10 Best Pokemon DS ROM Hacks For 2024

Pokemon DS ROM hacks can be just as fun as any GBA or GBC hacks. The issue is that DS ROMs are way harder to alter, so there aren’t many of them around.

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Patching DS ROMs can also be very tricky as well, but most DS rom hacks have their individual patching instructions already included in the download.

Nevertheless, we’re here to present a list of the Best Pokemon DS ROM Hacks for 2024.

Remember, you need to have a DS emulator to play them. Patching them is also needed, so just be aware of that, and you should have the right tools to patch them. We’ll give you good reasons why these games are good enough.

Editor’s Note (April 2024): Hello, fellow Pokemon ROM hack fans! We just added several new DS hack entries in this article, so don’t forget to check this out if you’re looking for more hacks to play. We also updated this article so that it follows our current editorial standards.

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List of Top 10 Pokemon DS ROM Hacks

10. Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver

Pokemon sacred gold and storm silver

These two games are starting off our list. They are hacks that make some alterations with Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Use the ROM corresponding to the game, like Gold to Gold and Silver to Silver.

The difficulty is slightly harder, and some aspects have been changed, making it a bit different but at the same time similar to HGSS.

Notable Features

  • 493 Pokemon to catch from multiple Generations
  • Trainers have different Pokemon Teams
  • Certain items have been restricted and limited

9. Pokemon Garbage Gold

Pokemon garbage gold

This hack does have the word “garbage” to it, but you’ll be surprised how cool and unique it actually is.

Pokemon Garbage gold is a HeartGold-based hack where you only get to capture trash Pokemon (the developer’s term for Pokemon with less than 425 base stat total).

Since you will only be limited to Pokemon with low stats, expect that this hack will be extremely challenging for new players.

This hack still features a revamped version of the Johto region with a brand-new story.

Notable Features

  • New overworld map
  • Some Pokemon won’t evolve, while some only evolves at higher levels
  • New set of fan-made moves

8. Pokemon Moon Black 2

Pokemon moon black 2

Those who loved Gen 7 Pokemon will definitely enjoy playing Pokemon Moon Black 2.

The story goes like this: you already traveled around the Alola Region, so Professor Kukui says it’s time for you to explore the Unova Region.

However, this won’t be the familiar Unova we know from the vanilla games. You get to meet several characters from Pokemon Sun and Moon, such as the Team Skull.

Notable Features

  • Alolan forms are present in the game
  • Mega Evolution
  • New events like the World Tournament, gym leaders, items, moves, and more

7. Pokemon Hoenn White

Pokemon hoenn white

This game would be a hack of White, if it wasn’t already that obvious. This hack has the same story as Black and White, but the main gimmick here is that the hack only features Gen 3 or Hoenn Pokemon.

You get the three Hoenn Starters and pretty much everything else in Gen 3. The Trainers, Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Champion who is Steven are all from Gen 3. You even get some Gen 3 music playing in the background.

Notable Features

  • All Gen 3 Pokemon Only
  • Stat Changes and Updates
  • Game is slightly difficult

6. Pokemon Heart Red

Pokemon heart red

We’re halfway through our Top 10 Pokemon DS ROM hacks for 2024. We’re focusing on Pokemon Heart Red this time. This hack specializes in making a remake of Pokemon Red which is one of the Gen 1 games.

Speaking of Gen 1, the initial Pokemon are all from Gen 1, and while this is a recreation of Pokemon Red, a lot of dialogues have been taken from FireRed and LeafGreen as a form of an update and more.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon follows you
  • Fairy-type included
  • Day and Night Cycle

5. Pokemon Renegade Platinum

Pokemon renegade platinum

Renegade Platinum is a hack of Platinum which makes the game a bit harder than normal. It’s a basic hack with added features since you’re playing the same game with some elements to it changed.

It is the same story, but some changes are made, like Trainers having different Pokemon. Speaking of the Pokemon, you can catch or obtain all available Pokemon in Platinum.

Notable Features

  • 493 Available Pokemon
  • Harder battles
  • Fairy-type included

4. Pokemon Silver Yellow

Pokemon silver yellow

We’re almost done with our top 10 Pokemon DS ROM hacks of the year list. Silver Yellow is a hack where you are given Gen 1 Pokemon as your initial ones.

Your Starter Pokemon is actually Pikachu, and you can obtain Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur later through the story. This kind of reminds you of Pokemon Yellow, which is why it is in the title. It still uses story elements from Soul Silver which makes it all the more interesting.

Notable Features

  • Pikachu as a Starter
  • Mega Evolution included
  • Some locations added

3. Pokemon Omega Paradox

Pokemon omega paradox

Omega Paradox is a hack of another DS ROM hack called Pokemon Volt White. The creator made sure to acknowledge that, and the story is a continuation of it.

It has an original story going for it as well as features such as New Gym Leaders and notable Trainers since the original ones were either replaced or just died. The Pokemon roster also includes those from the later Generations but not all of them.

Notable Features

  • Choose from a mixture of Starter Pokemon
  • Mega Evolution included
  • New Trainer Classes added

2. Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon light platinum

There is also a Pokemon Light Platinum ROM hack for the GBA. Don’t be confused because it is the DS version you would want to download. Anyway, this game has its own story going for it, and the visuals are very good.

The graphics and altered sprites, as well as animations, make this hack better than most. The gameplay aspect is also having Pokemon from different Generations and having more than the GBA version.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon Roster goes up to Gen 6 but not all of them
  • Maps have been edited to be larger
  • Pokemon will follow you

1. Pokemon Moon Black 2

Pokemon moon black 2

The number one game in our top 10 Pokemon DS ROM hacks for this year goes to Pokemon Moon Black 2. It is a hack of Pokemon Black 2. The story incorporates elements from the Pokemon Sun and Moon games utilizing the system and other features from Black 2.

The game even has Pokemon from the later Generations making it very intriguing. Unova and Alola Forms are also added in this hack, as well as updated stats and more.

Notable Features

  • Pokemon goes up to Gen 6, although not all are available
  • Alolan Forms included
  • Mega Evolution added

In Closing

That concludes our recommendation for the best Pokemon DS ROM Hacks of the year. There are other DS ROM hacks out there that may be just as good. If you feel we missed a few of them on our list, feel free to hit the comments so that others might know.

Always remember that getting DS ROM hacks is trickier. The process of patching the files is just as tricky. You need to have the necessary tools if you want to play them. The good thing is that some of them are already available from the start.

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