Pokemon Prism (Updated)

Prism is a Pokemon Crystal based game packed with hundreds of customizations and new features that work only for Game Boy Color supported emulators. Pokemon Prism is considered a complete rom hack.

Prism got hundreds of positive player reviews, but the game’s development was stopped several months ago due to some circumstances.

But now it is back, and the developers are actively working on improving the game by adding new features, regions, challenges, stories, and fixing bugs. Play the old Game Boy Color with a unique experience with Pokemon Prism, play the game now.

You can find the latest news and discussions for Pokemon Prism on Reddit.

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Game Information

Pokemon prism download

Pokemon Prism
Author: Koolboyman
Game base: Pokemon Crystal
Source: Link, Rainbowdevs

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  • Trainer Customization
  • Encounter new Pokémon
  • Play as your Pokémon
  • Explore new regions
  • New Trainers and Leaders
  • Unique storytelling
  • And more..


Pokemon Prism Download

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