical Red

If you really love a challenge, then this is the game for you. If you beat it the first time, then why not torture yourself some more by playing the randomizer in-game while following the Nuzlocke rules. The game itself has some nice features to aid you during your run. It has an option to swap Pokemon abilities later on as well as EV training areas to make your roster stronger.

02) Pokemon Gaia

10 best rom hacks for nuzlocke pokemon gaia version

Pokemon Gaia is highly regarded as one of the best ROM hacks around. It is a hack of FireRed and has its own original story. It has everything updated from Gen 4 until 6 considering the original game is only up to Gen 3. The game has enough content to keep you going when you eventually want to Nuzlocke it.

Why Play Pokemon Gaia

The difficulty of Gaia is just right where it isn’t too hard and too easy. It has features like Mega Evolution and a roster that is good enough for you to balance things out. Several features also make it easier for you and can give you more fun when you challenge it.

01) Pokemon Nameless FireRed Project

10 best rom hacks for nuzlocke pokemon nameless firered project

This is another ROM hack of FireRed. The story is pretty much the same but the features are what makes this game so much fun for a Nuzlocke challenge. The game has updated stats, moves, and abilities based on the ORAS games. There are a lot of Pokemon for you to work with whenever you challenge this game.

Why Play Pokemon Nameless FireRed Project

The game isn’t hard and by default; it doesn’t require you to grind. Doing the challenge gives you a nice breathing room whenever you decide to do it. Plus, over 100 TMs and Hidden Abilities to work with will make the challenge more fun. Don’t forget about Mega Evolutions and different Forms available to several Pokemon.

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In Closing

This is just a list of the 10 best ROM hacks for Nuzlocke challenges that you may want to try in the future. Different factors can make a person decide whether they want to Nuzlocke a Pokemon game or not regardless if it is official or a ROM hack.

There are some that strive for a challenge, hence they Nuzlocke hard games. Then, there are those that just want to try something new and keep in mind that implementing the rules is up to you unless the game itself has a  built-in Nuzlocke mode you can just click to make the challenge a bit more consistent.

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